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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Don't know what the abbreviations stand for? Don't worry, read on! Let's look at the numbers:
If we calculate Days Per Load, we divide 365 days 108 and get 3.38 , or divide Loads Per Day, and get 0.296. Looking at it another way, I dumped a load every 3.38 days, or dumped 0.296 loads each day. Note that these numbers didn't include "Wasted Loads." If we calculate Days Per Wasted Load (DPWL), we divide 365 by 49 and get 7.44, or Wasted Loads Per Day (WLPD) we divide 49 by 365, and get 0.134. In simpler terms, I went 7.44 days between J/O sessions, or dumped 0.134 loads per day, if counting only times I jacked off. For a Total Days Per Load (TDPL) we divide 365 by 157 and get 2.32 or Total Loads Per Day (TLPD) we divide 157 by 365 and get 0.430. So, according to these numbers, I dumped a load every 2.32 days, or 0.430 loads each day. These figures are derived by adding "Loads Given" (108) and "Wasted Loads" (49).

Monday, December 20, 2010

Night of the Living Exes

Well only one of the exes was mine, the other was my next door neighbor's. Here's the deal: I signed up for a party on a sex site, and when I got the address and name of the host, I realized it was a guy I dated kinda briefly back in the late 90s. We still speak to each other, and I worked with his then former boyfriend for one year, so we are kinda connected in multiple ways. Anyway, I get to the party, acknowledge the host, walk into the living room, and see my neighbor's ex sitting there on the couch. I was REALLY surprised because my neighbor is kind of a prim, goody goody kinda guy. Also sitting there was my favorite cumdump, whom I hadn't seen in a while. It was the first time I'd ever seen him fully clothed, and also the first time we'd ever had a real conversation. But, I knew that seeing former bfs, and conversation was not why I was at this party.
The action started when one of the guests came out of the bedroom wearing only underwear. A few of us decided to get naked, and then the fun began. I saw my fave cumdump drop his clothes and getting felt up by a few guys. I walked over to him and we began to kiss. I'd never kissed Brent before, but he's really good at it. As we're making out, the doorbell rings and my second favorite cumdump walks in. Perfect!! Anyway, we continue to make out when some guy begins to fuck Brent's hole. As we're making out, my ex comes up and starts kissing me. I back off Brent and focus on the ex. I feel a mouth on my cock, and when I look down, my neighbor's ex is sucking me off. This guy gives fantastic head. He alternates between me and the ex, and when he comes up for air, all three of us share a kiss. By now, the action is in full on mode, and I can't decide which hole to plug first. I decide to try my favorite cumdump first, and I'm not disappointed. As usual, hole is smooth, slick and made for loads. I pump for a bit, then pull out cuz it's WAY too early to cum. I then go over to my second favorite cumdump and pound him for a while. I then see my ex pounding a hot Latin hole, and want a turn on that hole. He won't pull out, and so I try to pound him instead. I get almost all the way in, and he's so smooth that I start to unload before I get in. As I'm unloading my neighbor's ex gets on his knees and I feed him the cum on my hand. Trust me when I say, I as not happy I unloaded that soon.
On to round two. I got hard again about 20 minutes later, and I saw my ex bent over sucking off or fucking my second fave cumdump. I came up behind him and slid into his hole. It was awesome. As I'm fucking him, I ask him if he wants my load. Cumdump says "Give it to him" but I can't shoot. I pull out and see cum all over cumdump 2's belly. I scoop it up, slather it on my cock and go into the bedroom where I see a hot Latin hole waiting to be filled. I slid in and was enamored by his slick chute. made even slicker by the cum coating my tool. I pumped away, and dumped my second load of the night in his hole. I cleaned up and went to meet some friends for a drink. I wonder if Latin bottom knew that my cock was covered with cum...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Hole!!

Went to a small party (10 guys) on Sunday evening, and when I walked in, I saw a hot, lean, muscular bottom in the living room. He was bent over, leaning against a wall, taking cock after cock up his ass. He's talked to me on bbrts, but we've never hooked up. As he's getting plowed, I ask the top if he's cum yet. The bottom answers, "No, but he's really close." Sure enough, the top starts shooting right about then. He pulls out and I slide in. What a great hole!! Smooth, slick, and cum loaded. I give him a few thrusts and pull out. He asks why, and I tell him I don't want to shoot yet. He tries to convince me, but I am steadfast. I tried out the host's hole, a cute, 35 yr old Latino. Again, a nice, slick hole. I pound my friend Marc for a bit. Nice hole. Then I try out another new guy, who's got a great hole. I sample his hole three or four times, then decide it's time to dump. I go into the bedroom, and the lean, muscular bottom is face down on the bed, getting fucked by a bud of mine. He starts pumping hard, shoots, and pulls out. That's my signal to jump on. I slide my cock in with one fluid motion and begin to enjoy the ecstasy that is this guy's hole. I slide in and out, savoring the feeling of his chute enveloping my rod. I revel in the sensation of three other cum loads lubricating my cock as it approaches its nirvana. As I get closer and closer, I lean in to his ear and tell him I'm going to shoot. With that, he begins to squeeze and loosen his hole. He pushes me over the edge, and as I'm sliming him with my seed, begin to kiss his neck and mouth. What a ride. As I pull out, my friend Juan slides his cock in to enjoy a warm, cum filled hole. The bottom emails me the next day with his contact info telling me he's wanted my load for a long time, that he thinks my cock is beautiful, and that he'll take my load anytime I wanna give it to him. Looks like I may have found a new fuckbud.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Loads 100 - 102

Load 100 was kind of anticlimactic. I was going to a dungeon party that night, but had to go to a work party first. I had lots of fun at the work party, and drank a lot. I was on my way home, debating on whether or not to go to the party when my bud Marc called me up and asked if wanted a blow job. His place was on my way home, so I stopped by for a great blo and go. He had a few loads in him from earlier that evening, so I skewered his ass for a bit, but really wanted to nutt in his mouth. He's a great cocksucker, and milks my cock for all it's worth. It was an awesome orgasm.
Load 101 was given to an older neighbor of mine who loves taking my cock and load. I walked over on Sunday afternoon, and enjoyed a toe curling orgasm given to me by an older, very experienced man who takes his cocksucking very seriously.
Load 102 was dumped a few days ago at a new neighborhood glory hole. The guy claims to be 30 and I believe him since the building he lives in is known for its large population of young gay men. He as an ok cocksucker, not the best, but he was so eager for cum that I could feel his warm breath on my cock when I pulled all the way out of his mouth, and out of the hole.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who will get my 100th load?

I'm going to a dungeon party tomorrow night, and usually dump at least three loads at these parties. I'l blog later about loads 100 - 102 including who the lucky recipient of my 100th load is.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Load 100

The next load I give to a guy will be my 100th load of the year, a milestone by anyone's standards. If you live in TX and want to be the man that gets my 100th load of the year, let me know!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

45 Minute Blow Job

Sunday afternoon, I was horny, and ready to blow a load. I texted an FB of mine that I hadn't been with in a while since he restarted school, and is usually very busy. I headed on over, ready, willing, and able to feel that magic tongue on my cock, balls, and hole. For 45 minutes, he made love to every part of the aforementioned body parts. It was pure bliss. When he knew I had enough, he told me to start fucking his face, and dump my load. And dump my load, I did. It was so much, he wasn't able to swallow it all, so he snowballed the remainder to my willing mouth.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Recap of the Past Week

Last Saturday, I got hit up by a bud of mine on m4sn. I hadn't seen Marc in a while, and was glad to get a shot at his hole. I went over, plowed him good, dumped my load in him, thanked him, and came home. Easy, fast, simple.
Last nite a bud of mine hosted a gang breeding of two hot, tatted up bottoms. One of them I've fucked many times before, the other one was completely new to me. When I got to the house, the host said that the new bottom's hole was sloppy from all the cum in it. He'd shown up at the party with at least one load in him, and had taken several more. I went into the dungeon, found him in the sling and mounted him. I've never felt a hole like his. It was rockin. It felt very different from the other bottom's hole, but just as good in a different way; I don't know any other way to describe it. I plowed in and must've pumped for about five minutes before he began to ask for my load. Nothing gets me off more than a hole wanting my load, so I plunged as deeply as I could and unloaded deep in his guts.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gang Breeding

One of my favorite cumdumps had a gang breeding last Friday night. When I got there 30 minutes after the action started, there were already five or six tops there. I plunged into the bottom boy's hole, and felt it was too good to resist. His hole is always warm, tight, and smooth. I played around with him and the other guys for about 1/2 an hour before I just had to shoot. I came up behind him, whispered in his ear, "I'm gonna cum" His response was, "Breed me man" I let loose and think I must have set off a chain reaction because when I pulled out, three other tops bred him in rapid succession.
About half an hour late, I realized I was ready again. When I walked into the room, the host was mounting the bottom boy. Encouraged by me and a few of the other tops, he was soon unloading into the boy's hole. As soon as he pulled out, the most recent arrival to the party stepped up to the plate, and again being encouraged by the crowd, bred the bottom boy. When he pulled out, I mounted the bottom. By this time, he had at least five loads in him, two of which had been injected in the last five minutes. I don't think I'd ever been in a hole that freshly bred. Gotta tell you, the feeling was incredible. I could feel the cum lubing up my cock and his hole. I kept pumping away, and was being encouraged by the crowd, but for some reason wasn't able to donate a second helping of DNA. Oh well.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Site GH

I've got a bud who has a gh in the back of the shop that he and his partner run. I met them about a year or so ago, when they started having people over to the hole for "Happy Hour" In the past, they've always contacted me. However, I was at a meeting not two blocks from their shop last Thursday. I called one of the guys, and he said he was at the other shop, but his partner was at the one close to me, and to head on over. I did. I walked in the back door to the hole, and found a warm,deep throat awaiting my load. This boy slurped, licked, sucked, massaged, and did everything he could to get my load. Since I hadn't cum in 6 days, it wasn't long before a torrent of warm, white, sticky goo was shooting out of my rod and into his throat.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

1 party + 1/2 Viagara = 2 loads in 2 new holes

Went to a dungeon party on Fri nite, and had a great time. When I got there, I ran into two of my friends, one of whom I'd never fucked before. As we were undressing to go into the play room, I reminded him of our online conversation about me breeding him. By this time, my other friend was on his knees sucking cock in the dressing room. He was sucking me, my bud, and a few others. by now I was totally hard, and ready to fuck me new bud. He was totally up for it, so as soon as we entered the playroom, he asked if I wanted to load him up. He bent over a bench, handed me the lube, and told me to fuck him. I entered him, and his hole felt great. He told me to go slowly since I was his first fuck of the evening. I fucked him gently for a while, and he told me he wanted to be on his back. I pulled out, he rolled over, I reentered. By this time, a few people had gathered to watch. I began to fuck quickly, knowing I was close. ( I love an audience.) As I was fucking, I told him I was close. He said rather loudly, "Breed me" I pumped a few more times, and let loose a volley of thick sperm. I pulled out, thanked him, and walked around. I had taken 1/2 Viagra, so my cock never really went down. I walked around, taking in the sights, when I saw a group of men taking turns blowing each other. I walked over to check it out, and one of the guys who was getting blown in the dressing room went down on me. This guy had incredible cocksucking skills, and it was difficult to hold of shooting again, while feeling his mouth on my cock, some other guy stroking my ass, my hand feeling someone's balls, and my eyes taking in all the cocksucking around me. Just as I thought I was gonna shoot, my cocksucker pulled off, stood up, turned around and grabbed my cock to put in his hole. He was warm and wet, and within about ten strokes, I was unloading deep inside him. I pulled out and while he tried to clean my cock, it was way too sensitive to be touched. I went into the lavatory, cleaned up, and left.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Repeat Hole

I was at work today when I got a text from my bud telling me he'd just gotten a load. He then texted me a few minutes later telling me he'd just gotten a second load. I was at work but told him I was gonna load him up when I got out. He was at a friend's house, bent over, lubed up, and cum filled when I got there. I dropped trou, made him suck my cock, stuck it in his heavenly hole (which felt great cuz I could feel the other two dudes' loads in there) pumped and dumped. I hadn't shot in a week, so when he began to encourage me to "Load my ass up" who was I to refuse? All in all, a nice, quick, pump n dump.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Impromptu party

I got an email yesterday from a bud who hosts "Happy Hours" at his place of business. Happy Hour consists of the two owners opening their glory hole and sucking off all "guests" Yesterday's email was different because they were opening the home glory hole. I called when I got to their street and was greeted at the back gate by one of the owners. Rocky informed me that because of the small number of respondents, the tone of the evening had changed, and that everyone was inside. I walked into the bedroom and saw seven other men in various states of fellatio and sodomy. Rocky stepped up behind one of the guests and eased his bare cock into the dude's ass. Rocky's partner began giving me an A-1 blow job. Rocky dumped his load, pulled out and let me in. I slid into the man's warm, smooth chute as he groaned and told me how good my cock felt inside. I told him my load was gonna feel even better, and he began to encourage me. I stroked a few more times and unloaded as he squeezed my cock with his hole. I pulled out, and Rocky's partner licked the last drops of semen off the head of my softening cock.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pump 'N Dump

Worked late on Thursday night, and as I was leaving work, a bud texted me and said, "Two guys just got here. It's not too late for you to come over." I responded that I'd be right over. As I walked into his apt, I could see the lights were out, but the room was illuminated by a tv showing porn. Mark was bent over the bar, taking a cock up his ass. He said, "Hi baby" when I walked in and kissed me. I dropped trou, and the guy boning him pulled out and let me take over. I pounded his ass about eight strokes when I felt my balls boiling up, and my load spill out into his colon. It had been five days since I last shot, and I was HORNY!! I thanked him, zipped up, and left.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two loads in one day.

I woke up very early on Sunday am, hung over, and horny. Logged on to bbrts and got hit up by a semi-regular cocksucker. It'd been several months since we last hooked up, but he's a great cocksucker, and I was incredibly horny. Was over there in ten minutes, stripped, and let him work his magic. In about seven minutes or so, I was dumping a three day load down his greedy throat. You'd think that would be enough, and it was until about twelve hours later, when I got hit up again on bbrts by a guy that blew me last April. I went over, dropped trou, and watched some great porn while he sucked a nice big load out of he rock hard cock. I went home, and slept more peacefully than I have in a very long time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Return of an old "fuck" buddy

The word fuck is in quotation marks because we've never actually really fucked. "Bob" contacted me four or five years ago on Manhunt and we hooked up fairly regularly for several years. Today was the first time I'd seen him since probably March or April. I was ready for him. He likes to come in and find me bent over, with my hole exposed so he can begin to rim me. And rim, he did. He LOVES to rim, and the ardor and enthusiasm he brings is palpable. This is a man that loves what he does. His cocksucking skills are at least the equal of his rimming skills, if not more. I'm bent over a chair while "Sperm Bank" is on the tv. He comes in, strips, and begins to lick my hole. For fifteen minutes, I'm squirming, while I feel his tongue probe my hole, lick my ass, and fondle my cock and balls with his hands. I stand up, turn around, and say, "Hi boy, how you been?" He says he's been great, and goes down all the way on my cock. As he's deepthroating me, I tell him I've seen his post on bbrts and that I'd like to watch him take a few loads before I stick my pole in him and deposit a load in a hole that I bet is smooth as silk. As I continue to tell him how much I wanna slide in his hole if it's cum filled, he goes NUTS with the cocksucking. He starts moaning and going even further down on me. I tell him to sit on the couch and I crouch over him fucking his face with my cock. He moans as I tell him that I bet his hole feels even better than his mouth, and with that, I shoot down his throat. He gags several times as I tell him to let loose and let me slide in further. He tells me when I pull out that my load was choking him because it was so big. SHAWEEET!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

WTF??? Part ll

Can't people read? I post a Quick Connect ad CLEARLY stating that I want to meet at their place, and that all I want is to get blown. This is what I get from two different respondants:, "Can you host?" (Uh, no, that's why it says 'Your place') and "Will you fuck me bare"? (Uh, no, that's why I wrote that all I want is a BLOWJOB!!!!!!!!!)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hot three way with hot guys

I put a Quick Connect ad up on bbrts and got hit up right away. Two guys wanted to suck my cock and snowball my load. I hurried on over, and was very pleasantly surprised at the two men behind the door. One is a guy I recognized from my gym years ago and the other was a hottie I'd never seen before. I stripped, and we got down to business. The one I knew was on his back begging to suck my cock. When I slipped it in his mouth, he groaned and got to work. His bf got on the bed and began to kiss me and rub my nipples. VERY hot. I reached down and began to stroke the bf's cock when I said, "Holy shit" The cocksucker pulled off my cock and said, "It's big, huh?" That could not have been more of an understatement. It was so thick that I could JUST get my mouth around it. Enormous was a better description. Anyhow, the hung guy began to blow me. Since I hadn't shot a load in five days, it wasn't long before I was shooting in his mouth. He pulled me out of his mouth and into his bf's mouth. After shooting, the bf cleaned my cock off while the hung one snowballed my load into my mouth. I gave it back to him, then we both bent down and snowballed with the bf. I've never snowballed my load before, and I gotta say, it was kinda hot.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

One hour, four holes, two loads

My bud Joel had a gangbang with a regular bottom at his place last night. I picked up my bud Mark (who confessed to me that he already had one load in him) and went over. We were a few minutes early, but the bottom was already strapped to the fuck bench, and a HOT tatted up top was pounding his hole. I walked in the room, stripped, and lubed my cock up. I began to rub the top's (hereafter referred to as Matt) ass, and he graciously stepped aside to let me have a go at Brent's hole. This bottom has THE best hole I've ever unloaded in. It's warm, ultra smooth, and totally greedy for loads of cum or piss. Anyway, I took a few strokes, and had to pull out. The combination of Brent's hole, and the fact that there were full length mirrors next to the fuck bench, made for an intoxicating feeling. When I pulled out, Marc decided to top Brent, and as he did, Matt stepped up behind Marc, and began to fuck him. I love to watch a daisy chain, and I got behind Matt and began to rub his balls. . It was hot to watch Marc take it like a man. They then uncouple and let me have a go at Brent again. As I fuck Brent, the other two are going at it behind me. I pull out of Brent and decide to have a go at Marc's hole, so Matt and I switched places.This goes on for a bit, and I pull out of Marc telling him that I don't want to unload yet. I go back to Brent's hole, and pull out again, cuz I don't want to shoot. Matt tells me to, cuz he wants to felch Brent. I mount Brent and pound away. I shoot, pull out, and see a glob of cum at the end of my cock. I rub it on my finger and feed it to Matt. He drops to his knees and begins to eat my load out of Brent's hole. HOT. About that time, another bud of mine, Brad, walks in. I go into the living room and take a break. After about five minutes, I go back to the fuck room as three more guys show up. I slid into Brad, but don't stay long because his hole was kinda rough , so I didn't give him more than three or four strokes before pulling out and going back to Marc's smooth hole. I fucked Marc a bit more, then went over to Brent and had him suck my cock. I then decided I wanted back in his hole. I needed another break, and went into the living room. When I go back into the fuck room, a new hot guy is in the sling getting pounded by Matt's cock. He pulls out and I try out the new hole. Heaven. I slide in and out, savoring the feel of his hole, the smell and sound of the men around me, and how much I love raw sex, even though I know that I run the risk of seroconverting. As I'm pounding away, I feel that familiar tingle in my cock, and know it's time to unload again. I tell him, "I'm gonna dump in your hole, pig," and as I'm coating his colon with my baby batter, he says, "Yeah, stud. Load that pig hole up."

Thursday, September 9, 2010


This past week has been strange. I've woken up almost every night at strange hours, and twice this week have had to jack off to put myself back to sleep. I sure wish I could sleep through the night.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Nice BJ

I hit up a semi-regular of mine on Wed pm since I hadn't shot a load in someone's mouth in a week and a half. I went over, he got down on his knees and got to work. After a bit, I decided to sit on the couch. I sat down, and he continued. I swear that he was doing something different this time, because it felt totally different than it has before. In almost no time, I was dumping a nice load in his mouth. He swore that he'd not been doing anything differently. I beg to differ...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Three way that didn't really work out

I was talking to a bud yesterday who mentioned that he had a friend coming over to fuck him. I asked if I could join in, and was told yes. When I got there, my buddy was getting his cock sucked and I dropped my pants and walked over to the action. The guy sucking was very good at what he did, but my buddy is even better. The guy stood up, and my bud went down on us both. Neither one of us had seen the other man's cock until my bud pulled the guy's shorts down. This dude was HUNG. I'm gonna say 9-10 long and THICK. It was a pleasure to suck on, made better by my buddy telling me how hot it was to watch me suck cock and take all that meat down my throat. The time had come for my bud to get fucked. I was stoked to see him take all that cock in his ass, and I told the guy to load him deep. He told me he would. My bud bent over, and the guy tried to stick his cock in. It wasn't working, so they moved over to the couch so my bud could sit on it. As he was sitting on it, he leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. The top couldn't really get hard enough to slide in, but Mark was sucking my cock with his usual skill, and I shot a nice load down his throat. He got off the 10 in cock, laid down next to the guy, and began to beat off. In no time, Mark was shooting a huge load all over himself. The other guy, he didn't get to unload. He asked if Mark and I were bfs, but we told him no. I don't think we could be, but he's a great lay.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Way to Shoot my Load.

If you look at my load count, you can see that I haven't jacked off since July 13. That changed last night. I was talking on line with a guy, and got all horned up thinking about unloading in him until he said I couldn't come over because he'd already had a few guys over and he didn't want the doorman to suspect anything. Whatever. I popped in the video "Sperm Bank" and began to watch scene one, called "Truck Stop" Pat Jackson is the sperm bank, while Mark Sergeant (HOT, HOT, HOT) Jace Hawk, Kurt Kaiser, and Matt Walker are the donors. Mark Sergeant is tall, buzz cut, has huge bull balls, a great voice, and a body that won't quit. I begin stroking, watching Mark enter Pat, and concentrate on how good it feels. I watch the bottom take cock after cock, and think about how great it would be to be part of that group. I begin to stroke only the underside of my cock, right underneath the head. In almost no time at all, I shoot a massive load of five or six spurts. It felt like no other orgasm I've ever had. I'll definitely try it that way again.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Seven Holes and Two Loads

Went to a sex party last night. Popped 1/2 Viagra, and was off to the party. I like Viagra because I don't have trouble getting an erection, but the Viagra lets me get another erection about 10-15 minutes after I ejaculate, so I can cum multiple times in one night. Anyway, I get to the party, and after about 30 minutes, some action begins. I go out to the pool, and two guys are kissing and stroking each other. I get in the water and begin playing with them. We kiss, we rub, etc. As we're kissing, one man slides behind the other and begins to fuck him (the guy getting fucked is kinda bearish). Bear says bear's really tight because bear isn't lubed. I try to slide in bear, and sure enough, he's not lubed. At all. I sit on the edge of the pool as does the other guy, and bear begins to blow us both. I go get lube, and as I'm rubbing it on my cock, bear gets out of the pool, and presents his ass. I slide in and it feels GOOD. But, bear pulls off my cock, and goes and gets his own lube. He lubes his hole, turns around, and presents his ass to me again. My cock slides right in, and I begin to fuck. I'm horny as hell now and begin to pound away. As I'm pounding, I'm concentrating on the warm, smooth, slickness of his hole. I ask him if I can give him my load, and he says, "Hell, yes." With a groan, I dump load number one into his warm, willing guts. I pull out, say thanks, and go get a beer. As I'm getting a beer, someone asks if he can suck my cock. I sadly, but politely, tell him no because I've just shot a load and my cock is super sensitive right after ejaculating.
At the party was one of my favorite cumdump couples. I met regdude and hung9bottom at a sex party years ago. At that time, only hung9 was bottoming and taking loads, but now they both do. It's been interesting watching regdude change from a total top to almost exclusively bottom. The point of this is that after I'd shot my first load and been walking around for a while, I saw regdude braced against a tree, taking a cock up his ass. Nothing unusual about that, so I went back in the house. Stayed in for a bit and followed hung9 back out. As he walked out, I grabbed his waist and bent him over. I began to fuck him and asked if he'd gotten any sperm. He grinned and replied that there might be one or two in him. Nice. I fucked him for a while, and pulled out. Regdude was still against the tree, so hung9 walked over and slid inside him. In all the years I've seen these two play, I've NEVER seen this. It was incredibly erotic. While regdude was taking it, there were two other guys against the tree. When hung9 pulled out, I went right in regdude. It was hot knowing his bf's cock had just been there. I fucked for a while, and pulled out so this hot Latino could get a go. The Latino boy was loving it, and when he pulled out of regdude, he turned around and told me he wanted me inside him. I obliged, and while his hole was very nice, I pulled out because I wanted a go at the guy standing next to me. Blond, slim, cut, great hole. I fucked him for a while, and went upstairs. Hole count: 5
Got upstairs, and saw three guys on the bed getting fucked, and a fourth one getting fisted. One of the bottoms pulled off the guy fucking him, turned around and began to suck me. He turned around again and told me to fuck him. I did, then moved to the second guy getting fucked. It was the guy I'd given my first load to. I fucked him for a while, then moved to contestant number three. I slid in him, and knew I wasn't gonna last long. NICE loadtaker hole. As I was pounding him, I bent over and whispered, "I'm gonna breed your ass, boy" He immediately began to squeeze and release my cock, which sent me right over the edge. I groaned, told him I was unloading, and dumped my second and final load in him. Hole count: 8 Load count: 2
I'm not sure why, but even though I had a fun time last night, I just wasn't as inspired as I was at the dungeon party. I dumped two loads in an hour last night, and three loads in an hour and a half at the dungeon party, to the load:time ratio is the same. And yet...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Russian Beef

Got blown by Russian Beef yesterday. Yeah, he really is Russian. He's got the accent, and lots of artwork and books that are in Russian. Nice guy, great cocksucker.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Load Update

I gave a regular a load on Tuesday, August 3, and gave another one today. Today's was especially memorable because it was the first one I'd dumped since Tuesday. I was out of town for the past week, and wasn't able to get away for sex.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Yesterday am, I woke up with a raging hard on, the after effect I believe, of the Viagra from the previous night. I hopped on line and there was a guy saying he was checking out of his hotel at noon, but wanted to suck a cock and get a load before he left. I responded to his post, he answered affirmatively, and I went over. When I got there, he was on his knees eager to suck. I was ready to unload quickly, and when I did, HE SPIT IT OUT!!!!!!!! I was NOT a happy man.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

1/2 Viagra + 1 Dungeon Party + 1.5 Hours = 5 Holes Fucked 7 Times + 3 Loads

I know trying to balance this equation is gonna give chemistry majors a headache, but it really does work. I got an invitation to a Dungeon party a few weeks ago, and answered "Yes" when the list of guests replying "Yes" reached 176. (I don't know if there were that many people there, but there were quite a few.) I decided that I should probably have a little assistance, so I scored 1/2 a Viagra from a friend of mine. When I got to the party, the fact that I couldn't find a convenient place to park meant the place was packed. When I got in, I put on my vest, boots, armband, cockring, and set out to see who or what I could find. I saw things I'd never seen before, but don't really want to get into that. I walked through the place and saw a familiar back. It was one of my favorite cumdumps who I'll call Brent. He's hot, blond, tatooed, and takes any load. He was surrounded by six guys, one of which was fucking him, and one of which was getting blown by him. I played with Brent's nips, and while I did that, the guy getting sucked pulled out. I put my cock in Brent's mouth and let him work his magic. While that was going on, he was getting pounded by two other men that were taking turns on him. I pulled out of his mouth and the guy standing next to me said, "Wanna fuck me?" I told him no, cuz I didn't wanna cum. He said that it was ok to blow in his hole, but my response was that it was waay too early to cum.
Hole #1, Load #1 - I walked around a bit, checking out the sights, and worked my way back to Brent. His hole was waiting, so I lubed up, slid in, and pumped away. He was nice and slippery inside, so I guess he already had a few loads in him. As I was pumping away, some guys stood by jacking and watching. An audience turns me on, so I wasn't able to hold back. I leaned over, clutched my arms around his chest, and began to unload. As I was unloading, I was getting words of encouragement from our audience. I pulled out, watched some cum drip out of his hole, and went to clean up.
Hole #2 - I walked around, and was still hard cuz of the Viagra. I saw a guy leaning over a platform as he was sucking off another guy. I decided to check him out, and slid my cock into his waiting ass. Nice, smooth, and warm. I fucked him for a while, then pulled out and walked around again.
Hole #3, Load #2 - As I was walking around, I saw the guy who previously told me it was ok to blow in his hole getting fucked in different positions and different locations by the same guy. At one point, he was bent over a fuck bench getting pounded from behind. I'd played with him several months ago, and remembered that he was a great cocksucker, so I made my move. I put my cock at his mouth, and it slid right in. As I was enjoying his mouth, the guy fucking him pulled out. I seized the opportunity, and went over to his ass. My cock slid right in as I relished his hole's smoothness and silkiness. The other man had moved around to the front, and was feeding him some cock. I fucked him hard and deep for a bit, then told him I was close. He told me to dump in him, so I did. As I was cumming the guy getting sucked said he was gonna shoot. I pulled out and went around in time to see him shoot his load in the bottom's mouth and on the fuck bench.
Hole #1 Time #2 - I walked around some more, checked stuff out, and saw a hot Latino fucking Brent's hole. As I stood there and watched, he pulled out and motioned me in. I slid into Brent's hole and it was noticeably slicker than before. I slid in and out a few times, then left to see what else was going on.
Hole #4 - There was a guy there that had sucked me off a few months back at another party. He's wanted me to fuck him, but it never happened until last night. I saw him standing in front of me, and tried to get in his hole. He smiled at me and led me over to one of the platforms. He bent over and showed me his hole. I slid in, but it was way too dry and or tight. I lubed up some, and went back in, but it hurt. To be fair, my cock was a bit tender from all the fucking, but he didn't feel good. I gave him my regrets by saying I was too sore to fuck, and went on my way.
Hole #3 Time #2 - I was walking around, and saw about five or six guys going at it, fucking, sucking, feeling each other up. I walked up to them, and began to play. As I'm feeling someone up the guy next to me is pounding the crap out of some bottom. I'm standing there, rock hard, all lubed up, wishing he would pull out so I could try some. He did pull out, and as I shoved my cock in the bottom, he turns and smiles at me. It's hole #3.. He was considerably wetter than before, so he didn't feel rough, like #4 did. I enjoyed his hole, but wanted something different, so I pulled out and walked around some more.
Hole #5, Load #3 - I was walking around and saw a nice, smooth ass bent over a fuck bench with someone gently massaging him. I walked up and slid my cock in. Pure heaven!! Smooth, warm, slick. I began to pump away, enjoying every second when the guy massaging him said, "Nice hole, huh?" I nodded, and kept pumping away. "It should be nice and slippery, I just gave him a nice load." "Really?" I replied, "That's hot." I concentrated on feeling the cum in this heavenly hole, and began to unleash a torrent of hot, sticky semen. I walked around to the front of the guy, thanked him, kissed him, and went to get dressed.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Second Load of the Day

Yesterday afternoon, I ran into an old bud of mine online. He told me he wanted me to come over and fuck him. I got there, and he got right to work sucking my cock and edging me. The hottest part was that it was on cam. We had about 25 people watching. When it came time to fuck, I slipped on a condom, and got right to work on that hole. I know you're wondering about the condom, so here's the deal. Every time I've fucked him, I haven't lasted more than three minutes. His hole is so smooth, tight, and warm that he gets me off in record time. Believe it or not, his hole was still smooth, tight, and warm even with the condom on, but at least I was able to last about 10 minutes. I think that if he hadn't spent the previous hour edging me, I'd have been able to hold off for a lot longer. When I pulled out, he slipped the condom off, and began to suck down all of my load. This guy's an incredible fuck.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Four Loads

I haven't posted about the last four loads I dumped, and that's because two of them weren't all that spectacular. Today's was great; I woke up at 5:30, horny as hell, logged on to the net, and got hit on immediately. I went over to his house and let him do his job. This dude is a fantastic cocksucker. He gave my cock the love and attention it deserves, and when I unloaded, he kept a little in his mouth to snowball. Perfect!! The guy before that, on the 19th of July was very good also. He pulled off right when I was beginning to shoot, so he got a bit on his chest. It was hot cuz he's got red hair, green eyes, and is totally cute. On the 21st, I went to a pool party, and got sucked off while sitting on the edge of the pool. He wasn't hot, but he sucked cock like a pro, and it was fun to see guys watching me and jacking off while I got blown. The load I dumped on the 17th was so unremarkable that I don't remember who blew me, or where I was. I think maybe I'm getting in the mood for a boyfriend. I haven't had one in over ten years, so the thought of having one is kind of daunting...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Something different

Got hit on today by a hot cowboy who lives VERY close to me. I went over and have to say, he looked better than his pix. He told me he no longer is a horse trainer, but he still shows them, and looking around his place I saw a minimum of ten trophies. Anyway, we head upstairs and I asked if he kissed. He answered and we began a great make out session. I then pushed him down to his knees and told him to get to work. Although he was good, he wasn't great, so I had to at some point, "take matters into my own hands." He was laying on the bed and I began to shoot, at which point he took my cock into his mouth and swallowed each drop. He was jacking off and shot a nice load on his belly. He told me that if I wanted to fuck, he was my man, and I may take him up on it. He's got a great ass. So, my question is, do I file this load under "Wasted Loads" or under "Loads Given"?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pool Party/Early Morning Suck

I went to a bud's house yesterday. He and his bf have these naked swim parties during the weekdays, and you never know who or how many people are going to be there. When I got there, I think there were 10-15 people in the pool. One guy was on a raft getting his cock sucked by two others. They sucked him for a good 10 minutes, but he didn't shoot. He got up and sat on one of the chairs by the pool. The cocksucking had inspired some of the other guests, because as I looked around the pool, there were several groups of two to three men stroking each other under the water. I wasn't really horny, so just kinda hung out. Later in the day, one of the hosts got home from work and jumped into the pool. He came over to me and the guy standing next to me, and began to stroke us both. The guy next to me began kissing me. I began to get hard and horny, and one of the hosts started to blow me. Ouch, WAY too much tooth. However, the guy next to me was enjoying getting blown, and whispered in my ear that he had a seven day load saved up. The sucker and I began to encourage him to let it fly. I was stroking his nicely sized cock and the sucker was licking his nuts. All of a sudden, a huge load began spewing out, kinda like BP's oil well in the Gulf. His load was huge, and ended up on his chest and crotch. As he got up to go clean up, I noticed the guy that was on the raft earlier getting sucked as he sat in the chair on deck. I hadn't noticed before, but this man's cock was a good nine inches, at least, and pretty. Now I know why he's so popular.
I've not been sleeping well, and was up several times during the night, and at 6:50 I decided to get up, since sleep didn't seem to be an option.I logged on to the net, and a bud of mine had an ad up saying he wanted his throat bred. What do you think I did? I was in and out of his place in ten minutes, and am now so relaxed, I may try to sleep again.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Reconnecting with an old regular

Was surfing yesterday, and found an email from an old regular in my mailbox. He found me on I mailed back, and as luck would have it, I ran into him today on manhunt. I hadn't been blown by him in several months, and can't for the life of me, imagine why not. The guy is a world class cocksucker. He gently licks my balls, runs his tongue up and down the bottom the shaft, and licks in that spot under the head where there's a ridge of skin. He tried something new on me, using only his tongue, he licked the head of my cock in a swirling motion. Pure heaven! I shot a nice, big load, and unlike most guys, he knows how to milk out the last drop. I'm VERY sensitive after shooting, and can't take anyone/thing touching my cock, but he was on it today, and it was great. I'm gonna make a pact with myself to see more of him.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sex Party

Went to a sex party yesterday, and I'm not sure what to think. I got there, and the bottom was getting fucked by an extremely obese man. There was also a guy getting his cock sucked by somebody else. I stripped, and walked over to the guy getting his cock sucked. He was a bit older than I am, and also nice looking, as was the cocksucker. As I begin to tweak the suckee's nipples, the obese guy unloads in the bottom and pulls out. As he pulls out, a nice wad of cum drips out of the bottom's hole. The bottom grins, turns to us and says, "Next!" Nice, a true cumdump. The guy sucking cock stands up and puts his cock in the bottom's mouth. He begins pumping away, and in a little bit, pulls me over to the bottom's mouth. The bottom begins sucking away on my cock. I'd been edging before I got over there, and didn't last too long. All too quickly, I begin to dump a nice load down the bottom's mouth. I pull out, wash up, and leave.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Average Hookup

Got hit up by a guy on Thur who wanted to suck my cock. I went over, and he got to work. He was ok, nothing spectacular. Don't know if I'll go back again...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Farewell Wagon/Blowus Interruptus

Wed I got a great bj from a guy who's leaving here to go to Denver. I got to his place, and there was NO furniture. He explained that the movers had taken everything earlier that morning. We went into the bedroom, and he got down on his knees and began undoing my pants. I asked him how many loads he'd had that day, and the answer was two. Nice. Anyway, he's on his knees deepthroating me when I turn me head to the left and see full length mirrors on the closet doors. Yeah, that's what I"m talking about. It was totally hot to be able to see our reflections in the mirror. He was an expert cocksucker, but due to there being no furniture, he was using his hands to balance himself instead of using them to massage my balls. The only time he massaged my balls was when I was ejaculating in his mouth.

Yesterday, I was hit up by my neighbor. We've never done anything up until this point, but he knows I think he's hot, and he told me to come over for a blow job. When I got there, we immediately lip locked, and lip locked some more. He pushed me down into the chair and started undoing my pants. He pulled them off, and began to slowly and carefully lick my balls and my cock. This guy is experienced and very good at what he does. I was thoroughly enjoying his mouth until he abruptly pulled of my cock and said, "Sorry, this isn't working for me" I said ok, and as I was getting dressed, he mentioned that I was being "awfully nice about this." My thought was, "What am I supposed to do, begin hollering and screaming?" I left, came home, and jacked off. It was disappointing to say the least. Oh well.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two loads, one of them to a new cocksucker

Monday evening, I'd been online and saw one of my favorite cumpigs, but as I was meeting friends for a drink, I didn't have time to visit. On my way home though, I texted him and he told me to stop by. As usual, the orgasm was toe curling, preceded by deep throating, ball licking, and LOTS of rimming. He just loves to eat ass, and I'm not gonna try and stop him. Anyway, the cum was copious, and he swallowed every drop. I left his place a happy daddy.
Yesterday, I was hanging out and saw a guy who's hit me up before, but for assorted reasons, we were never able to connect. He wanted me to breed his ass, but I really just wanted to get sucked off. He also lives very close to me, and as it turns out, is an excellent cocksucker. He deep throats, but his specialty is loving attention paid to balls. He gently licks, sucks, and nuzzles them with the tenderness of a father holding his newborn baby. Truly outstanding, as is his ability to swallow every drop of sweet, sticky, hot cum my balls can produce. He's a keeper.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saturday Breeding

On Saturday I got hit up by an old buddy of mine. He's been kinda out of circulation due to a boyfriend, but apparently things are over because he hit on me by asking me if I wanted to unload. He was going to the baths to get a few loads and wanted me to be the first of the day. I drove over to his place and he greeted me at the door by dropping to his knees and licking my balls. He headed up the stairs and I followed grabbing his ass as I trailed him. We got to the room and I got him in a lip lock. Kissing is my favorite thing to do and he's great at it. He started blowing me again, and told me he wanted my load so other guys would slide in easily. I lubed up and began to pound him as he was lying on his back. I can't tell you how warm and slick his hole felt as I was sliding in and out of his silky hole. He's got one of those asses that just feels right and your cock fits in perfectly. I kept sliding in and out, varying the rhythm and speed as he was moaning and telling me how good my cock felt. He told me, "I want your sperm in my hole. I want to walk around with a part of you in me so when I get another load later yours will mix in with it." I never can resist when a man tells me he wants me load, so with a big moan, I dumped an enormous load in his ass. I could feel his hole milking every last drop from my tube. I love that feeling. Sadly, when I pulled out, it was obvious I hadn't bred him deeply enough because there was a large amount of semen on the floor. I lovingly picked it up and put it back where it belonged.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot Piece of (Italian? Jewish?) Ass

I've been visiting my family, and one of the things I like about this part of the country as compared to TX is that there are a lot of dark haired Italians and Jews. I love that dark, swarthy look, and don't find it that often in TX. Anyway, I've been here for a week, and yesterday, the walls started to close in on me, and I realized I hadn't cum for seven days, and was REALLY horned up. I got on Manhunt and was hit up by a guy who had chatted with me the day before. I told him I wasn't able to get away, but perhaps later in the day would be a possibility. He texted me around 2:30 wanting to play. I still wasn't able to get away and told him I'd text later. I saw my opportunity around 3:30, texted him, and headed over. He was upstairs on his front porch, and looked better than in his pix. I entered the house, and he was waiting for me at the top of the stairs. I began immediately to kiss him and rub on his chest. He pulled my pants down, and began giving me toe curling head. He pushed me down into the chair and began deep throating me. I could only stand a little of this and pulled him off my cock. He asked if I were getting ready to blow, and I told him it had been seven days since I'd cum. He turned around and told my to eat his ass. It was freshly showered and a joy to rim. It was the tastiest ass I'd eaten in a long time. I ate him for a while, stood up, and tried to enter him. He grabbed my cock, lubed it up, and moved over to the couch. He knelt on the couch, and I entered his warm, tight hole. He moved around so I could get in deeper, and I began to deep thrust him. He cheered me on, saying, "Yeah, pound that ass. Deeper." I told him I was gonna unload, and he said, "Yeah man, seed my ass!"My response was," You want that load? Take my seed fucker." I love being told to empty my nuts in a hole, and began a long, satisfying orgasm. As my cum was shooting out of my cock, I could feel his muscles massaging my penis, making sure to get every drop of semen into his guts. When I pulled out, there were a few drops of my sperm oozing out of his hole. I cleaned up, and he showed me around his place letting me know that he wasn't working this coming week, and to come back over sometime. I think I'll take him up on his offer. When I got home, I texted him, ""Keep that load inside you. I enjoyed seeding you." He responded, "Was hot. It will be in there all night. Thanks for stopping over." I'm gonna text him later today and see if he got any loads after me. I thought it interesting that when I tried to fuck him, I tried it raw, and even though raw vs. safe never came up, he let me empty my nuts in his hole. His house has small pig figurines in different places, so I guess that should have answered the unasked question about raw vs. safe.

Friday, June 4, 2010

6' 6" Cocksucker

I got hit up today by a guy who wanted to suck my cock. He used to be a trainer at the gym I went to, but since it closed a few years ago and I went to a new gym, I haven't seen him. He emailed me, "So are you ready to spew in my
mouth?" I hadn't unloaded since Monday, so of course I was. He was less than five minutes away, (I LOVE living in this part of town_) so I was over there in a flash. He opened the door, and all I said was, "You ready to suck some cock?" He answered yes, and got down on all fours. He's so tall that if he's on his knees, he's almost level with my chest. I mean, REALLY tall. He did a fine job of cocksucking, and treated my balls royally. He kept licking them, but each time he would nuzzle them with his chin or nose. Nobody's ever done that before, and it's an incredible feeling. I kept asking him if he wanted my load, if he liked my cock, and how I was gonna give him a huge load of my spunk. Well, he did, he did, and I did. He swallowed every drop, and when I got home, we had the following email exchange:
Me Hey man, thanks for taking my load; you're a great cocksucker.

Him You're welcome. Thanks for being dominant and treating me like a whore. I love itQ

Me I like treating my cocsuckers like the dirty whores they are...

Him Excellent! And thanks for feeding me your load too.

Here's an excerpt from his profile: Please pull on my nipples while you pump my tight butthole and spew your spunk in my ass. Let me lick your cock clean after you shoot into my big muscle ass.

The guy's a total pig. I'll definitely be back for more.

Monday, May 31, 2010

I LOVE having two cocksuckers

Got hit on this am by a new guy. We made plans to meet. I told a bud of mine, who said, "That guy's a friend of mine. It'd be hot for both of us to service you." You can guess, I'm sure, what my response was. 45 minutes later, I was at my bud's house. The new guy started sucking my cock while my bud began to eat my ass. It's THE best feeling in the world, but I can't do it too long cuz it makes me shoot quickly. I pulled my bud off, and he began sucking and licking my balls. It went back and forth with both of them servicing me and my bud sucking off new guy. New guy shot in bud's mouth, and bud then went to sucking me. New guy kissing me, bud sucking me with new guy's cum in his mouth was too much for me. I shot a load that was bigger than any one in recent memory. In fact, it was so big that when bud pulled off, cum was still oozing out of my slit. I fed the remains to bud, thanked the both of them, and left. Just so you know what a slut bud is, I asked him when his last load was. He started laughing and new guy said, "Last nite, when I fucked him." SWEEEEEEEEEET!

Two Cocksuckers

Gonna have two cocksuckers on my tool in about 20 min!! Yay for me!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A New Cocksucker

Sunday the 23, I had been trying to give my load away with no success until around 3 pm. I was hit up by a guy on bbrts who's profile and pix were pretty hot, especially given the fact that his profile said he was 51. We know that usually, a guy will knock five years or so off his age, so I was kind of apprehensive, but his pix looked great, and I REALLY wanted to unload. So I head on over to his house, and am greeted at the door by a man who was clearly older than 51, but still very handsome. We went into his bedroom, he got on his knees and started undoing my pants. My half hard cock popped out, and he said, "Damn nice cock, sir." He then proceeded to gently lick the head of my tool, while massaging my balls and hole. He licked around the head, and tongued my piss slit. He then went all the way down on my cock and began to deep throat my tool. He was an expert cocksucker, and was in hog heaven when I grabbed the back of his head, and told him, "Swallow that cock boy, make my tool feel good." I told him to beg for my load, which I love to do to a man. After he asked for it, I told him, "Get ready, here comes that load. Swallow all of it." I felt the cum traveling up my shaft and explode into his mouth. He took every drop, looked up at me and said, "Thank you sir. May I clean off your cock?" I told him yes, he did, I zipped up and left.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sometime last night, the 50,000th visitor viewed my blog. Thanks so much; I can't believe it's been less than six months, and I've surpassed 50,000 hits. Thanks again, guys.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Catching up

Last Sunday I did some stuff around the house, went to the gym, grocery store, etc, then realized I was horny. Texted a friend of mine, went over, got blown, came home, met friends for dinner. Wednesday, answered an ad for a guy sucking cock at his gh. Was the same guy as May 3. He's a good cocksucker, so good in fact, that I went back over on Wed. Not outstandingly good, so I'm not gonna go into details, but both were blowjobs that got the job done.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My New Favorite Cocksucker

Friday night I was online, and got hit up by a guy who said, "Hhungry cock and cum swallower here really enjoy servicing a man till he shoot his load down my throat. i always swallow cum loads."
Now, as much as I love topping a hot ass, and depositing my load in there, I REALLY enjoy a man getting between my legs, and sucking my cock.( My absolute favorite thing is to have a cocksucker in front of me while someone is eating my ass. Nothing, not even a cum slicked hole, makes me dump more quickly.) Anyway, my interest was piqued, as you can imagine. It turns out he lives very close to me, so I headed over. Got there, he opens the door, tells me to come in, and gets right to work. He's got a great technique, and does something unique: as he's sucking, his fingers are gently rubbing my hole. Doesn't feel quite as good as a rim job, but what does? I savored his tongue and warm mouth. When I emptied my ballsac, he gently licked the head of my cock, and cleaned it off really well. He was so good at what he does that I went back over yesterday afternoon. As I said, he's my new favorite cocksucker.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lame Three Way

Went to a really lame three way last night. The guy had an ad on bbrts and there were 21 invited guests. I was one of four that showed up. The host opened the door, and there was a young Latino on the bed getting a nice cock shoved up his chute. The host was a bottom, and presented his ass to the other guy there. He entered the host and pulled out when he saw my hard cock. I entered the host, and honestly, he didn't feel all that great. I then mounted the Latino, and realized how much better his hole was than the host's. I pumped and dumped in the Latino and left. When I got home, I realized I had left my cock ring on the sink in his room. Now I gotta get a new cock ring. Any suggestions?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Night Rim/Blow Job

A bud of mine emailed me and asked me if I wanted a rim job. Duh. I was there less than 5 minutes later, and he got right to work on my hole, licking, biting, and tonguing my hungry hole. After about fifteen minutes, I told him I needed to unload, so he got on his knees, started nuzzling, licking, and sucking my balls. Nothing sets me off more than this, and I shoved my rock hard cock down his throat and pumped him full of five shots of thick, ropy cum.

Neighborhood Glory Hole

Was wickedly horny yesterday and saw a post on CL. I've seen this post before, but never bothered to answer until Sunday. The guy has a glory hole in his garage. U drive up, text him that you've arrived and he opens the garage. You walk into the garage, stick your cock thru the hole, and he goes to work. I don't know what he looks like, but the hole was big enough that I could tell he had a great body. He doesn't always post about opening the hole, he posts about wanting face to face sex. I'm gonna answer next time, cuz I'm curious about what he looks like. Anyway, I stuck my cock thru the hole, and he started sucking. Five minutes later, I blow my load, zip up, and leave. He's a good cocksucker, not stellar, although that may be because I was kind of in a hurry to get going on accomplishing a few things around the house. I had to shoot a load, cuz I was so horny that I couldn't focus on getting anything else done. It's amazing how much I got accomplished after I dumped my load in his mouth.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Twink Takes My Load

There's a really young (23)Latino guy that's been hitting me up on Manhunt for the past month or so. He's not really my type on account of the fact that he's so young and not really in the best shape. But, last night I was horny since I hadn't shot since Monday, and was cruising on line. He emailed me saying, "When are you going to feed my your load?" That was pretty much all it took to get me interested. As it turns out, he's within walking distance of my place, which compensates for him being so young. I got to his place, he got on his knees and got right to work. He's a natural at what he does. He really enjoyed being face fucked, and was able to deep throat quite well. I kept asking if he wanted my load, if he were a cum hound, if he liked swallowing semen, and each time, he gave the right answer! After about ten minutes of this, I unleashed my swimmers down his throat and damned if he didn't swallow every drop. The great thing about this whole scene was that it was all about me. He was fully clothed the whole time, and didn't touch his crotch even once. I think I might have found a new regular cocksucker.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hot Hole Full Story

Monday I ran into a bud online, and asked him if he wanted my load. He said he did, and that a friend of his was gonna come over and fuck him. I played with the two of them a few weeks ago, so was totally up for it. When I got there, the bottom got on his knees and started blowing us two tops. This went on for a bit, and the other top wanted to fuck and unload. Before he did though, he said, "Why don't you have a go at it?" I knew the bottom had been fucked about an hour prior, so was willing to slide in on some other stud's semen. Felt REALLY good sliding in. I'd never fucked this guy before, only been blown by him. His loaded up hole felt so smooth as it conformed to the shape of my cock. He and the other top began egging me on, telling me to go ahead and unload. When I did, the bottom was milking the cum out of my tool. When I pulled out, you could see some of my seed oozing out of the hole. The other top commented on how hot it looked, and slide his black tool in, remarking on how my load made the hole even smoother and silkier. He fucked for a good ten minutes and dumped two loads in the bottom. The bottom then told us he had to leave to go get his fifth and final load of the night. He texted me today that he did, in fact, get not only the fifth load, but also a hot piss shower from the same guy. He was in pig heaven.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hot Hole

Dumped a load in a hot hole that I'd never dumped in before. He usually just sucks me off, but I fucked him tonight. He already had one load in him, so... It felt great. More to follow later.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PIss Party Last Sunday

I answered an ad for a piss party in M4SN. I decided to go because I'd never been to one before. The guy sends out the address shortly after the party is supposed to start, but I still go. I get there, and hes' upstairs in the bathtub with this hood/funnel combination on his head. I'm the only one there, but do have to piss badly. So, I piss into the funnel, and he takes it all, choking once or twice. I zip up, get in the car, and call an fb around the corner from piss boy. I go over, get sucked, and go home. Has anyone been to this type of party before? What usually happens?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unexpected three way

I was horny last nite, so hit up my friend in the post labeled "New Cocksucker" I got over there, and he told me he didn't want to start because another regular was coming over to load his ass. I was definitely down with that and waited until he came over. He was around 40, kind of a gut on him, and African American. Nice guy, and usually loads up my bud at least twice per session. This time, he didn't disappoint. We got thinks rolling by the bottom alternately sucking each of us and getting our cocks hard and primed. I took my place at the bottom's mouth, and the other guy took his place at the bottom's hole. He kept teasing the bottom with his fingers and cock head until he turned around and said, "Don't make me wait; put it in now!" It was great to see the bottom's face as the top entered his ass. He got this big grin, and sighed. As the top was fucking the hole, I was fucking his mouth. The boy knows how to suck cock, and LOVES to get every drop of semen that he can. Watching the top's expressions combined with the suction on my rod made me blow a nice, frothy load. My cocksucker cleaned me off, and continued to get fucked by the top. The top started to moan, and the bottom said, "It won't be long now." I started egging the top on, telling him, "Load that pig up. You know he wants that load" Then, a look of total ecstsy came over the top's face, and I knew he was unloading. He then stopped for about a minute, then began fucking again. Bottom reminded me this guy is good for at least two loads. Anyhow, about two minutes later, the top got that look on his face again, and I knew he was seeding bottom boy again. As he pulled out, bottom boy said, "I'm not finished yet," and began cleaning of the top's cock. As he was getting cleaned, he told me that on Monday, he had ejaculated six different times. Must've been his day off!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cum Question

Nobody answered or commented yesterday, so either nobody knows the answer, or nobody reads this blog. Question is this: Sat night, when I pulled out of the loaded up bottom boy, I swear I smelled semen. This has never happened to me before, so has anyone else experienced the odor of sperm when pulling out of loaded up bottom?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pre Easter Breeding Party

Finally!! One of my buds hosted a breeding party for one of my fave cumdump bottoms last night. The bottom is HOT!! He's 35 yrs old, lean, buff, blond, and tatted up. He told me his favorite thing to do was to be blindfolded, tied down to a fuck bench and used as a no load refused cum dump. Last night he got his wish again. He does this about every six to eight weeks, but I don't always get to participate. I got to the party last night; it started at eight but I didn't get there until about 10:15. I walked in and there were five or six guys sitting on the couch. I walked into the play room, and there he was, tied down, with a nice, inviting hole just waiting for my pole. I dropped trou and made him suck my cock to get it hard. As soon as it was, I walked around to his hole and shoved my cock in, no waiting for him to adjust. As I slid in, I felt other stud's cum lubing up my throbbing cock. I pounded him for a good five minutes (I know, not long, but you have no idea how warm and sloppy his hole felt!) before I told him I was gonna seed him. His response was, "Go for it, man," so I did. As I was shooting, I could feel his ass loosen and tighten to massage the spunk outta my cock. VERY talented cum hole. When I pulled out, I swear I could smell semen on my cock since he had already been so loaded up. That's never happened to me before. Any of you ever experience that? I went into the living room and socialized. Someone offered to suck me off, so we went into the kitchen. As this dude was on his knees servicing me, I felt a tongue on my hole. I groaned, and the guy behind me started really eating me out. I realized I wasn't gonna cum, so pulled out of the cocksucker's mouth. The guy behind me misinterpreted that as an invitation to blow me, moved in front of me and lickied my balls while my cocksucker went back to work. As this was happening, a third dude whispered in my ear, "Is it ok if I rim you?" Like I'm gonna say no!! Now I've got three men on me, each doing his best to make me nutt, but as much as I focused, tried, and concentrated, it wasn't gonna happen. VERY frustrating, since my favorite way to be serviced is to have my cock sucked as my ass is being eaten. I guess it was too soon after dumping in that cummy hole. Anyway, I gave the three men my apologies, noted the disappointed looks on their faces, and returned home.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


50 followers and almost 24,000 hits since Jan when I started this. Thanks for reading my blog.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

60 Minute BJ

Kinda hungover today, and that means one thing: severe horniness. I got online and my guy from yesterday was on. He asked if he could have my load, and I responded with a rather vehement "Yes!" When I got there, he told me a trick had just left, and filled him with two loads, one in the ass, the other in his mouth along with some piss. It was hot knowing this guy was gonna blow me with someone else's cum in both ends. Anyway, he wanted to eat my ass, so I got up on all fours on the bed, and he started in munching. He licked, sucked, kissed, slobbered on every inch of my hole and crack for 15 minutes. When I told him I needed to move cuz I was getting uncomfortable, he told me to get on the edge of the bed and get on my back. Again, he started in munching, eating, kissing, LOVING every inch of my hole, crack and adjacent areas. This went on for another 15 minutes, giving me a total of 30 minutes of butt munching. Then he started in sucking my cock with the same kind of attention the detail that he had shown my ass.30 minutes later, I was pumping a huge load down his willing throat. He told me, "As a bottom, it's my duty to make sure the top is pleased. It's all about him, and I will do whatever he wants to make him happy." I'm glad he lives so close to me.

Saturday cocksucker

I was horned up on Sat, and got online to find some. A new regular hit me up, and asked if I would give him a load. Since I was horny, and it was a sure thing, I got myself over there quickly. He was on his knees as soon as I got in the bedroom, and he started slurping my cock. He then asked me if I liked my ass eaten, and naturally I said yes. I mean, who doesn't like that? After a few minutes of that, he got back on my cock and let me fuck his face. Within three minutes, I was unloading in his mouth, and as always, he took every drop. I love having a convenient, avid, willing, and expert cocksucker within walking distance.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Reconnecting with a regular

Yesterday, I reconnected with a nearby regular. He offered thru Manhunt to take my load. I walked over, got a toe curling good bj, fed him a huge load, and came back home. I may go back later today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three Way

Got hit up this am by a hot cocksucker on line this am. He was eager for my load, but wouldn't be available until around 1:30. So, I kept looking, and got hit up on Manhunt. We both unlocked our pix, and the guy told me we knew each other. I didn't recognize him, but said "OK" and decided to wait until the afternoon. I get to the cocksucker's house and he tells me that someone is coming over to breed his ass while he eats my load. OK, I'm fine with that. Then he shows me the guy's pic, and it's the same one that told me we knew each other. I still didn't recognize the pic, so I was eager for him to show up. As I'm getting blown, the front door opens, and sure enough, I do know the guy. I had no problem with it, and apparently he didn't either, as he stripped off his clothes and let out a nice, thick, eight inch anaconda. We both started slurping on that beast, and pretty soon he was hard enough to enter the host. He did so easily, and proceeded to fuck deep. I was getting sucked off, but had to back off, cuz the bottom was getting pounded so hard, it was hurting my cock. I pulled out, and a few seconds later, the top pulls out, the bottom gets up and goes to the john. I asked the top if he'd shot, and he told me the bottom wasn't really that "fresh." About seven or eight minutes later, the bottom comes out of the bathroom, and I shove my cock in his mouth. Top boy had told me that once he sees scat on his cock, he pretty much is too grossed out to continue fucking. I seize this opportunity to unload a nice thick load in bottom boy's mouth. Feeling satisfied, I got up and left.

More fun on Monday and return of another regular on Tuesday

After Monday's very tweaky, very sketchy trick, I was still horny. I logged on to bbrts and saw a bud of mine on line. I asked him if he wanted a load, and the response was, "I'd be happy to take your load." I scooted on over there and got a blowjob that ranked at least an eight on a scale of ten. He worked my cock and balls over for about 25 minutes. Excellent technique, too. He would lick and nibble up and down the shaft, nuzzle my balls, lick right underneath the head of my cock, and give my piss slit loving attention. Even though I dropped a load earlier in the day, it was so unsatisfying that I was still incredible horny. I can't believe I lasted 25 minutes, but I did. When I felt my cum traveling up my cock I said, "Your ready for that load, boy?" He grunted, I grunted, and blew deep down his throat. Damn, that was good. On Tuesday, I got a text from a friend asking if he could have a load from me. I'm not one to be rude and refuse a cocksucker a load, so I told him to come over later in the day. To prepare for his arrival, I strapped on a cock ring, and load "The 1000 Load Fuck" on the DVD player. If you haven't seen this, you're truly missing out. I watched the fifth scene, "Perfect Bottom" and scene nine, "Rematch" before my boy got to my house. By then, I was totally boned, and ready to spurt. I buzzed him in, and switched to scenes three and four, where Ian Jay gets injected by literally a gallon of cum. My boy likes to dump his load on my cock, then blow me while his jizz is lubing my pole. It feels awesome. So, he dumped on me, rubbed it on my tool, and continued blowing. As he was working my cock, I was watching Ian Jay get a load dumped in him, then having some guy lick his hole, and felch out all that semen inside him. It triggered my orgasm, and I dumped a HUGE load in my boy's throat. He swallowed it all, cleaned off my cock, thanked me, and left. Could I ask for anything more?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tweaky Trick

Yesterday I couldn't give my load away. I tried, but to no avail. Went to a huge party in the evening, but no luck there. I was with friends, so wasn't really focused on a trick. Anyway, I was up early today, and got hit by a guy on Manhunt. He offered to suck my cock, and was close by, so I went on over. I get there, and there are two guys in briefs, each on a different computer. The guy that told me to come over looked kinda sketchy, so I asked them if they'd been to bed, and his response was, "No, can you tell?" My respons, "Uh, yeah, I can? . Anyway, I strip down to underwear, and he's all focused on the computer, trying to send a message to a friend of his, but there's no text appearing in the body of the message. He jacks with the computer for about five minutes, then goes to the bathroom. I'm kinda getting irritated, cuz after all, I WAS invited over for a blowjob. He comes back from the bathroom, and tells me to sit next to the other guy, a really hot Hispanic dude. I was thinking, "Sweet, he's gonna blow us both!" As soon as I sat, Hispanic guy says to him, "I can go sit on the bed if you want." His friend says no, it's ok, takes my underwear off, and begins to blow me. Latino boy is focused on his computer, so I'm not getting any of that action. As I'm being blown, Latino boy says something, and blowjob guy gets off my cock and looks at the pc screen. I'm patient, I wait, but after a bit, I have to redirect his attention to my cock. He begins blowing me again, but gets disctracted by the screen again. I redirect one more time, and hold his head on my cock. I'm thinking that I need to unload soon, so that he's not distracted again, so I pump a nice one into his eager mouth, zip up and leave. I can't help but wonder if he was disctracted cuz he didn't like my cock, or if he was just to tweaked to even notice he wasn't focused. So, question: How many of you have had tweaky tricks?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old Trick Redux

I was WAY horny yesterday, and had a killer list of things to do after work. I was boned all day since an FB of mine texted me about the two of us loading a hot hole. My schedule wouldn't allow us to work it out, but since I had been anticipating it all day, I was extremely aroused. I got online about 45 minutes before I had to be somewhere, and found my old trick. I mailed him, "You got time for my load?" The answer was a resounding "Yes" so I immediately went over. SInce I still had to shower and change, I made this just a quick blow n go. As soon as I walked in his house, he got down on his knees, undid my pants, and got right to work. He worked his lips up and down the shaft of my throbbing cock, gently licking my balls, and taking my cock all the way down to the root. It didn't take too long before I asked him, "You ready for that load, boy?" He mumbled something, (I'm pretty sure it was yes, but it's hard to talk with a cock in your mouth) and I unloaded three days worth of sperm into his mouth. I pulled out, he cleaned my cock with his mouth and I left. I was able to shower, change, and still be where I needed to be without being more than five minutes late.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Old Trick

My weekend wasn't so great. I got totally blown off by a truly hot boy, and his excuse was totally lame. So, I woke up Sunday morning SUPER horny and logged onto Manhunt. I was hit up by a guy I hadn't been with since around Christmastime. He lives very close to me, so naturally I headed over. I'd forgotten how great of a cocksucker he was. I kept edging, and finally after about 25 minutes, I couldn't hold back, and flooded his mouth with a HUGE load of cum. He gently cradled my tool in his mouth during and after me shooting, and got out every drop. it's unusual that I can stand someone to touch my cock after I shoot because it's so sensitive. Damn, he's good at taking my load.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Freaky Trick

I hit a guy up on Sun, get to his place, he's passed out on the bed. WTF? I try to wake him up, can't. I leave, send email basically saying, "Not cool." He says he's sorry, he crashed, (no shit) and wants me to come over some other time. Comments?
Went out with someone last nite, no sex, but DAMN, this boy's hot. I want me some of that. Don't know if I'll get it.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New cocksucker part 2

I needed to dump a load yesterday, so found my new cocksucker on line, went over, filled his mouth, left and met friends for dinner. Perfect!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New cocksucker

Was REALLY horned up last nite, (hadn't shot in three days) so I started cruising the net for a cocksucker. I got a hit from a guy who lives about one block from me. So, naturally, I headed over. I wasn't able to spend long cuz he was having someone else coming over to fuck him. GREAT mouth, smooth throat, and he took every drop of cum like a champ. I'll definitely be back.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blow Job delivered to my door.

I was just hanging on Manhunt last night. when an old "friend" of mine messaged me, "You got a load for me?" Naturally, I responded in the affirmative, and less than 10 minutes later he was at my door. He got right down to business, licking my balls, and taking my cock down to the root. I could feel the cum churning in my balls, and quickly felt it spurting out, coating his mouth. He stood up, kissed me, and left. Perfect!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Just unloaded in a fuckbud's hole

Was cruising for mouth or hole earlier today when I saw a fuckbud on M4SN. He told me to cum over and unload.  As he was sucking my cock (and filming himself) he told me he wanted me seed in his ass. I hadn't unloaded in a hot hole in about two or three weeks, so I was game.  As soon as I slid in, I knew I wouldn't last too long, and I was right. I unloaded deep inside him in about eight strokes. The look on his face as I was dumping in him was awesome. He kept telling me to push it in deeper, and that he was gonna walk around all day long with my DNA inside him. I told him to keep it in him so when his bf fucks him later tonite, he'll be sliding on my cum. HOT!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Check this out!

This is a cool as shit blog. It's a straight guy commenting on gay sexuality. It's real, interesting, and from the heart. Check it out at

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl BJ

I was REALLY horny on Sunday, and began cruising the CL ads. I was about to give up when a post was put up by a guy who is so close to me that I can walk there in less than 5 min. Of course I answered, he told me to come over and I did. He got on his knees, blew me till I shot my load, and then I left. I was at the Super Bowl party right on time!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I found a new cumdump

I was off work today, and horny so logged onto Within a few minutes, I got a message asking me for my load. I went over cuz his pics were hot, he was less than a mile away, and I was horny, and he told me he already had 5 loads in him. I got to his place, and then the fun began. As he's feeling me up, his phone rings but he ignores. Phone rings again, I say, "Maybe u better answer it." He says it's a fb of his, but he told him to come later since I was already there. I told him I didn't mind groups, so he told the guy to come over. A few minutes later he shows up, comes in the bedroom and strips. My bottom starts sucking him off, and this guy's cock gets FAT!!! I mean, it's enormous, and pretty. Bottom boy turns around and continues to suck my throbbing member while big dick boy starts to fuck him. I kept holding off, until I heard big dick boy moan. I immediately shot my load into bottom boy's mouth, and then asked BDB how much he shot. He said, "I haven't cum yet. Last time I was here, I fucked _______ for an hour!" Now that's impressive. I left as bottom boy was still getting pounded by BDB. I ate lunch, then went back a while later and blew another load down bottom boy's gullet. I think this one may be a keeper.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last Thursday blow job

I hadn't shot a load in a few days, and needed some quick relief. I answered a CL ad, and was soon receiving a great blow job. I shot buckets into the guy's mouth, but he spit it out into a rag. I was kind of offended, but didn't say anything. I think if you're advertising yourself as a cocksucker, you should take the load and swallow it. Anyone have another point of view? I don't think I'll go back to him again.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday fun

Went to see some buds of mine for a Fri "Happy Hour" at their place. There were about 9 guys in various states of undress, sucking, and getting sucked. I played around with a few guys, and had four or five guys blowing me. A while after I got there, two more men showed up carrying a rim chair. I've never been in one, but it looked really fun. One guy sitting in the chair was sucking my cock while being rimmed. I was so turned on by the rim chair action that before I really knew it, I was shooting my load down the sucker's throat. I decided to chill for a bit, and retired to another room. I was having a good time talking to some of the other guys and was contemplating going back in to sit in the chair when I got a text from a friend of mine. I haven't seen her in a while, and her husband just left her and the two kids. She was coming to my part of town and wanted me to meet her and some of her friends for dinner. They were very close to where I was, so I had to say my goodbyes and leave without ever sitting in the rim chair. I hope to try one out one day. Any of you guys out there ever used one? What's it like?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Another BJ

I'd been sick this past weekend, so had no opportunity or desire to have any sex. Today, though, I needed to get off, so got on Manhunt and ran into a regular. Went over, got blown, left. Easy, simple, nice.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two things I like.

I've got a regular buddy who gets into servicing me by sucking my cock. He does two things that really get me hot. First, as he's blowing me, he jacks off his own cock and dumps his load all over my cock, balls, and belly. Then he licks it up, and uses it for lube as he's blowing me. VERY hot. Then, as I'm loading his throat, he saves a bit to snowball with me. Again, very HOT.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hotel pump 'n dump

Just dumped a four day load in a triple loaded hole. He was a chub, and not cute, but had a tight, warm, slick hole. As I was dumping, he was squeezing his ass muscles so that he milked all my load. I pushed as deeply as I could while I was unloading, and he began to squeeze my cock. He tightened his ass at the base of my cock and gradually tightened all the way up my cock. I've never felt someone with this much muscle control. As I'm breeding him, the guy who arranged the session comes up behind me, wraps his arms around me, kisses my neck, and says,"Yeah stud, breed him deep." Feeling his arms, his kissing, and his dirty talk was HOT. Other than that, this is my second pump 'n dump this year, and I didn't really care for either one. I like groups, and gang bangs are HOT, but pump 'n dumps, not so much.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gang Breeding

One of my buds has, until the last month or so, posted a recurring party on BBRTS. Up until October, I had always been unable to attend any of the these breedings. But finally, one day, my schedule permitted me the chance to attend. . Anyway, I walk into the house, and in the living room are three guys fooling around. The host doesn't really care if people are doing stuff in the living room, but the rule is that the bottom's ass has to be filled at all times. I kinda hang out in the living room for a while, and then make my way into the fuck room. I walk in on 10 guys, most of whom are hot, taking turns on regdude's ass.He'sstrapped to a fuck bench and blindfolded. He takes any and all loads with no questions asked. (I asked him one day why he was blindfolded, and he said he got totally boned taking anonymous loads)I walk around to regdude's mouth, stick my cock in, and he goes to work. In nothing flat, I'm rock hard and ready to take a turn on his ass. I walk around to his hole, and there's a line to get in!! After patiently waiting my turn, I slide into the warmest, silkiest, sexiest hole I've EVER been in. It's already been prelubed with six loads. I can only spend a few thrusts in there, because I'm gonna nutt if I keep going. I pull out, and observe the rest of the tops in heat. I wish you could see the bottom. He's 31yrs, prob 6 ft tall, blonde, tatted up, and has a washboard stomach. HOT, and he's a cumpig. I continue to go back and forth between watching and sliding my cock in that miraculous hole of his. Finally, the cum, lube, crowd, and atmosphere are too much. I lean over and ask him if he's ready for my load, knowing full well the answer to the question. When he says, "Yes, sir" I shove in balls deep, and blast his chute with a big load of my baby batter. When I pull out, I go around to his head and have him clean my cock off. I go out to the living room, and relax. After a bit, I get hit on by a cute 30 year old. I tell him that I'm kinda tired, and don't want to fuck him. He tells me all he wants to do is suck my cock. BONUS! I stick my cock in his mouth, and start pumping away. In no time flat I'm dumping load #2 down his throat. I pull out and go to kiss him, and he gifts me with a big clump of my sperm. Very tasty!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Loading Hole

My buddy Rapture im'ed me and told me he was gonna be breeding hole yesterday afternoon, and did I want to join, I declined and continued doing things around the house. Later in the evening, I found an ad on Craiglsist saying words to the effect," I've already got four loads in my hole and need more" I answered the ad and said I thought my friend Rapture had given him two loads. He responded in affirmative and told me Rapture was coming by later to reload him. I decided to go over and donate my own DNA. I went to the hotel, and found a round, beefy ass with a huge set of lowhangers waiting for me. He was a bit low on lube so i wasn't as hard as I wanted to be when I entered, but the feel of the warmth of his ass, and the loads in there got me to full mast quickly. Since he was preloaded, his hole was nicely slick and warm. I pump away at him, and in just a bit feel my seed traveling the end of my cock. Just as I'm unloading, I feel a hand on my balls, and lips on my neck. I turn my head, and see it's my buddy Rapture. I finish coating the bottom's hole, pull out, kiss Rapture, and let him slide in on my load. It's only about a minute until I see that familiar look on his face and he dumps a nice one in the guys ass. As he and I are leaving, he tells me it's the sixth load he's given away today. What a stud.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What kind of a question is that?

The week after Christmas, I went to the house referenced in my firs post, "Cocksucker's Paradise" One of the guys had texted me that they were gonna be sucking cock thru their glory hole. When I got there, I saw there was a tall, beefy kinda redneck looking dude getting serviced at the hole. I walked over, unbuckled my pants, and pulled my cock out. When he saw my unbuckling, he pulled his cock out of the hole so I could get some much needed service. We went back and forth like this until redneck guy says, "I'm gonna cum, u want me to cum in your mouth?" The voice on the other side of the hole said yes, and redneck dude grunts, unloads, pulls out, kisses me and leaves. I stick my cock back in the hole, and release my own pent up seed. As I'm driving home, I'm thinkin, "OK, these two guys advertise on Craigslist that they're gonna be sucking cock thru their glory hole. They're putting themselves out there as cocksuckers, so why would you ask them if it's ok to dump in their mouth. THEY"RE COCKSUCKERS!! Don't ask, just unload!" Am I the only one who feels this way?

Quick bj

A buddy of mine posted on Craigslist yesterday offering blowjobs. I texted him telling him he would be the lucky recipient of my second load of 2010 if he responded in a timely manner. Naturally, the hungry cocksucker responded within 30 seconds! I headed on over, dropped trou as he dropped to his knees and began to do what he does so well. I had to be at a friend's house shortly, so I quickly responded to his silken throat, dumped a nice load in him, and left. He asked me to bring a friend next time. I'll see what I can do to honor his request.
Still haven't unloaded in a hot hole yet this year. Hopefully that will change soon.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Gangbang Cancelled

KC, the host to be banged has cancelled his gangbang. Guess I'm gonna have to find something else to fill.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cum Filled Hole

A few weeks ago, I was on M4SN's cam page and saw one of my buds camming. After IM'ing a bit, he asked me to come over. Since I knew we were gonna be on cam, I jumped at the chance. I got there, he led me upstairs and gave me a beer. He's a great kisser, and before I knew it, I was rock hard. He sat down in front of the cam, and pulled down my pants, releasing my throbbing cock from its prison. He gently started licking the shaft of my cock, nuzzling my nuts, and licking my piss slit, which is his favorite thing to do. It was awesome standing there getting head, and seeing it on M4SN's page, knowing that people the world over were watching me get my cock sucked. I would grab him by the back of his head, call him a "Filthy cocksucker" and make him beg for my load. But I held back, because even after three years of him sucking my cock, I'd never shoved my dick in his hole. I told him that I wanted to fuck him, and I wanted it to be on cam. I've never seen a cocksucker pull his lips off a cock so fast in my entire life! He got on his back and lifted his legs. I put my finger on his hole and it was already slippery. He sheepishly told me that not only had he been playing with some of his toys, but that someone else had been over there and deposited a load in him. Now, nothing turns me on more than the thought of sliding on someone else's cum. I placed my cock head at his hole, and in one push, was balls deep in his cum lined chute. Damn, that felt good. I began to thrust in and out as slowly as I could, wanting to make the silky feel of his hole last as long as I could. After about 5 minutes of thrusting in and out, I said, "You want my seed?" "Breed me daddy," was his response. That's all I needed as I pushed in one final time, as deep as I could and unloaded in him as far as I could reach. When I pulled out, there was a nice trail of cum trickling down to his back. I turned his hole towards the cam so the audience could see how well I, and the other guy, had bred his hole.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gangbang on Friday?

I'm supposed to go to a gangbang on Friday. I fucked the host a few months ago, and he has one hot hole. As I'm dumping inside him, he squeezes his ass muscles to milk all the juice out of my fuckstick. As soon as I pulled out, a bud of mine shoved his cock in and remarked, "Damn, that load feels good in his hole" He unloaded shortly thereafter.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feeders Paradise

A few weeks ago, I got a text from two buds of mine. The text said they had a "special guest cocksucker" over their house, and that I needed to get my ass over there. Now, these two guys have a glory hole set up in their place, and like to both work on one cock simultaneously. So, imagine my surprise when I get there, and I see THREE cocksuckers sitting on a bench in their family room, servicing five other cocks. I just had to get a piece of the action. Cocksucker number one had great technique; he'd lick the head of my cock, and the spot underneath where the head meets the shaft. As he was licking that spot, his fingers were caressing my balls. I was gonna blast if I let him continue, so I pulled out and let another feeder plug his throat. I moved over to cocksucker number two. Totally different technique than the first one. Number two would take my cock all the way down to my balls (not difficult since I'm an average six inches) and stay down on it. As he's impaled on my cock, he moved his tongue up and down the bottom of my shaft. It was an incredibly erotic feel. I couldn't let him continue, so I'd pull out and try to hold off. This continued for about five minutes until I pulled out and went to cocksucker number three. He used a combination of the techniques from cocksuckers one and two, but with a twist. He would pull off my cock, and start licking and sucking my balls. His special trick was to rub the back of my nuts with his hands as he's licking the front. He also loved rimming my hole. After spending time with him, I looked at my watch and realized I had to meet some friends for dinner. I decided that cocksucer two was gonna get my load. Fortunately, someone had just dumped down his throat. I slid my cock in, and felt the load coating his throat. As I was pumping his mouth, the guy who just shot started kissing me. Anyone who knows me knows that if you start kissing me while I'm getting blown, I ain't gonna last long. I tried to hold off, but the combination of the cum already in his mouth, his tongue on my shaft, and the tongue in my throat sent my over the edge. My three day load boiled up out of my nuts, and hit the back of the eater's throat. I kept my cock in his mouth, enjoying the feel of his tongue as he gently cleaned my cock. I thanked him and the hosts, pulled my pants up, and met my friends for dinner.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Unexpected bj

As I was creating this blog this afternoon, I got a text from a regular that I hadn't heard from in a few weeks. He wanted to come over, and I'd had no luck searching for a trick online. This guy is about my age, sexy salt/pepper hair, great arms, and a great chest. VERY hot man. Anyway, I assumed my usual position naked and face down on the couch, and waited for him to come over. A few minutes later, he let himself in the door, and came into the living room. He immediately went to town, licking my hole, tonguing my ass, and feeling my balls. He started licking my taint and the back of my swollen balls. He's a great rimmer, and did so for about 10 minutes. I can never get enough of that. He then rolled me over on my back and started to suck  my cock. He's a great cocksucker and never gets enough cum. As we kissed, he was jacking himself off.  After a few minutes of this, he was ready to shoot. He dumped his load all over my cock and balls. He then licked his load off me and engulfed my cock with his cum filled mouth. I'd been so horny that the action of his head bobbing up and down on me, along with the added slickness of his cum brought me to the brink very quickly. With almost no warning, I felt my nuts start to tingle and flooded his mouth with my creamy seed. He then bent down and kissed me letting me taste my own load. Hopefully, we'll see each other again soon.