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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hotel pump 'n dump

Just dumped a four day load in a triple loaded hole. He was a chub, and not cute, but had a tight, warm, slick hole. As I was dumping, he was squeezing his ass muscles so that he milked all my load. I pushed as deeply as I could while I was unloading, and he began to squeeze my cock. He tightened his ass at the base of my cock and gradually tightened all the way up my cock. I've never felt someone with this much muscle control. As I'm breeding him, the guy who arranged the session comes up behind me, wraps his arms around me, kisses my neck, and says,"Yeah stud, breed him deep." Feeling his arms, his kissing, and his dirty talk was HOT. Other than that, this is my second pump 'n dump this year, and I didn't really care for either one. I like groups, and gang bangs are HOT, but pump 'n dumps, not so much.

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