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Monday, January 4, 2010

Unexpected bj

As I was creating this blog this afternoon, I got a text from a regular that I hadn't heard from in a few weeks. He wanted to come over, and I'd had no luck searching for a trick online. This guy is about my age, sexy salt/pepper hair, great arms, and a great chest. VERY hot man. Anyway, I assumed my usual position naked and face down on the couch, and waited for him to come over. A few minutes later, he let himself in the door, and came into the living room. He immediately went to town, licking my hole, tonguing my ass, and feeling my balls. He started licking my taint and the back of my swollen balls. He's a great rimmer, and did so for about 10 minutes. I can never get enough of that. He then rolled me over on my back and started to suck  my cock. He's a great cocksucker and never gets enough cum. As we kissed, he was jacking himself off.  After a few minutes of this, he was ready to shoot. He dumped his load all over my cock and balls. He then licked his load off me and engulfed my cock with his cum filled mouth. I'd been so horny that the action of his head bobbing up and down on me, along with the added slickness of his cum brought me to the brink very quickly. With almost no warning, I felt my nuts start to tingle and flooded his mouth with my creamy seed. He then bent down and kissed me letting me taste my own load. Hopefully, we'll see each other again soon.

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