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Sunday, March 21, 2010

60 Minute BJ

Kinda hungover today, and that means one thing: severe horniness. I got online and my guy from yesterday was on. He asked if he could have my load, and I responded with a rather vehement "Yes!" When I got there, he told me a trick had just left, and filled him with two loads, one in the ass, the other in his mouth along with some piss. It was hot knowing this guy was gonna blow me with someone else's cum in both ends. Anyway, he wanted to eat my ass, so I got up on all fours on the bed, and he started in munching. He licked, sucked, kissed, slobbered on every inch of my hole and crack for 15 minutes. When I told him I needed to move cuz I was getting uncomfortable, he told me to get on the edge of the bed and get on my back. Again, he started in munching, eating, kissing, LOVING every inch of my hole, crack and adjacent areas. This went on for another 15 minutes, giving me a total of 30 minutes of butt munching. Then he started in sucking my cock with the same kind of attention the detail that he had shown my ass.30 minutes later, I was pumping a huge load down his willing throat. He told me, "As a bottom, it's my duty to make sure the top is pleased. It's all about him, and I will do whatever he wants to make him happy." I'm glad he lives so close to me.

Saturday cocksucker

I was horned up on Sat, and got online to find some. A new regular hit me up, and asked if I would give him a load. Since I was horny, and it was a sure thing, I got myself over there quickly. He was on his knees as soon as I got in the bedroom, and he started slurping my cock. He then asked me if I liked my ass eaten, and naturally I said yes. I mean, who doesn't like that? After a few minutes of that, he got back on my cock and let me fuck his face. Within three minutes, I was unloading in his mouth, and as always, he took every drop. I love having a convenient, avid, willing, and expert cocksucker within walking distance.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Reconnecting with a regular

Yesterday, I reconnected with a nearby regular. He offered thru Manhunt to take my load. I walked over, got a toe curling good bj, fed him a huge load, and came back home. I may go back later today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three Way

Got hit up this am by a hot cocksucker on line this am. He was eager for my load, but wouldn't be available until around 1:30. So, I kept looking, and got hit up on Manhunt. We both unlocked our pix, and the guy told me we knew each other. I didn't recognize him, but said "OK" and decided to wait until the afternoon. I get to the cocksucker's house and he tells me that someone is coming over to breed his ass while he eats my load. OK, I'm fine with that. Then he shows me the guy's pic, and it's the same one that told me we knew each other. I still didn't recognize the pic, so I was eager for him to show up. As I'm getting blown, the front door opens, and sure enough, I do know the guy. I had no problem with it, and apparently he didn't either, as he stripped off his clothes and let out a nice, thick, eight inch anaconda. We both started slurping on that beast, and pretty soon he was hard enough to enter the host. He did so easily, and proceeded to fuck deep. I was getting sucked off, but had to back off, cuz the bottom was getting pounded so hard, it was hurting my cock. I pulled out, and a few seconds later, the top pulls out, the bottom gets up and goes to the john. I asked the top if he'd shot, and he told me the bottom wasn't really that "fresh." About seven or eight minutes later, the bottom comes out of the bathroom, and I shove my cock in his mouth. Top boy had told me that once he sees scat on his cock, he pretty much is too grossed out to continue fucking. I seize this opportunity to unload a nice thick load in bottom boy's mouth. Feeling satisfied, I got up and left.

More fun on Monday and return of another regular on Tuesday

After Monday's very tweaky, very sketchy trick, I was still horny. I logged on to bbrts and saw a bud of mine on line. I asked him if he wanted a load, and the response was, "I'd be happy to take your load." I scooted on over there and got a blowjob that ranked at least an eight on a scale of ten. He worked my cock and balls over for about 25 minutes. Excellent technique, too. He would lick and nibble up and down the shaft, nuzzle my balls, lick right underneath the head of my cock, and give my piss slit loving attention. Even though I dropped a load earlier in the day, it was so unsatisfying that I was still incredible horny. I can't believe I lasted 25 minutes, but I did. When I felt my cum traveling up my cock I said, "Your ready for that load, boy?" He grunted, I grunted, and blew deep down his throat. Damn, that was good. On Tuesday, I got a text from a friend asking if he could have a load from me. I'm not one to be rude and refuse a cocksucker a load, so I told him to come over later in the day. To prepare for his arrival, I strapped on a cock ring, and load "The 1000 Load Fuck" on the DVD player. If you haven't seen this, you're truly missing out. I watched the fifth scene, "Perfect Bottom" and scene nine, "Rematch" before my boy got to my house. By then, I was totally boned, and ready to spurt. I buzzed him in, and switched to scenes three and four, where Ian Jay gets injected by literally a gallon of cum. My boy likes to dump his load on my cock, then blow me while his jizz is lubing my pole. It feels awesome. So, he dumped on me, rubbed it on my tool, and continued blowing. As he was working my cock, I was watching Ian Jay get a load dumped in him, then having some guy lick his hole, and felch out all that semen inside him. It triggered my orgasm, and I dumped a HUGE load in my boy's throat. He swallowed it all, cleaned off my cock, thanked me, and left. Could I ask for anything more?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tweaky Trick

Yesterday I couldn't give my load away. I tried, but to no avail. Went to a huge party in the evening, but no luck there. I was with friends, so wasn't really focused on a trick. Anyway, I was up early today, and got hit by a guy on Manhunt. He offered to suck my cock, and was close by, so I went on over. I get there, and there are two guys in briefs, each on a different computer. The guy that told me to come over looked kinda sketchy, so I asked them if they'd been to bed, and his response was, "No, can you tell?" My respons, "Uh, yeah, I can? . Anyway, I strip down to underwear, and he's all focused on the computer, trying to send a message to a friend of his, but there's no text appearing in the body of the message. He jacks with the computer for about five minutes, then goes to the bathroom. I'm kinda getting irritated, cuz after all, I WAS invited over for a blowjob. He comes back from the bathroom, and tells me to sit next to the other guy, a really hot Hispanic dude. I was thinking, "Sweet, he's gonna blow us both!" As soon as I sat, Hispanic guy says to him, "I can go sit on the bed if you want." His friend says no, it's ok, takes my underwear off, and begins to blow me. Latino boy is focused on his computer, so I'm not getting any of that action. As I'm being blown, Latino boy says something, and blowjob guy gets off my cock and looks at the pc screen. I'm patient, I wait, but after a bit, I have to redirect his attention to my cock. He begins blowing me again, but gets disctracted by the screen again. I redirect one more time, and hold his head on my cock. I'm thinking that I need to unload soon, so that he's not distracted again, so I pump a nice one into his eager mouth, zip up and leave. I can't help but wonder if he was disctracted cuz he didn't like my cock, or if he was just to tweaked to even notice he wasn't focused. So, question: How many of you have had tweaky tricks?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old Trick Redux

I was WAY horny yesterday, and had a killer list of things to do after work. I was boned all day since an FB of mine texted me about the two of us loading a hot hole. My schedule wouldn't allow us to work it out, but since I had been anticipating it all day, I was extremely aroused. I got online about 45 minutes before I had to be somewhere, and found my old trick. I mailed him, "You got time for my load?" The answer was a resounding "Yes" so I immediately went over. SInce I still had to shower and change, I made this just a quick blow n go. As soon as I walked in his house, he got down on his knees, undid my pants, and got right to work. He worked his lips up and down the shaft of my throbbing cock, gently licking my balls, and taking my cock all the way down to the root. It didn't take too long before I asked him, "You ready for that load, boy?" He mumbled something, (I'm pretty sure it was yes, but it's hard to talk with a cock in your mouth) and I unloaded three days worth of sperm into his mouth. I pulled out, he cleaned my cock with his mouth and I left. I was able to shower, change, and still be where I needed to be without being more than five minutes late.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Old Trick

My weekend wasn't so great. I got totally blown off by a truly hot boy, and his excuse was totally lame. So, I woke up Sunday morning SUPER horny and logged onto Manhunt. I was hit up by a guy I hadn't been with since around Christmastime. He lives very close to me, so naturally I headed over. I'd forgotten how great of a cocksucker he was. I kept edging, and finally after about 25 minutes, I couldn't hold back, and flooded his mouth with a HUGE load of cum. He gently cradled my tool in his mouth during and after me shooting, and got out every drop. it's unusual that I can stand someone to touch my cock after I shoot because it's so sensitive. Damn, he's good at taking my load.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Freaky Trick

I hit a guy up on Sun, get to his place, he's passed out on the bed. WTF? I try to wake him up, can't. I leave, send email basically saying, "Not cool." He says he's sorry, he crashed, (no shit) and wants me to come over some other time. Comments?
Went out with someone last nite, no sex, but DAMN, this boy's hot. I want me some of that. Don't know if I'll get it.