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Friday, April 30, 2010

Twink Takes My Load

There's a really young (23)Latino guy that's been hitting me up on Manhunt for the past month or so. He's not really my type on account of the fact that he's so young and not really in the best shape. But, last night I was horny since I hadn't shot since Monday, and was cruising on line. He emailed me saying, "When are you going to feed my your load?" That was pretty much all it took to get me interested. As it turns out, he's within walking distance of my place, which compensates for him being so young. I got to his place, he got on his knees and got right to work. He's a natural at what he does. He really enjoyed being face fucked, and was able to deep throat quite well. I kept asking if he wanted my load, if he were a cum hound, if he liked swallowing semen, and each time, he gave the right answer! After about ten minutes of this, I unleashed my swimmers down his throat and damned if he didn't swallow every drop. The great thing about this whole scene was that it was all about me. He was fully clothed the whole time, and didn't touch his crotch even once. I think I might have found a new regular cocksucker.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hot Hole Full Story

Monday I ran into a bud online, and asked him if he wanted my load. He said he did, and that a friend of his was gonna come over and fuck him. I played with the two of them a few weeks ago, so was totally up for it. When I got there, the bottom got on his knees and started blowing us two tops. This went on for a bit, and the other top wanted to fuck and unload. Before he did though, he said, "Why don't you have a go at it?" I knew the bottom had been fucked about an hour prior, so was willing to slide in on some other stud's semen. Felt REALLY good sliding in. I'd never fucked this guy before, only been blown by him. His loaded up hole felt so smooth as it conformed to the shape of my cock. He and the other top began egging me on, telling me to go ahead and unload. When I did, the bottom was milking the cum out of my tool. When I pulled out, you could see some of my seed oozing out of the hole. The other top commented on how hot it looked, and slide his black tool in, remarking on how my load made the hole even smoother and silkier. He fucked for a good ten minutes and dumped two loads in the bottom. The bottom then told us he had to leave to go get his fifth and final load of the night. He texted me today that he did, in fact, get not only the fifth load, but also a hot piss shower from the same guy. He was in pig heaven.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hot Hole

Dumped a load in a hot hole that I'd never dumped in before. He usually just sucks me off, but I fucked him tonight. He already had one load in him, so... It felt great. More to follow later.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PIss Party Last Sunday

I answered an ad for a piss party in M4SN. I decided to go because I'd never been to one before. The guy sends out the address shortly after the party is supposed to start, but I still go. I get there, and hes' upstairs in the bathtub with this hood/funnel combination on his head. I'm the only one there, but do have to piss badly. So, I piss into the funnel, and he takes it all, choking once or twice. I zip up, get in the car, and call an fb around the corner from piss boy. I go over, get sucked, and go home. Has anyone been to this type of party before? What usually happens?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unexpected three way

I was horny last nite, so hit up my friend in the post labeled "New Cocksucker" I got over there, and he told me he didn't want to start because another regular was coming over to load his ass. I was definitely down with that and waited until he came over. He was around 40, kind of a gut on him, and African American. Nice guy, and usually loads up my bud at least twice per session. This time, he didn't disappoint. We got thinks rolling by the bottom alternately sucking each of us and getting our cocks hard and primed. I took my place at the bottom's mouth, and the other guy took his place at the bottom's hole. He kept teasing the bottom with his fingers and cock head until he turned around and said, "Don't make me wait; put it in now!" It was great to see the bottom's face as the top entered his ass. He got this big grin, and sighed. As the top was fucking the hole, I was fucking his mouth. The boy knows how to suck cock, and LOVES to get every drop of semen that he can. Watching the top's expressions combined with the suction on my rod made me blow a nice, frothy load. My cocksucker cleaned me off, and continued to get fucked by the top. The top started to moan, and the bottom said, "It won't be long now." I started egging the top on, telling him, "Load that pig up. You know he wants that load" Then, a look of total ecstsy came over the top's face, and I knew he was unloading. He then stopped for about a minute, then began fucking again. Bottom reminded me this guy is good for at least two loads. Anyhow, about two minutes later, the top got that look on his face again, and I knew he was seeding bottom boy again. As he pulled out, bottom boy said, "I'm not finished yet," and began cleaning of the top's cock. As he was getting cleaned, he told me that on Monday, he had ejaculated six different times. Must've been his day off!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cum Question

Nobody answered or commented yesterday, so either nobody knows the answer, or nobody reads this blog. Question is this: Sat night, when I pulled out of the loaded up bottom boy, I swear I smelled semen. This has never happened to me before, so has anyone else experienced the odor of sperm when pulling out of loaded up bottom?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pre Easter Breeding Party

Finally!! One of my buds hosted a breeding party for one of my fave cumdump bottoms last night. The bottom is HOT!! He's 35 yrs old, lean, buff, blond, and tatted up. He told me his favorite thing to do was to be blindfolded, tied down to a fuck bench and used as a no load refused cum dump. Last night he got his wish again. He does this about every six to eight weeks, but I don't always get to participate. I got to the party last night; it started at eight but I didn't get there until about 10:15. I walked in and there were five or six guys sitting on the couch. I walked into the play room, and there he was, tied down, with a nice, inviting hole just waiting for my pole. I dropped trou and made him suck my cock to get it hard. As soon as it was, I walked around to his hole and shoved my cock in, no waiting for him to adjust. As I slid in, I felt other stud's cum lubing up my throbbing cock. I pounded him for a good five minutes (I know, not long, but you have no idea how warm and sloppy his hole felt!) before I told him I was gonna seed him. His response was, "Go for it, man," so I did. As I was shooting, I could feel his ass loosen and tighten to massage the spunk outta my cock. VERY talented cum hole. When I pulled out, I swear I could smell semen on my cock since he had already been so loaded up. That's never happened to me before. Any of you ever experience that? I went into the living room and socialized. Someone offered to suck me off, so we went into the kitchen. As this dude was on his knees servicing me, I felt a tongue on my hole. I groaned, and the guy behind me started really eating me out. I realized I wasn't gonna cum, so pulled out of the cocksucker's mouth. The guy behind me misinterpreted that as an invitation to blow me, moved in front of me and lickied my balls while my cocksucker went back to work. As this was happening, a third dude whispered in my ear, "Is it ok if I rim you?" Like I'm gonna say no!! Now I've got three men on me, each doing his best to make me nutt, but as much as I focused, tried, and concentrated, it wasn't gonna happen. VERY frustrating, since my favorite way to be serviced is to have my cock sucked as my ass is being eaten. I guess it was too soon after dumping in that cummy hole. Anyway, I gave the three men my apologies, noted the disappointed looks on their faces, and returned home.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


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