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Friday, April 30, 2010

Twink Takes My Load

There's a really young (23)Latino guy that's been hitting me up on Manhunt for the past month or so. He's not really my type on account of the fact that he's so young and not really in the best shape. But, last night I was horny since I hadn't shot since Monday, and was cruising on line. He emailed me saying, "When are you going to feed my your load?" That was pretty much all it took to get me interested. As it turns out, he's within walking distance of my place, which compensates for him being so young. I got to his place, he got on his knees and got right to work. He's a natural at what he does. He really enjoyed being face fucked, and was able to deep throat quite well. I kept asking if he wanted my load, if he were a cum hound, if he liked swallowing semen, and each time, he gave the right answer! After about ten minutes of this, I unleashed my swimmers down his throat and damned if he didn't swallow every drop. The great thing about this whole scene was that it was all about me. He was fully clothed the whole time, and didn't touch his crotch even once. I think I might have found a new regular cocksucker.


  1. sounds like a perfect situation. he wants to service a please; it's all about u; he will take all u give and swallow till ur dry and he doesn't touch himself. sounds like me. lol. i am almost always clothed. why wouldn't a cock sucker be? it's all about the Feeder.

  2. I dont know, sounds kinda selfish. Maybe you could have rubbed his crotch with your big toe....