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Monday, May 31, 2010

I LOVE having two cocksuckers

Got hit on this am by a new guy. We made plans to meet. I told a bud of mine, who said, "That guy's a friend of mine. It'd be hot for both of us to service you." You can guess, I'm sure, what my response was. 45 minutes later, I was at my bud's house. The new guy started sucking my cock while my bud began to eat my ass. It's THE best feeling in the world, but I can't do it too long cuz it makes me shoot quickly. I pulled my bud off, and he began sucking and licking my balls. It went back and forth with both of them servicing me and my bud sucking off new guy. New guy shot in bud's mouth, and bud then went to sucking me. New guy kissing me, bud sucking me with new guy's cum in his mouth was too much for me. I shot a load that was bigger than any one in recent memory. In fact, it was so big that when bud pulled off, cum was still oozing out of my slit. I fed the remains to bud, thanked the both of them, and left. Just so you know what a slut bud is, I asked him when his last load was. He started laughing and new guy said, "Last nite, when I fucked him." SWEEEEEEEEEET!

Two Cocksuckers

Gonna have two cocksuckers on my tool in about 20 min!! Yay for me!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A New Cocksucker

Sunday the 23, I had been trying to give my load away with no success until around 3 pm. I was hit up by a guy on bbrts who's profile and pix were pretty hot, especially given the fact that his profile said he was 51. We know that usually, a guy will knock five years or so off his age, so I was kind of apprehensive, but his pix looked great, and I REALLY wanted to unload. So I head on over to his house, and am greeted at the door by a man who was clearly older than 51, but still very handsome. We went into his bedroom, he got on his knees and started undoing my pants. My half hard cock popped out, and he said, "Damn nice cock, sir." He then proceeded to gently lick the head of my tool, while massaging my balls and hole. He licked around the head, and tongued my piss slit. He then went all the way down on my cock and began to deep throat my tool. He was an expert cocksucker, and was in hog heaven when I grabbed the back of his head, and told him, "Swallow that cock boy, make my tool feel good." I told him to beg for my load, which I love to do to a man. After he asked for it, I told him, "Get ready, here comes that load. Swallow all of it." I felt the cum traveling up my shaft and explode into his mouth. He took every drop, looked up at me and said, "Thank you sir. May I clean off your cock?" I told him yes, he did, I zipped up and left.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sometime last night, the 50,000th visitor viewed my blog. Thanks so much; I can't believe it's been less than six months, and I've surpassed 50,000 hits. Thanks again, guys.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Catching up

Last Sunday I did some stuff around the house, went to the gym, grocery store, etc, then realized I was horny. Texted a friend of mine, went over, got blown, came home, met friends for dinner. Wednesday, answered an ad for a guy sucking cock at his gh. Was the same guy as May 3. He's a good cocksucker, so good in fact, that I went back over on Wed. Not outstandingly good, so I'm not gonna go into details, but both were blowjobs that got the job done.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My New Favorite Cocksucker

Friday night I was online, and got hit up by a guy who said, "Hhungry cock and cum swallower here really enjoy servicing a man till he shoot his load down my throat. i always swallow cum loads."
Now, as much as I love topping a hot ass, and depositing my load in there, I REALLY enjoy a man getting between my legs, and sucking my cock.( My absolute favorite thing is to have a cocksucker in front of me while someone is eating my ass. Nothing, not even a cum slicked hole, makes me dump more quickly.) Anyway, my interest was piqued, as you can imagine. It turns out he lives very close to me, so I headed over. Got there, he opens the door, tells me to come in, and gets right to work. He's got a great technique, and does something unique: as he's sucking, his fingers are gently rubbing my hole. Doesn't feel quite as good as a rim job, but what does? I savored his tongue and warm mouth. When I emptied my ballsac, he gently licked the head of my cock, and cleaned it off really well. He was so good at what he does that I went back over yesterday afternoon. As I said, he's my new favorite cocksucker.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lame Three Way

Went to a really lame three way last night. The guy had an ad on bbrts and there were 21 invited guests. I was one of four that showed up. The host opened the door, and there was a young Latino on the bed getting a nice cock shoved up his chute. The host was a bottom, and presented his ass to the other guy there. He entered the host and pulled out when he saw my hard cock. I entered the host, and honestly, he didn't feel all that great. I then mounted the Latino, and realized how much better his hole was than the host's. I pumped and dumped in the Latino and left. When I got home, I realized I had left my cock ring on the sink in his room. Now I gotta get a new cock ring. Any suggestions?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Night Rim/Blow Job

A bud of mine emailed me and asked me if I wanted a rim job. Duh. I was there less than 5 minutes later, and he got right to work on my hole, licking, biting, and tonguing my hungry hole. After about fifteen minutes, I told him I needed to unload, so he got on his knees, started nuzzling, licking, and sucking my balls. Nothing sets me off more than this, and I shoved my rock hard cock down his throat and pumped him full of five shots of thick, ropy cum.

Neighborhood Glory Hole

Was wickedly horny yesterday and saw a post on CL. I've seen this post before, but never bothered to answer until Sunday. The guy has a glory hole in his garage. U drive up, text him that you've arrived and he opens the garage. You walk into the garage, stick your cock thru the hole, and he goes to work. I don't know what he looks like, but the hole was big enough that I could tell he had a great body. He doesn't always post about opening the hole, he posts about wanting face to face sex. I'm gonna answer next time, cuz I'm curious about what he looks like. Anyway, I stuck my cock thru the hole, and he started sucking. Five minutes later, I blow my load, zip up, and leave. He's a good cocksucker, not stellar, although that may be because I was kind of in a hurry to get going on accomplishing a few things around the house. I had to shoot a load, cuz I was so horny that I couldn't focus on getting anything else done. It's amazing how much I got accomplished after I dumped my load in his mouth.