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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Second Load of the Day

Yesterday afternoon, I ran into an old bud of mine online. He told me he wanted me to come over and fuck him. I got there, and he got right to work sucking my cock and edging me. The hottest part was that it was on cam. We had about 25 people watching. When it came time to fuck, I slipped on a condom, and got right to work on that hole. I know you're wondering about the condom, so here's the deal. Every time I've fucked him, I haven't lasted more than three minutes. His hole is so smooth, tight, and warm that he gets me off in record time. Believe it or not, his hole was still smooth, tight, and warm even with the condom on, but at least I was able to last about 10 minutes. I think that if he hadn't spent the previous hour edging me, I'd have been able to hold off for a lot longer. When I pulled out, he slipped the condom off, and began to suck down all of my load. This guy's an incredible fuck.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Four Loads

I haven't posted about the last four loads I dumped, and that's because two of them weren't all that spectacular. Today's was great; I woke up at 5:30, horny as hell, logged on to the net, and got hit on immediately. I went over to his house and let him do his job. This dude is a fantastic cocksucker. He gave my cock the love and attention it deserves, and when I unloaded, he kept a little in his mouth to snowball. Perfect!! The guy before that, on the 19th of July was very good also. He pulled off right when I was beginning to shoot, so he got a bit on his chest. It was hot cuz he's got red hair, green eyes, and is totally cute. On the 21st, I went to a pool party, and got sucked off while sitting on the edge of the pool. He wasn't hot, but he sucked cock like a pro, and it was fun to see guys watching me and jacking off while I got blown. The load I dumped on the 17th was so unremarkable that I don't remember who blew me, or where I was. I think maybe I'm getting in the mood for a boyfriend. I haven't had one in over ten years, so the thought of having one is kind of daunting...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Something different

Got hit on today by a hot cowboy who lives VERY close to me. I went over and have to say, he looked better than his pix. He told me he no longer is a horse trainer, but he still shows them, and looking around his place I saw a minimum of ten trophies. Anyway, we head upstairs and I asked if he kissed. He answered and we began a great make out session. I then pushed him down to his knees and told him to get to work. Although he was good, he wasn't great, so I had to at some point, "take matters into my own hands." He was laying on the bed and I began to shoot, at which point he took my cock into his mouth and swallowed each drop. He was jacking off and shot a nice load on his belly. He told me that if I wanted to fuck, he was my man, and I may take him up on it. He's got a great ass. So, my question is, do I file this load under "Wasted Loads" or under "Loads Given"?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pool Party/Early Morning Suck

I went to a bud's house yesterday. He and his bf have these naked swim parties during the weekdays, and you never know who or how many people are going to be there. When I got there, I think there were 10-15 people in the pool. One guy was on a raft getting his cock sucked by two others. They sucked him for a good 10 minutes, but he didn't shoot. He got up and sat on one of the chairs by the pool. The cocksucking had inspired some of the other guests, because as I looked around the pool, there were several groups of two to three men stroking each other under the water. I wasn't really horny, so just kinda hung out. Later in the day, one of the hosts got home from work and jumped into the pool. He came over to me and the guy standing next to me, and began to stroke us both. The guy next to me began kissing me. I began to get hard and horny, and one of the hosts started to blow me. Ouch, WAY too much tooth. However, the guy next to me was enjoying getting blown, and whispered in my ear that he had a seven day load saved up. The sucker and I began to encourage him to let it fly. I was stroking his nicely sized cock and the sucker was licking his nuts. All of a sudden, a huge load began spewing out, kinda like BP's oil well in the Gulf. His load was huge, and ended up on his chest and crotch. As he got up to go clean up, I noticed the guy that was on the raft earlier getting sucked as he sat in the chair on deck. I hadn't noticed before, but this man's cock was a good nine inches, at least, and pretty. Now I know why he's so popular.
I've not been sleeping well, and was up several times during the night, and at 6:50 I decided to get up, since sleep didn't seem to be an option.I logged on to the net, and a bud of mine had an ad up saying he wanted his throat bred. What do you think I did? I was in and out of his place in ten minutes, and am now so relaxed, I may try to sleep again.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Reconnecting with an old regular

Was surfing yesterday, and found an email from an old regular in my mailbox. He found me on I mailed back, and as luck would have it, I ran into him today on manhunt. I hadn't been blown by him in several months, and can't for the life of me, imagine why not. The guy is a world class cocksucker. He gently licks my balls, runs his tongue up and down the bottom the shaft, and licks in that spot under the head where there's a ridge of skin. He tried something new on me, using only his tongue, he licked the head of my cock in a swirling motion. Pure heaven! I shot a nice, big load, and unlike most guys, he knows how to milk out the last drop. I'm VERY sensitive after shooting, and can't take anyone/thing touching my cock, but he was on it today, and it was great. I'm gonna make a pact with myself to see more of him.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sex Party

Went to a sex party yesterday, and I'm not sure what to think. I got there, and the bottom was getting fucked by an extremely obese man. There was also a guy getting his cock sucked by somebody else. I stripped, and walked over to the guy getting his cock sucked. He was a bit older than I am, and also nice looking, as was the cocksucker. As I begin to tweak the suckee's nipples, the obese guy unloads in the bottom and pulls out. As he pulls out, a nice wad of cum drips out of the bottom's hole. The bottom grins, turns to us and says, "Next!" Nice, a true cumdump. The guy sucking cock stands up and puts his cock in the bottom's mouth. He begins pumping away, and in a little bit, pulls me over to the bottom's mouth. The bottom begins sucking away on my cock. I'd been edging before I got over there, and didn't last too long. All too quickly, I begin to dump a nice load down the bottom's mouth. I pull out, wash up, and leave.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Average Hookup

Got hit up by a guy on Thur who wanted to suck my cock. I went over, and he got to work. He was ok, nothing spectacular. Don't know if I'll go back again...