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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pool Party/Early Morning Suck

I went to a bud's house yesterday. He and his bf have these naked swim parties during the weekdays, and you never know who or how many people are going to be there. When I got there, I think there were 10-15 people in the pool. One guy was on a raft getting his cock sucked by two others. They sucked him for a good 10 minutes, but he didn't shoot. He got up and sat on one of the chairs by the pool. The cocksucking had inspired some of the other guests, because as I looked around the pool, there were several groups of two to three men stroking each other under the water. I wasn't really horny, so just kinda hung out. Later in the day, one of the hosts got home from work and jumped into the pool. He came over to me and the guy standing next to me, and began to stroke us both. The guy next to me began kissing me. I began to get hard and horny, and one of the hosts started to blow me. Ouch, WAY too much tooth. However, the guy next to me was enjoying getting blown, and whispered in my ear that he had a seven day load saved up. The sucker and I began to encourage him to let it fly. I was stroking his nicely sized cock and the sucker was licking his nuts. All of a sudden, a huge load began spewing out, kinda like BP's oil well in the Gulf. His load was huge, and ended up on his chest and crotch. As he got up to go clean up, I noticed the guy that was on the raft earlier getting sucked as he sat in the chair on deck. I hadn't noticed before, but this man's cock was a good nine inches, at least, and pretty. Now I know why he's so popular.
I've not been sleeping well, and was up several times during the night, and at 6:50 I decided to get up, since sleep didn't seem to be an option.I logged on to the net, and a bud of mine had an ad up saying he wanted his throat bred. What do you think I did? I was in and out of his place in ten minutes, and am now so relaxed, I may try to sleep again.

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