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Friday, July 16, 2010

Something different

Got hit on today by a hot cowboy who lives VERY close to me. I went over and have to say, he looked better than his pix. He told me he no longer is a horse trainer, but he still shows them, and looking around his place I saw a minimum of ten trophies. Anyway, we head upstairs and I asked if he kissed. He answered and we began a great make out session. I then pushed him down to his knees and told him to get to work. Although he was good, he wasn't great, so I had to at some point, "take matters into my own hands." He was laying on the bed and I began to shoot, at which point he took my cock into his mouth and swallowed each drop. He was jacking off and shot a nice load on his belly. He told me that if I wanted to fuck, he was my man, and I may take him up on it. He's got a great ass. So, my question is, do I file this load under "Wasted Loads" or under "Loads Given"?

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  1. File it under loads given. Another man swallowed it even though you had to get it there.