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Monday, August 23, 2010

Three way that didn't really work out

I was talking to a bud yesterday who mentioned that he had a friend coming over to fuck him. I asked if I could join in, and was told yes. When I got there, my buddy was getting his cock sucked and I dropped my pants and walked over to the action. The guy sucking was very good at what he did, but my buddy is even better. The guy stood up, and my bud went down on us both. Neither one of us had seen the other man's cock until my bud pulled the guy's shorts down. This dude was HUNG. I'm gonna say 9-10 long and THICK. It was a pleasure to suck on, made better by my buddy telling me how hot it was to watch me suck cock and take all that meat down my throat. The time had come for my bud to get fucked. I was stoked to see him take all that cock in his ass, and I told the guy to load him deep. He told me he would. My bud bent over, and the guy tried to stick his cock in. It wasn't working, so they moved over to the couch so my bud could sit on it. As he was sitting on it, he leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. The top couldn't really get hard enough to slide in, but Mark was sucking my cock with his usual skill, and I shot a nice load down his throat. He got off the 10 in cock, laid down next to the guy, and began to beat off. In no time, Mark was shooting a huge load all over himself. The other guy, he didn't get to unload. He asked if Mark and I were bfs, but we told him no. I don't think we could be, but he's a great lay.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Way to Shoot my Load.

If you look at my load count, you can see that I haven't jacked off since July 13. That changed last night. I was talking on line with a guy, and got all horned up thinking about unloading in him until he said I couldn't come over because he'd already had a few guys over and he didn't want the doorman to suspect anything. Whatever. I popped in the video "Sperm Bank" and began to watch scene one, called "Truck Stop" Pat Jackson is the sperm bank, while Mark Sergeant (HOT, HOT, HOT) Jace Hawk, Kurt Kaiser, and Matt Walker are the donors. Mark Sergeant is tall, buzz cut, has huge bull balls, a great voice, and a body that won't quit. I begin stroking, watching Mark enter Pat, and concentrate on how good it feels. I watch the bottom take cock after cock, and think about how great it would be to be part of that group. I begin to stroke only the underside of my cock, right underneath the head. In almost no time at all, I shoot a massive load of five or six spurts. It felt like no other orgasm I've ever had. I'll definitely try it that way again.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Seven Holes and Two Loads

Went to a sex party last night. Popped 1/2 Viagra, and was off to the party. I like Viagra because I don't have trouble getting an erection, but the Viagra lets me get another erection about 10-15 minutes after I ejaculate, so I can cum multiple times in one night. Anyway, I get to the party, and after about 30 minutes, some action begins. I go out to the pool, and two guys are kissing and stroking each other. I get in the water and begin playing with them. We kiss, we rub, etc. As we're kissing, one man slides behind the other and begins to fuck him (the guy getting fucked is kinda bearish). Bear says bear's really tight because bear isn't lubed. I try to slide in bear, and sure enough, he's not lubed. At all. I sit on the edge of the pool as does the other guy, and bear begins to blow us both. I go get lube, and as I'm rubbing it on my cock, bear gets out of the pool, and presents his ass. I slide in and it feels GOOD. But, bear pulls off my cock, and goes and gets his own lube. He lubes his hole, turns around, and presents his ass to me again. My cock slides right in, and I begin to fuck. I'm horny as hell now and begin to pound away. As I'm pounding, I'm concentrating on the warm, smooth, slickness of his hole. I ask him if I can give him my load, and he says, "Hell, yes." With a groan, I dump load number one into his warm, willing guts. I pull out, say thanks, and go get a beer. As I'm getting a beer, someone asks if he can suck my cock. I sadly, but politely, tell him no because I've just shot a load and my cock is super sensitive right after ejaculating.
At the party was one of my favorite cumdump couples. I met regdude and hung9bottom at a sex party years ago. At that time, only hung9 was bottoming and taking loads, but now they both do. It's been interesting watching regdude change from a total top to almost exclusively bottom. The point of this is that after I'd shot my first load and been walking around for a while, I saw regdude braced against a tree, taking a cock up his ass. Nothing unusual about that, so I went back in the house. Stayed in for a bit and followed hung9 back out. As he walked out, I grabbed his waist and bent him over. I began to fuck him and asked if he'd gotten any sperm. He grinned and replied that there might be one or two in him. Nice. I fucked him for a while, and pulled out. Regdude was still against the tree, so hung9 walked over and slid inside him. In all the years I've seen these two play, I've NEVER seen this. It was incredibly erotic. While regdude was taking it, there were two other guys against the tree. When hung9 pulled out, I went right in regdude. It was hot knowing his bf's cock had just been there. I fucked for a while, and pulled out so this hot Latino could get a go. The Latino boy was loving it, and when he pulled out of regdude, he turned around and told me he wanted me inside him. I obliged, and while his hole was very nice, I pulled out because I wanted a go at the guy standing next to me. Blond, slim, cut, great hole. I fucked him for a while, and went upstairs. Hole count: 5
Got upstairs, and saw three guys on the bed getting fucked, and a fourth one getting fisted. One of the bottoms pulled off the guy fucking him, turned around and began to suck me. He turned around again and told me to fuck him. I did, then moved to the second guy getting fucked. It was the guy I'd given my first load to. I fucked him for a while, then moved to contestant number three. I slid in him, and knew I wasn't gonna last long. NICE loadtaker hole. As I was pounding him, I bent over and whispered, "I'm gonna breed your ass, boy" He immediately began to squeeze and release my cock, which sent me right over the edge. I groaned, told him I was unloading, and dumped my second and final load in him. Hole count: 8 Load count: 2
I'm not sure why, but even though I had a fun time last night, I just wasn't as inspired as I was at the dungeon party. I dumped two loads in an hour last night, and three loads in an hour and a half at the dungeon party, to the load:time ratio is the same. And yet...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Russian Beef

Got blown by Russian Beef yesterday. Yeah, he really is Russian. He's got the accent, and lots of artwork and books that are in Russian. Nice guy, great cocksucker.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Load Update

I gave a regular a load on Tuesday, August 3, and gave another one today. Today's was especially memorable because it was the first one I'd dumped since Tuesday. I was out of town for the past week, and wasn't able to get away for sex.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Yesterday am, I woke up with a raging hard on, the after effect I believe, of the Viagra from the previous night. I hopped on line and there was a guy saying he was checking out of his hotel at noon, but wanted to suck a cock and get a load before he left. I responded to his post, he answered affirmatively, and I went over. When I got there, he was on his knees eager to suck. I was ready to unload quickly, and when I did, HE SPIT IT OUT!!!!!!!! I was NOT a happy man.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

1/2 Viagra + 1 Dungeon Party + 1.5 Hours = 5 Holes Fucked 7 Times + 3 Loads

I know trying to balance this equation is gonna give chemistry majors a headache, but it really does work. I got an invitation to a Dungeon party a few weeks ago, and answered "Yes" when the list of guests replying "Yes" reached 176. (I don't know if there were that many people there, but there were quite a few.) I decided that I should probably have a little assistance, so I scored 1/2 a Viagra from a friend of mine. When I got to the party, the fact that I couldn't find a convenient place to park meant the place was packed. When I got in, I put on my vest, boots, armband, cockring, and set out to see who or what I could find. I saw things I'd never seen before, but don't really want to get into that. I walked through the place and saw a familiar back. It was one of my favorite cumdumps who I'll call Brent. He's hot, blond, tatooed, and takes any load. He was surrounded by six guys, one of which was fucking him, and one of which was getting blown by him. I played with Brent's nips, and while I did that, the guy getting sucked pulled out. I put my cock in Brent's mouth and let him work his magic. While that was going on, he was getting pounded by two other men that were taking turns on him. I pulled out of his mouth and the guy standing next to me said, "Wanna fuck me?" I told him no, cuz I didn't wanna cum. He said that it was ok to blow in his hole, but my response was that it was waay too early to cum.
Hole #1, Load #1 - I walked around a bit, checking out the sights, and worked my way back to Brent. His hole was waiting, so I lubed up, slid in, and pumped away. He was nice and slippery inside, so I guess he already had a few loads in him. As I was pumping away, some guys stood by jacking and watching. An audience turns me on, so I wasn't able to hold back. I leaned over, clutched my arms around his chest, and began to unload. As I was unloading, I was getting words of encouragement from our audience. I pulled out, watched some cum drip out of his hole, and went to clean up.
Hole #2 - I walked around, and was still hard cuz of the Viagra. I saw a guy leaning over a platform as he was sucking off another guy. I decided to check him out, and slid my cock into his waiting ass. Nice, smooth, and warm. I fucked him for a while, then pulled out and walked around again.
Hole #3, Load #2 - As I was walking around, I saw the guy who previously told me it was ok to blow in his hole getting fucked in different positions and different locations by the same guy. At one point, he was bent over a fuck bench getting pounded from behind. I'd played with him several months ago, and remembered that he was a great cocksucker, so I made my move. I put my cock at his mouth, and it slid right in. As I was enjoying his mouth, the guy fucking him pulled out. I seized the opportunity, and went over to his ass. My cock slid right in as I relished his hole's smoothness and silkiness. The other man had moved around to the front, and was feeding him some cock. I fucked him hard and deep for a bit, then told him I was close. He told me to dump in him, so I did. As I was cumming the guy getting sucked said he was gonna shoot. I pulled out and went around in time to see him shoot his load in the bottom's mouth and on the fuck bench.
Hole #1 Time #2 - I walked around some more, checked stuff out, and saw a hot Latino fucking Brent's hole. As I stood there and watched, he pulled out and motioned me in. I slid into Brent's hole and it was noticeably slicker than before. I slid in and out a few times, then left to see what else was going on.
Hole #4 - There was a guy there that had sucked me off a few months back at another party. He's wanted me to fuck him, but it never happened until last night. I saw him standing in front of me, and tried to get in his hole. He smiled at me and led me over to one of the platforms. He bent over and showed me his hole. I slid in, but it was way too dry and or tight. I lubed up some, and went back in, but it hurt. To be fair, my cock was a bit tender from all the fucking, but he didn't feel good. I gave him my regrets by saying I was too sore to fuck, and went on my way.
Hole #3 Time #2 - I was walking around, and saw about five or six guys going at it, fucking, sucking, feeling each other up. I walked up to them, and began to play. As I'm feeling someone up the guy next to me is pounding the crap out of some bottom. I'm standing there, rock hard, all lubed up, wishing he would pull out so I could try some. He did pull out, and as I shoved my cock in the bottom, he turns and smiles at me. It's hole #3.. He was considerably wetter than before, so he didn't feel rough, like #4 did. I enjoyed his hole, but wanted something different, so I pulled out and walked around some more.
Hole #5, Load #3 - I was walking around and saw a nice, smooth ass bent over a fuck bench with someone gently massaging him. I walked up and slid my cock in. Pure heaven!! Smooth, warm, slick. I began to pump away, enjoying every second when the guy massaging him said, "Nice hole, huh?" I nodded, and kept pumping away. "It should be nice and slippery, I just gave him a nice load." "Really?" I replied, "That's hot." I concentrated on feeling the cum in this heavenly hole, and began to unleash a torrent of hot, sticky semen. I walked around to the front of the guy, thanked him, kissed him, and went to get dressed.