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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Return of an old "fuck" buddy

The word fuck is in quotation marks because we've never actually really fucked. "Bob" contacted me four or five years ago on Manhunt and we hooked up fairly regularly for several years. Today was the first time I'd seen him since probably March or April. I was ready for him. He likes to come in and find me bent over, with my hole exposed so he can begin to rim me. And rim, he did. He LOVES to rim, and the ardor and enthusiasm he brings is palpable. This is a man that loves what he does. His cocksucking skills are at least the equal of his rimming skills, if not more. I'm bent over a chair while "Sperm Bank" is on the tv. He comes in, strips, and begins to lick my hole. For fifteen minutes, I'm squirming, while I feel his tongue probe my hole, lick my ass, and fondle my cock and balls with his hands. I stand up, turn around, and say, "Hi boy, how you been?" He says he's been great, and goes down all the way on my cock. As he's deepthroating me, I tell him I've seen his post on bbrts and that I'd like to watch him take a few loads before I stick my pole in him and deposit a load in a hole that I bet is smooth as silk. As I continue to tell him how much I wanna slide in his hole if it's cum filled, he goes NUTS with the cocksucking. He starts moaning and going even further down on me. I tell him to sit on the couch and I crouch over him fucking his face with my cock. He moans as I tell him that I bet his hole feels even better than his mouth, and with that, I shoot down his throat. He gags several times as I tell him to let loose and let me slide in further. He tells me when I pull out that my load was choking him because it was so big. SHAWEEET!!!!

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