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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

45 Minute Blow Job

Sunday afternoon, I was horny, and ready to blow a load. I texted an FB of mine that I hadn't been with in a while since he restarted school, and is usually very busy. I headed on over, ready, willing, and able to feel that magic tongue on my cock, balls, and hole. For 45 minutes, he made love to every part of the aforementioned body parts. It was pure bliss. When he knew I had enough, he told me to start fucking his face, and dump my load. And dump my load, I did. It was so much, he wasn't able to swallow it all, so he snowballed the remainder to my willing mouth.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Recap of the Past Week

Last Saturday, I got hit up by a bud of mine on m4sn. I hadn't seen Marc in a while, and was glad to get a shot at his hole. I went over, plowed him good, dumped my load in him, thanked him, and came home. Easy, fast, simple.
Last nite a bud of mine hosted a gang breeding of two hot, tatted up bottoms. One of them I've fucked many times before, the other one was completely new to me. When I got to the house, the host said that the new bottom's hole was sloppy from all the cum in it. He'd shown up at the party with at least one load in him, and had taken several more. I went into the dungeon, found him in the sling and mounted him. I've never felt a hole like his. It was rockin. It felt very different from the other bottom's hole, but just as good in a different way; I don't know any other way to describe it. I plowed in and must've pumped for about five minutes before he began to ask for my load. Nothing gets me off more than a hole wanting my load, so I plunged as deeply as I could and unloaded deep in his guts.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gang Breeding

One of my favorite cumdumps had a gang breeding last Friday night. When I got there 30 minutes after the action started, there were already five or six tops there. I plunged into the bottom boy's hole, and felt it was too good to resist. His hole is always warm, tight, and smooth. I played around with him and the other guys for about 1/2 an hour before I just had to shoot. I came up behind him, whispered in his ear, "I'm gonna cum" His response was, "Breed me man" I let loose and think I must have set off a chain reaction because when I pulled out, three other tops bred him in rapid succession.
About half an hour late, I realized I was ready again. When I walked into the room, the host was mounting the bottom boy. Encouraged by me and a few of the other tops, he was soon unloading into the boy's hole. As soon as he pulled out, the most recent arrival to the party stepped up to the plate, and again being encouraged by the crowd, bred the bottom boy. When he pulled out, I mounted the bottom. By this time, he had at least five loads in him, two of which had been injected in the last five minutes. I don't think I'd ever been in a hole that freshly bred. Gotta tell you, the feeling was incredible. I could feel the cum lubing up my cock and his hole. I kept pumping away, and was being encouraged by the crowd, but for some reason wasn't able to donate a second helping of DNA. Oh well.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Site GH

I've got a bud who has a gh in the back of the shop that he and his partner run. I met them about a year or so ago, when they started having people over to the hole for "Happy Hour" In the past, they've always contacted me. However, I was at a meeting not two blocks from their shop last Thursday. I called one of the guys, and he said he was at the other shop, but his partner was at the one close to me, and to head on over. I did. I walked in the back door to the hole, and found a warm,deep throat awaiting my load. This boy slurped, licked, sucked, massaged, and did everything he could to get my load. Since I hadn't cum in 6 days, it wasn't long before a torrent of warm, white, sticky goo was shooting out of my rod and into his throat.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

1 party + 1/2 Viagara = 2 loads in 2 new holes

Went to a dungeon party on Fri nite, and had a great time. When I got there, I ran into two of my friends, one of whom I'd never fucked before. As we were undressing to go into the play room, I reminded him of our online conversation about me breeding him. By this time, my other friend was on his knees sucking cock in the dressing room. He was sucking me, my bud, and a few others. by now I was totally hard, and ready to fuck me new bud. He was totally up for it, so as soon as we entered the playroom, he asked if I wanted to load him up. He bent over a bench, handed me the lube, and told me to fuck him. I entered him, and his hole felt great. He told me to go slowly since I was his first fuck of the evening. I fucked him gently for a while, and he told me he wanted to be on his back. I pulled out, he rolled over, I reentered. By this time, a few people had gathered to watch. I began to fuck quickly, knowing I was close. ( I love an audience.) As I was fucking, I told him I was close. He said rather loudly, "Breed me" I pumped a few more times, and let loose a volley of thick sperm. I pulled out, thanked him, and walked around. I had taken 1/2 Viagra, so my cock never really went down. I walked around, taking in the sights, when I saw a group of men taking turns blowing each other. I walked over to check it out, and one of the guys who was getting blown in the dressing room went down on me. This guy had incredible cocksucking skills, and it was difficult to hold of shooting again, while feeling his mouth on my cock, some other guy stroking my ass, my hand feeling someone's balls, and my eyes taking in all the cocksucking around me. Just as I thought I was gonna shoot, my cocksucker pulled off, stood up, turned around and grabbed my cock to put in his hole. He was warm and wet, and within about ten strokes, I was unloading deep inside him. I pulled out and while he tried to clean my cock, it was way too sensitive to be touched. I went into the lavatory, cleaned up, and left.