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Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Site GH

I've got a bud who has a gh in the back of the shop that he and his partner run. I met them about a year or so ago, when they started having people over to the hole for "Happy Hour" In the past, they've always contacted me. However, I was at a meeting not two blocks from their shop last Thursday. I called one of the guys, and he said he was at the other shop, but his partner was at the one close to me, and to head on over. I did. I walked in the back door to the hole, and found a warm,deep throat awaiting my load. This boy slurped, licked, sucked, massaged, and did everything he could to get my load. Since I hadn't cum in 6 days, it wasn't long before a torrent of warm, white, sticky goo was shooting out of my rod and into his throat.

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