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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Cross Roads

I find myself at a junction and am not sure which road to take. I woke up on Valentine's Day with a very sore penis and realized that I had the clap. I went to the clinic, got the shot and pills and was fine by Wednesday morning. I went in on Feb 24 to get test results and came back negative for a whole range of STDs, including HIV. I feel as though I dodged a bullet, but part of me says that coming up negative after two or three years of being a bareback top shows that as a top, my risk of infection isn't something to be worried about. I'm not sure if I'm rationalizing, or if there's something to it. Any thoughts?


  1. Tops definitely get HIV from fucking -- no one know how often, but ask any HIV doctor who deals with a lot of gay men and they'll tell you they've seen it plenty. How much you want to worry about that is the question.

  2. What I've thought about doing to protect my cock but still be able to cum inside a guy is to cut the reservoir tip of the condom off. That way there'd be less skin contact thus less risk of catching some disease but you could still inseminate him.

  3. To respond to what "Anonymous" said above:

    Yes, tops CAN get HIV from fucking, but it's rare. His suggestion to "ask any HIV doctor" who sees it "plenty" is obviously lacking in meaningful details. First of all, some guys claim (especially when talking with doctors) to be "TOP ONLY" and that's a lie, skewing the seeming observation that it happens "plenty." I'm too lazy to dig up the references right now, but a quick Google search will pull up estimates of the per-act chance of transmission and for a HIV-negative top fucking a HIV-positive bottom it's in the range of 1 seroconversion per 10,000 acts. So, yeah, tops can get infected, just like pedestrians can get mowed down by a bus. Tragic, but rare.

  4. The 1 in 10,000 risk for infection through topping a poz hole is an estimate derived from the experience in the early years of the epidemic, prior to effective medication regimens. The bottom needs to have a very high viral load, be in an active cycle of shedding virus, and the top also needs to be particularly susceptible at the same time. If I remember correctly, Mindtrip at _Life In The Raw_ has written how he was infected through bareback topping and remarked, per his doctor, on the rarity of the event.

    So yes, you dodged a bullet, but a very rare bullet.

  5. Being a Top is a great talent especially for studs our ages(fifties). They say the safest bareback is getting your cock sucked, especially a gum-job. Hope you fuck many more assholes and cocksuckers stud.

  6. Just seeing this posting.

    I remember I had asked one of my first doctors here in New York about risk of hiv through topping. He said it was a small percent. But then the next visit I booked with him, he was dead. From AIDS.

    I'm not making this up.