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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Three Holes, Two Loads, One Breeding

One of my buds had a very small party last night. I was one of the first three guests to arrive; two more showed up about half an hour later. Game seven of the World Series was on, so while the guests were watching it, I took advantage of the time to begin making out with the host. We were standing in the living room kissing while I was caressing his hard, furry ass. I could see his cock hardening thru his basket ball shorts while mine was hardening while he was cupping mine. We adjourned to the bedroom where we both stripped. I got down and began sucking this man's beautiful cock, licking the head, nuzzling the shaft, and going all the way down to his balls. He pulled me off, and got on all fours on the bed. I rimmed that smooth pucker of his until he was moaning. I asked if he wanted my cock, and as soon as he said yes, I lubed up and eased in. It was so tight and warm I knew I had to pace myself. When I was in all the way, he clenched his hole tightly, sending shivers of pleasure down my cock to the base of my spine. I began a slow, steady rhythm enjoying the smooth walls of his chute. When I pushed in, he'd loosen his hole and then tighten it on the way out. It was brilliant. I kept up, trying to vary my speed and angle cuz I didn't want to shoot too soon. But, I began to feel the inevitable, and realized I couldn't hold back. I wrapped my arms around him and asked if he wanted my load. He said, "Yes, fill me up. I wanna feel your cum." I blasted inside him, pushing as deeply as I could to make sure this breeding took. When I slowly slid out, I could see a little bit of my sperm oozing out. HOT!!

As I walked into the living room, one of the guests asked me if I had finished. I said the host was freshly seeded, and was ready for more. At this point the doorbell rang, so the host got dressed and opened it. It was another guest, an Hispanic guy that throws some pretty decent parties. Shorty thereafter, the doorbell rang, and the final guest arrived. We were all watching the game when someone mentioned that this was supposed to be a sex party. Since I was the only still naked one, I affirmed that statement and the guests went into the bedroom. I watched tv for a bit, since I wasn't really ready for round two yet. After a bit, I walked into the bedroom and saw an all out orgy. I walked around for a bit, and saw a bud getting fucked. Usually he tops,and he loves to suck me off, but I'd never had his hole before. The fucking him pulled out and asked if I wanted a turn. I slid right in and was quite impressed. He fucked him for a bit before sliding into the Latin boy's hole. He's got a great hole, but it always seems a little rough; not silky smooth the way I like it. I then reentered the host's hole, but since he'd taken three loads already, he wasn't in the mood. So, I sat up in the bed, watching my cocksucker buddy get pounded. As he was getting fucked, his fucker was asking if he needed a load, did he want to get bred, did he like cum. This kind of talk always gets me horny. I was watching, listening, and jacking off at the same time. The fucker asked again if my bud needed some seed. As he said yes, I began to shoot. The fucker said, "Nice! Here cums my load." It was hot to shoot my load at the same time my bud was getting bred.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Who gets my load tonight?

Going to a party tonight, and three of my favorite bottoms are gonna be there. I wonder which one of them is gonna get my load.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Small Party

Went to a small party on Sunday evening. The email said to go to the studio in the back yard. I opened the door and was greeted by a bent over man who was getting plowed. I entered the building, but it was so small that the the or twelve people in there made it VERY crowded. I got undressed and moved to a corner of the room, where I ran into a bud of mine. He was just sitting, and watching. I asked him how much cum he had in him, he smiled and told me one load. I turned around and was presented with the hole belonging to the man who greeted me. He was a little to tall for me, because as soon as I slipped in, I'd pull out and come out all the way. I put more lube on my cock, and tried again. He bent over further to put on his shoes (really) and I slid right in. His hole felt great, but I knew it wasn't gonna make me cum. Since it was late and I had to work the next day, I decided to find a hole, breed it, and leave. Soon enough, a young Latino bent over in front of me and asked me to fuck him. I eased my cock in and knew my load had found a dumping ground. I pumped his hole for about 5 minutes and without saying anything, bred him deeply. As I was getting dressed, he asked, "Did you cum in me?"

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Return of My Favorite Cumdump

I've written about this guy countless times before, but it bears repeating. This man has the smoothest, silkiest hole I've ever plowed. He was dating someone for while, but now that's over, and he's back to his slutty ways. I went over to a bud's house last night, and there he was, tied down to a fuck bench, getting plowed by what turned out to be a nine inch uncut monster that was super thick with a great set of bull balls attached. I asked if he liked the hole he was plowing and he replied that the previous week that hole "milked two loads outta me." I guess he liked the hole :) He pulled out and let me have a go. By this time I was rock hard since bottom boy had been sucking me, and when I slid in, I knew I never wanted to leave. I slid in and out, altering my pace and position to maximize/minimize the friction. As I pulled out, I noticed the word "loads" and two hash marks on bottom boy's shoulder. I asked the host who the second load was, and he said it was him. Usually, he gets to dump the first and last loads in bottom boy, but he was beaten to the punch by a guest who had already left. I returned to my favorite hole, determined to be load three. As I reentered his hole, I leaned over him, kissed his back and asked him if he wanted my load. As soon as he said yes, I began pumping hard. When nine inch uncut monster said, "Breed that cunt" I fired a volley of cum deep in the best hole ever. I took the marker, and proudly added hash mark three to the load count. I stayed long enough to watch a new arrival feel the magic of this hole, and long enough for nine inch uncut monster to unload in the hole, and add the fourth hash mark.