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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Biggest in the room

Went to a small party last night. I'm only hung 6 in, but I was the biggest one in attendance. The action started when one of the guests, a fairly young Hispanic guy, sat in a chair, pulled out his cock and began to stroke. This made the host strip, stroke, and move over toward him. I followed suit, and as we were stroking, my fave blond bottom walked in. As he stripped, Latino boy got on his knees, and began to suck cock. He was pretty good at it, moving between all three of us, and getting two in his mouth at once. All of us took turns sucking, but at one point, I decided I wanted some blond ass. As he was bent over sucking Latino boy, I got behind him and put my cock between his legs. The host grabbed some lube, applied some to blondie's hole, and then began to lube my cock up. I gently slid inside blondie and began to pound. I took my time, and varied my strokes. I pulled out, and Latino boy decided he wanted a turn. He asked if we had condoms, and when told no, asked, "You guys are clean, right?" He then began to fuck blondie. He pulled out after a while, sat and stroked. Blondie had to answer his phone (Really? During a sex party?)and while he was doing so, Latino boy shot his load. I took his cum and rubbed it all over my cock. I LOVE using cum as lube. When blondie got off the phone, he came over to me, and asked if I wanted back in. He touched my cock, felt how slippery it was and said, "Yep, you want back in." I slid in and pounded away. This time, I didn't worry about shooting, since that was my goal. As I slid in and out of his hole, feeling Latio's cum on my cock, I felt a powerful orgasm building up. I began to shoot inside his hole, coating his guts with my and Latino boy's cum. I pulled out, cleaned off, and left.

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  1. I think I'd love attending some of these parties.