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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quick BJ

Went to see a bud of mine last night. Haven't seen him in a few weeks, so I was game when he asked me to come over and unload. We kissed, hugged, rubbed each other, then he began to stroke my cock. As he was stroking me, his other hand caressed my balls and taint. He lovingly put his lips around my cock and I began to pump in and out. As I was doing so, he continued to gently rub my nuts, hole, and the sensitive space between them. All too soon, my nads were pressed against his chin as I unloaded down his throat.


  1. Loving your blog, your forthrightness & your honesty (it's all about cock, right?!), & the skillfulness of your writing! Thank you! It's always such fun to visit!