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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tattooed Muscle Butt

Went to a party last night. When I walked in, there were five other men there. The host was bent over the bed, getting plowed by one of the guests,  two other men were fucking on the bed, and a hot daddy type was sitting in the chair, stroking his cock. After I stripped, the host began sucking me, and daddy came over to me. He began to fuck the host as I watched. When he pulled out, I entered. This boy had a nice hole. I fucked for a while, then pulled out. As I did, the two others who had been fucking came over and began a three way with the host. Daddy and I were making out when there was a knock at the door. Daddy answered the door, and a hot, young muscle guy came in. He stripped, showing his ripped bod, and tribal tats on both arms. He got on his back, and Daddy began to fuck him. I was watching raptly, Daddy pulled out and told me to dive in. As I did, he went around to boy's head, and held his legs while I fucked him. After a few minutes, I felt my cum pouring out into boy's chute. It was magical. When I pulled out, Daddy told me to fuck the boy. I said, "I just shot" and his response was, "Inside him?" When I answered in the affirmative, he said to me, "Meet Josh" I responded, "I think I already have" I got dressed and left.