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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Just got blown by my neighbor. The sex was great, but I'm not sure if sex with a neighbor is a good or bad thing. Thoughts?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Post Holiday Load

Dumped a nice load today at an old bud's house.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another New Cocksucker

Tried out a new cocksucker yesterday, and he was good. Kinda sketchy; I think he may have been up all night partying. But, he took my cock all the way down, and took my entire load. The load was huge since I hadn't shot in 11 days.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Cocksucker

Hooked up with a new cocksucker yesterday. Nice looking, had a great cock. I know because when he was blowing me, I told him to take it out and play with it. I got to skull fuck him, and ultimately donated a huge load of DNA to his mouth. I'm not sure, but I think he spit it out. Ordinarily, that would be a deal breaker, but he's so good at what he does, I'll let it slide. He told me I was "the whole package" and that, "Next time, I want you lying on the bed." So, it looks as though he's up for a replay. That's fine by me.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tattooed Cumdump

Went to a bud's house last night because my favorite cumdump was there taking loads. When I got there he was being fucked by a bear type guy, who was obviously enjoying his hole. When he pulled out I sank my cock into his silky smoothness. This man has a great hole which was made even slicker by the fact that the host had dumped his DNA into cumdump's hole, thereby making it even slicker and smoother. So, I pulled out, and watched him being fucked again by the bear. Long story short, I was the one who added load number two to his hole. He thanked me for breeding him, and I left.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Cocsucker Close By

My last three loads have been dumped down the same dude's throat. He's close by, and gives AMAZING head. And that's all he wants to do. It's fantastic.

Monday, May 27, 2013

J/O Party

Went to a J/O party yesterday. While there were some alright looking guys there,  I was one of the better looking, more in shape guests. I really don't like it when I'm one of the better looking people in the room. I played with about 5 of the guys there, and had an ok time. I did get to shoot a four day load while being stroked by one of the attendees. It was pretty hot to watch four guys shoot at about the same time, especially when one shot all over someone else's cock. Not sure if I'll go back, but I did meet a cute guy there. He's got a boyfriend, but wants to come over and play with me this week. I'll probably let him.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just fed a bud

Just unloaded down a bud's throat. He edged me for 30 min before letting me unload.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cumdump with attitude

     This morning I answered a CL ad from a guy advertising NSA pump and dumps at his house tonight and for the next three nights. Great set up, you walk in, he's ass up, blindfolded, waiting for your load.
     Here's my response: "This sounds awesome. I'm always looking for a hot hole to dump my load in. I'm a 52 year old, 5 ft 9in, 175lb white guy with 6 hard inches that's always horny to load a hot cunt. It's even better if someone else has left a deposit there before me." Pretty straightforward, and reasonable, or so I thought. 
     Here's his response: "If you like to load a hot cunt, then fuck a woman! Yuck. You really need to work on your delivery. I can't imagine that anyone would respond favorably to such nonsense. Men don't have cunts, you idiot."
     Was I out of line? 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Recap of recent weeks.

      Got blown by a new guy today. Didn't stay long as I had to be to dinner in less than an hour. I'd been wanting to dump a load all day, so when he HMU, I immediately agreed. He's good at what he does, so I'll prolly be back for more.
      Went to a party last night. Awesomely fun. Lots of guys, lots of action. I fucked a few guys, but bred the guest of honor, who was here visiting. Kinda short, (5'5") but buff, scruffy, and tatted. Totally hot. Glad he got my load.
     Earlier in the week, went to a hotel pump and dump. When I got there, the bottom was getting fucked. I put my cock in his mouth, got hard, then began to fuck the bottom. Great cunt. Lost my load inside. When I pulled out, the other top dove in and added his DNA to the mix. We walked out together.
     Last Sat, got a hot blowjob from a regular suck buddy.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another Party

One of my buds had a gang bang party last night, and the bottom boy was the one from my Jan 4 entry, the blond, buff, tattooed muscle guy that's also done porn. How hot can he be?! When I got there, he was in the sling taking cock from a tall, hairy guy. There were three other men in the room in various configurations.  I walked over to the sling to watch bottom boy take cock, and as I did, one of the men walked over to me and proceeded to give me head. He was so good that he had me rock hard in less than a minute. Conveniently enough, when I achieved full bone status, the top pulled out and was able to enter bottom boy's tunnel of love. It felt awesome. I began a nice, slow, steady rhythm, and as I would pull out, he would tighten up, then loosen on reentry.  I was enjoying myself and realized that if I continued,  I'd be breeding him way too early. So I pulled out and began to play with some of the other men in the room.  I began by stroking a tall blond who happened to be a great kisser. He kept rubbing my ass throughout the course of the night, thinking I guess, that I was gonna bottom for him. That didn't happen. I watched as the host began to fuck sling boy, and talk REALLY filthy to him, talking about what a cumslut he was, how wet and sloppy his hole was, (it wasn't really, at least not yet) and other things. When he pulled out,  I slid right back in, relishing each stroke of my cock into his cummy hole. I"m not sure how many times I fucked him, walked away, and came back later, but the final straw was when I pulled out, and I as I was walking around, stroking my cock, it felt slick, yet sticky. I put my hand to my face, and realized I smelled cum. Someone had dumped a load in him, and now my cock was coated in semen. That was all I needed. I went back to him, and slid my cock into that smooth, slick, shit chute. I looked into his eyes, and asked if he wanted my load. He said, "Breed me, daddy" That was all it took, and I unloaded my DNA into his cunt, looking deeply into his eyes, and kissed him. It was magical.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tried out a New Guy

Tried out a new guy yesterday. He's got some WICKED oral skills; truly one of the best cocksuckers out there. I'll definitely be back. On another note, I've got two "parties" coming up. Tomorrow night's is a mix of tops and bottoms, and Friday's is a gang bang with the tatted up, porn acting, muscle guy as the only bottom. Should be LOTS of fun.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Found out the guy I loaded up in the post below has done at least 3 porns!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fun Party

Went to a party last night and loaded up a hot, tattooed bottom that I've loaded up before. When I got there, people were standing around, talking, drinking, and in various states of undress. My bud Marc started kissing on tattoo boy, and soon were walking upstairs to one of the play rooms. When I got up there, tattoo boy was pounding Marc's ass. I urged him to unload in Marc, but he said it was too soon.  He pulled out, and stood up. Like a good pig, Marc began to clean his cock, to which he replied, "I was wondering who was going to clean off my cock." Totally hot to watch! Tattoo boy began to suck someone else, and soon bent over and presented his ass to me. As I began to stroke my cock, someone from across the room asked if he needed more lube. Since his response was affirmative, the guy brought the lube to me. I applied it to my cock, and plunged in. This is one of the best asses I've ever fucked, on a par with my pal Regdude. As I was riding this stallion, I asked him if he wanted my load. He kept telling me to coat his hole, so with a resounding groan, I did.  I pulled out and went to clean up. As I was cleaning up, I heard someone tell him how slick his hole felt. When I reminded the top that it was my cum he was sliding in on, he replied, "I know. That's what makes it so hot!" He dumped his load shortly thereafter!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Went to a bud's house this afternoon, and had a great time. I've been feeding him my load since the beginning of December, and he's great at what he does. This afternoon, he asked me over for dinner at his house sometime later this week. I'm not sure what this means, but it was prefaced with asking me if I had a partner. I told him I'd see what night works well for me, but I'm kinda surprised by this turn of events. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Year in Review

Just finished my 2012 Load Count!! 75 delivered to eager participants, 35 self-administered, for a total of 110 loads for the entire year. That's an average of one load every 3.32 days. And, I'm already ahead of the game this year, since I just came back from delivering my first load of the year to an appreciative cocksucker. I hadn't seen him in quite a while, and it was nice to feel his expert skills on my cock.