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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another Party

One of my buds had a gang bang party last night, and the bottom boy was the one from my Jan 4 entry, the blond, buff, tattooed muscle guy that's also done porn. How hot can he be?! When I got there, he was in the sling taking cock from a tall, hairy guy. There were three other men in the room in various configurations.  I walked over to the sling to watch bottom boy take cock, and as I did, one of the men walked over to me and proceeded to give me head. He was so good that he had me rock hard in less than a minute. Conveniently enough, when I achieved full bone status, the top pulled out and was able to enter bottom boy's tunnel of love. It felt awesome. I began a nice, slow, steady rhythm, and as I would pull out, he would tighten up, then loosen on reentry.  I was enjoying myself and realized that if I continued,  I'd be breeding him way too early. So I pulled out and began to play with some of the other men in the room.  I began by stroking a tall blond who happened to be a great kisser. He kept rubbing my ass throughout the course of the night, thinking I guess, that I was gonna bottom for him. That didn't happen. I watched as the host began to fuck sling boy, and talk REALLY filthy to him, talking about what a cumslut he was, how wet and sloppy his hole was, (it wasn't really, at least not yet) and other things. When he pulled out,  I slid right back in, relishing each stroke of my cock into his cummy hole. I"m not sure how many times I fucked him, walked away, and came back later, but the final straw was when I pulled out, and I as I was walking around, stroking my cock, it felt slick, yet sticky. I put my hand to my face, and realized I smelled cum. Someone had dumped a load in him, and now my cock was coated in semen. That was all I needed. I went back to him, and slid my cock into that smooth, slick, shit chute. I looked into his eyes, and asked if he wanted my load. He said, "Breed me, daddy" That was all it took, and I unloaded my DNA into his cunt, looking deeply into his eyes, and kissed him. It was magical.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tried out a New Guy

Tried out a new guy yesterday. He's got some WICKED oral skills; truly one of the best cocksuckers out there. I'll definitely be back. On another note, I've got two "parties" coming up. Tomorrow night's is a mix of tops and bottoms, and Friday's is a gang bang with the tatted up, porn acting, muscle guy as the only bottom. Should be LOTS of fun.