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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Recap of recent weeks.

      Got blown by a new guy today. Didn't stay long as I had to be to dinner in less than an hour. I'd been wanting to dump a load all day, so when he HMU, I immediately agreed. He's good at what he does, so I'll prolly be back for more.
      Went to a party last night. Awesomely fun. Lots of guys, lots of action. I fucked a few guys, but bred the guest of honor, who was here visiting. Kinda short, (5'5") but buff, scruffy, and tatted. Totally hot. Glad he got my load.
     Earlier in the week, went to a hotel pump and dump. When I got there, the bottom was getting fucked. I put my cock in his mouth, got hard, then began to fuck the bottom. Great cunt. Lost my load inside. When I pulled out, the other top dove in and added his DNA to the mix. We walked out together.
     Last Sat, got a hot blowjob from a regular suck buddy.