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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


     Last night on BBRTS, I get this from a former colleague:  "My husband would love to swallow your load. No joke you know how he luvs to suck you cock!  Lets surprise him when he gets home!"
     What am I going to say, no? Of course not. I get over there and have a glass of wine. The cocksucker is in the office, and after about 10 minutes, comes out and says, "Let's do what you came over for." He drops my pants and begins to blow me. His husband pulls out his own cock and begins to stroke. I talk dirty to them both, which they love. I pull the sucker of me, and put him on his husband, while a rub the husband's balls. He LOVES this. We go back and forth with the sucker alternating cocks, and the suckees rubbing each others balls. Finally, with his head almost all the way down on my cock, I begin to spew. And spew. And spew. HUGE load!! He swallows, comes up, kisses me and thanks me. We have another glass of wine, and I leave.
     The email I get today says this, " Hey, we had a great time. Cum again soon. I enjoyed taking your load. I want another one soon. You are hot. Could take your load again really soon." Guess I might have a new regular.

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