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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Twice In One Day

Woke up horny yesterday, and saw a bud online. Since it'd been eight days since I dumped a load, I hit him up and he asked me to swing by and get blown. I did, and went on with my day. I was supposed to go to a party that evening, but since I'd already shot a load, wasn't sure if I would go or not. Party time came around, and I went. When I got there, the host was being pummeled by some random guest, and one very tall, very handsome, and very talented cocksucker got down on his knees and began to blow me. I got to full hardness very quickly, and then the host began to blow me. I stuck my cock into his hole, but it was tighter than I prefer, so I pulled out, hoping someone else would loosen him up. The very tall, very handsome, and very talented cocksucker began to blow me again, and while he was doing so another guest arrived. He was also very tall and very handsome and he began to fuck the host. This got me so hot, I dumped my load in the very tall, very handsome, and very talented cocksucker's mouth. He went over to the guest and got between his legs. It looked like he was licking the bottom's ass but I wasn't really sure. Anyhow, I got dressed and left. When I got home, I sent an email to the host thanking him, and expressing my regret that I didn't get to breed him because I dumped in someone's mouth. Here's his reply: "Hey man thanks for coming and I did get your load my friend spit it into my open hole when that guy was fucking me" 
Now, I don't know what you call that, maybe reverse felching? Whatever it's called, I got boned instantly when I read it.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Two and a Half Breedings

     Breeding 1 - Went to a hotel party on a Saturday. When I got there, one of my fave tattooed muscle bear bottoms was there fucking the party host. There was also a hot hipster there as well. The bottom had a great ass. We took turns fucking him, and having him suck us off as we kissed and made out with each other. As I was plowing the bottom, I began to moan, and my tatted bud asked, "You filling him up"? I answered yes, and felt some of the most talented ass muscles milk every drop of cum from my cock. I dressed and left.

     Bonus- Got a blow job at a bud's glory hole on Sunday.

     Breeding 2 Went to a hotel party the following Sunday and bred the bottom. It was hot cuz when I walked in the guys were going at it, and one in particular paid a lot of attention to me. He was very cute with a HOT cock that had a mushroom head and a slight upward curve. It looked hot sliding in and out of the host's cunt. As I was fucking the host doggy style, I wrapped my arms around him and asked if he wanted my load. He told me, "Fill my load" and I ejaculated deep in his guts. Cute guy went in immediately after and told me that my load felt great on his cock. I dressed and left.
Breeding 0.5 Went to a party later that evening, and again there was a really hot guy who was payng me a lot of attention, but for whatever reason I wasn't feeling it. I dressed and left.

     The two parties on the same day were really an image booster for me. I'd put on too much weight, and have been actively trying to reduce my weight. I've gone from 190 to 173 in four months, and have no intention of stopping. It was great to be found attractive and objectified again. I know it's shallow and all, but we all need a little positive reinforcement from time to time. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Asian Breeding

Just bred a hot Asian ass. I haven't bred ass in a while, but his was exceptionally smooth. It didn't even creep me out when the man I assumed was his daddy, watched us. He began sucking my cock with daddy fucking him, but I had to pull out because he was such an accomplished cocksucker that I was ready to unload in his mouth. Daddy pulled out of his hole, I pulled out of his mouth and slid into his smooth, hairless, silky tunnel. Damn, his cunt was nice. I deep fucked him, shallow fucked him, but ultimately didn't last that long because I was so horny and his cunt was soooo smooth. Dumped a nice, four day load in him.