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Thursday, August 20, 2015


I've had sex four times in four days. That's a 100% success rate. It began Monday when a Latin cumdump put a party ad on BBRT. I got to his hotel, and he began to blow me. When I got to full mast, I went to the other end and slid my cock into his slick, slimy hole. Turns out I wasn't his first cock of the session; he already had one load in him. His hole was slick, and I was kinda in a time crunch, so I pumped away, and asked him if he wanted my load. When he told me he did, I let him have it, and planted my load nice and deep. I pulled out and went around to have him clean me off. I left and immediately went to another party. This was considerably different. I was the first guy to arrive, but four other men showed up in rapid fire succession. The host blew me, and when I got to full erection I turned him around and entered him. He felt slick inside, and again, I wasn't the first penis of the evening. He had a great hole, but I didn't want to be greedy, so pulled out. By this time, a short Latino had shown up, and my bud Juan was pumping his hole. Juan pulled out and let me into the short Latino. He had a nice hole as well, but i knew I wouldn't be able to ejaculate in either him or the host since it had only been an hour since I bread the first Latino. I pulled my clothes on and went home. Wednesday, I answered a CL ad from a regular cocksucker of mine. I went over to his house, and he expertly blew me and swallowed my load. Today, Thursday, I went to a bud's GH for a hot four way. When I got there, a tall guy had his cock in the gh and his ass was being licked by a short, buff guy. Short buff guy began to blow me and as he was doing so, tall guy pulled out of the gh. Short guy pushed me to the gh, and tall guy watched. I began to stroke tall guy's chest and he reciprocated. He quickly began to get dressed and left. As I was being blown, short guy was rubbing my nuts from behind, and stroking my perineum. This pushed me over the edge and I blew a load down the cocksucker's mouth. As I was getting dressed to leave, short buff guy was blowing the gh owner's hole.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Hotel Cumdump

He comes to town on a fairly regular basis. I've been to only one previous function of his, before tonight. He posted a gangbang on bbrts, and I hadn't dumped a load in a week, so I went over. I was the only one there. He was dog style on the bed and I ran my fingers up and down his crack and into his cunt. It was nice and slick. I told him to suck me so I could get hard and fuck him. He was a great cocksucker. He blew me for about five minutes, then pulled off and said, "Fuck me" I went around and slid into a slick, sticky, cummy cunt, just the way I like them. I began to fuck slowly then quickly, then slowly, then quickly. He began to ask for my load. I told him I was close and he said, "Dump it" As I was unloading, I said, "Can you feel my cum up that hot cunt?" He said he did. I pulled out and left. I should have had him clean my cock off. Next time.