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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fleshjack Part 2

Played with the Fleshjack yesterday and something out. When you unscrew the bottom, there's a collection of cum and lube in the reservoir. I rubbed my cock in it and got instantly boned. Then when I slid the jack onto my cock, it felt like fucking a cummy hole. FANTASTIC feeling! I shot a huge load, and it sunk to the bottom where it's waiting to be used again.Anyone else experienced this?


  1. Ive done that when using the fleshjack in the same day but in order to sto bacteria you should wash it out everytime.

    1. I wash mine out too. I don't use it often so don't want it to get the sour rank smell

  2. Thanks for your responses, gentlemen. I hadn't thought about bacteria, so I'm gonna clean it out each time I use it.