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Friday, January 15, 2016

Hotel Breeding

Just came back from breeding a hot guy at a closeby hotel. They're a couple here for the MLK weekend and had a gangbang tonight. There were only six of us there, but it was hot. White boy was getting fisted by an older guy when I walked in while Hispanic boy was sucking a guest's cock. I walked over to Hispanic guy and began to feel his ass crack and hole. Warm and slippery, just how I like them. When the guy getting his cock sucked slid into Hispanic boys hole, I shoved my cock in Hispanic boys mouth. He's a great cocksucker. Gets me fully hard and raring to go. I ask the fucker how the hole felt, and he said, "I haven't pulled out yet, have I?" Good point. He then asked if i wanted to try, so he pulled out and I slid in. Heaven. I plowed him for a few minutes while White boy was getting fucked by the guy who just fucked Hispanic boy. I had to pull of Hispanic boy, but he put his lips on my cock and began to suck. I pulled out, turned him around and began to plow him again. Right before I began to shoot, White boy's hole became vacant. I pulled out, dripping a bit of my load, and finished ejaculating in White boy. He then cleaned my cock. I got dressed and left.


  1. Love it when the energy of the group flows in all directions. I think that's the problem I have with the baths... A lot of looking and not enough action sometimes