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Monday, May 30, 2016


Got hit up yesterday from a cocksucker I've only been with one time, back about a year and a  half ago. He hit me up on bbrts and told me he was ready to suck some cock and his clean ass was ready for me if I wanted it. I got there as soon as I could, and there he was, on his knees, waiting by the front door. He began rubbing his face all over my crotch, and running his hands up and down my legs and under my shorts into my cock and balls. We adjourned to his bedroom and he began the cocks sucking in earnest. He also began tonguing my hole. I rolled over and got up on all fours to give him easy access to my hole. HE gave me one of the best rim jobs I've had in a very long time. After about 15 minutes of ass eating I rolled over and told him to suck my cock. His technique was slow, slow, slow and wet, wet, wet. I can't eloquently explain how I felt was he went up and down on me, slowly swirling his tongue around and under the shaft and head each and every time he went up and down. He then began to caress my balls, and slowly rub my hole with his other hand. This sent me over the edge, and I began to unload buckets of cum down his throat and he guzzled down each drop. I told him I'd send him my # via the bbrts email and I got an almost instant response when I did. His text popped up on my phone, and as I began to scroll backwards thru the message, I saw previous texts from the same number. How I ever missed them is beyond me. This guy is in the top 3 list of cocksuckers I've ever been with. I'm def gonna text him and get another blow job from him, and hopefully breed him, too.