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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cub Cunt

Just bred a hot cub cunt.

My Favorite Cumdump

My FAVORITE blond, tatted up, smooth, runner's body cumdump is back in town. A few years ago he went off the grid and moved to one of the Carolinas. I was invited to a pool/sex party last weekend, and as I was looking at the guest list, thought I saw his picture. When I got to the party, sure enough, it was him and he was with his new bf. The bf is a few years younger than he is, and has a beautiful, huge, uncut cock. Anyhow, everyone was in the pool and at some point, cumdump and his bf went into the house. I stayed outside for about 15 more minutes, but by then was almost the only one left in the pool. I entered the house, and heard the unmistakable sound of rutting men. I went upstairs, and there was the cumdump, kneeling on the sofa taking cock. It was a beautiful sight, esp seeing the bf's hooded monster ravaging his hole. Naturally I took my turn and as soon as I slid in, was reminded why he's my fave cumdump of all time. His cunt is smooth, slick, and silky. I didn't make even a pretense of holding off, or trying to last. I was so excited to be back in him that I unleashed a two day volley of swimmers as deep in his cunt as I could shoot. 

Friday, July 1, 2016


Update on a few experiences I've neglected to write about.
June 12- Fed my cocksucking neighbor. We've tired a few times, but for various reasons, things didn't always work out. This time was different. He wanted a load, and I needed to feed. I went over, dropped thou, and he was on his knees gobbling down my cock. He's got excellent skills and took my cock all the way down to the base. I hadn't unloaded in a few days, and soon was shooting my load down his throat.
June 15 - My bud was in town from Austin, and had one of his parties. His parties are always fun, and he LOVES getting bred. When I got there, about seven or eight men were already in various states of coitus. The host got on his knees and go me hard in an instant. I watched two men dump their loads in him and then it was time for me to breed. I slid right in enjoying the feel of his chute and the climb semen in it. I deep fucked him over and over until he said "Breed me, boy" and I dumped a big load in his hole.
Yesterday - Went to a party and fucked the cumdump bottom there. No biggie, but his cunt felt great because it already had one load in.