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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Most Recent Breeding

Just got back from breeding a HOT Latin muscle cumdump in a semi-cheesy hotel. I was his third load of the night.

Monday, September 12, 2016


Went to Cumunion on Sept 2 at the urging of a fuck bud of mine. I'd been several times and hadn't really been blown away by the quality or quantity of men there, so I was a bit skeptical when he told me he'd lost count of how many guys he'd fucked or how many loads he'd taken. However, seeing him in group action prior to Cumunion persuaded me to give it another shot, and I'm glad I did. I pop some vitamin v before I leave the house and head on over. When I get there, there's already probably 30 - 40 men in all different positions and permutations of sex. I walk around stroking my cock when I see my bud who'd urged me to show up. He's alternating his cock between two hot asses. He kisses me and as he does a man I recognize but can't place goes down on me. He's a great cocksucker but I  pull him off as I don't want to unload just yet. I walk around some more and see a HOT Hispanic guy kissing and sucking a hot bearded white boy. I begin to play with white boy's nips when I realize the hot Hispanic guy is a man from my AA homegroup that I've been crushing on for quite some time. He says to his bud, "Let's go somewhere else" My ego deflated, I move on. I see another hot bottom getting plowed by a very tall man who pulls out as I walk by. I take my cue and ease my cock into the bottom's cunt. It's nice and loose, and I think there may even be a load in there already. I fuck for a little bit, and pull out because I don't want to shoot yet. I walk around some more and see my crush getting hammered by the white boy and obviously enjoying it. I go back to my fuck bud who's still plowing the same two holes. We kiss and he pulls out and tells me to fuck. I slid in and this guy is heaven. As we're fucking, bud tells me the hole he's plowing is great, too. I tell him I want to try and we switch. The bottoms are facing each other and the second hole is as good as, if not better than,  the first. As we're fucking, bud tells me we should put the bottoms sided by side so we can kiss as we're fucking. I try to tell him what a great idea that is, but the thought sends me over the edge and I dump a seven day load in the cunt I'm plowing. He squeezes and releases my cock as I unload,  draining every drop from my cock. I pull out, kiss my bed and walk around some more. I see my crush standing in a group of men and go over. He's got his cock out and I grab and begin to stroke it. No look of recognition on his face. Good. As I'm stroking him,  my fuck bud comes over and begins sucking one of the guys in the group, gradually making his way over to my crush, and then to me. As good a cocksucker as he is, I realize I won't unload again tonight, and leave.