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Friday, November 11, 2016

Slippery Cumdump

Last night I went to a gang bang promising several cumdumps. When I got there, I counted two cumdumps. Since bred one of them before, I chose the new one. He began to slowly nurse my cock to a full, rock hard erection while I fingered his hole. It felt nice and slick. After a few minutes of great head, I was ready to fuck. He got on all fours and I easily slid into a warm, slick hole. I began my in and out motion and asked him how many loads were already in him. He told me had taken seven. Score!! I continued pumping and a few minutes later told him, "Now you've got eight."


  1. Seven! What a great number to fuck in!! I love doing that so much...

  2. It's not the cumdump that's lucky; it's the tops that get to slide into that slick, slimy hole and add their load to the mix.

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