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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cumdump Neighbor Update

I'm headed out to breed my slutty neighbor in a few minutes. I haven't unloaded in seven days, so I should be able to properly flood his cunt. He told me he's at 1292 loads for the year. Divided by 355 since we still have 10 days left, he's taken an impressive 3.63 sperm deposits each day of 2017. Short of quitting full time employment, I don't see how he can break that record for 2018. It will be interesting to see.

Last week I did a spit roast of a bud with another bud of mine. The best part was when we were dping the bottom and my bud shot his load all over my cock. I heard him cum, and as I was fucking, the cunt got wetter and more slippery. I wasn't able to shoot inside, but when I pulled out I could see and smell my bud's load on my cock. I finished myself off using his load as lube. It was fucking awesome.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Super Cummy Hole

Went to a party last night and had a great time. My cumdump neighbor was there and he did not disappoint. The highlight of the evening was when he presented his hole to me immediately after he'd been bred. I slid in, and honestly, his cunt has never felt that smooth, slick, silky, or better. But the best part was the aroma of cum when I would slide out of his hole. I'd always read about this happening, but in all my years of sex, this is the first time I'd ever experienced it. The aroma was intoxicating and made me shoot a massive load into him. As soon as I unloaded, he hopped in the sling and began taking another cock. It was hot to watch the top slide in on my load and to know he was churning my load deeper into cumdump neighbor's guts.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

24 yr old Hot Tatted Latino Cumdump

Went to a partly on Labor Day. Was getting blown by a guest when a HOT, young, tatted Hispanic goy walked onto the patio and began giving me and the 10 inch host exceptional head. After a few minutes of this, tatted guy stood up and I began to finger his hole. He backed up on me, and I tried to slide my cock in. He went to get poppers, and when he came back, got on his back in a patio chair and opened his cunt for me. I slid in and under the watchful eyes of the host and some guest proceeded to fuck this guy's hole. It felt is if it were prelubed, so soft, silky, and smooth as it was. I pumped for all I was worth, and when I told him I was going to unload, he said, "Go ahead" I pumped a two day load into his cunt and kissed him. He got up, went into the living room and as I was leaving, he was getting bred by another white daddy. I looked up his profile on bbrt when I got home. He's 24 and the youngest guy I've bred since I've turned 40, and that was a long time ago. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Tops Just Wanna Unload

I find it interesting that a higher percentage of bottoms just want the load, whereas tops seem statistically to care more where they cum. I would have figured it to be the other way around. I also find it interesting that almost twice as many bottoms as tops took my survey.

I LOVE the Fact That Bottoms are Such Cum Whores

Friday, August 18, 2017

Current Poll Standings

Clearly, tops prefer a cummy hole.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

An Impressive Average

Last night I visited my cumdump neighbor, and of course, had a great time. Nice guy, GREAT sex. Anyway, he told me has was going to be almost to his goal of 150 loads/month, but not quite. I was happy to be his 146th load of the month. Even more impressive was that after I left, another of his buds came over and gave him load 147. By my calculations, 147 divided by 31 is 4.741 loads a day. That's dedication!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cumdump Neighbor Encore

I went to visit my cumdump neighbor last nite. He sent me an email saying he'd been freshly bred, and asking me if I wanted to add my load. Yes, yes, I did. He'd been bred by a 26 year old kid who'd left a HUGE load in his cunt. I say huge because after he got me to fully hard (he gives excellent head) he turned around and spread his hole open. I slid in and when I pulled back I could smell the semen in his hole. It was intoxicating. I don't think I'd ever smelled cum in someone's hole before, but I won't forget it. His hole felt fantastic, and when I unloaded, I pumped four times, with the last being the biggest. I could actually feel the cum going thru my cock as I dumped my fourth spurt in him. I'd never felt that before, abut it was in incredible feeling. I'm glad he lives so close to me.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bubba Revisited

Every few weeks, this guy I call "bubba" comes to town. He's tall, prolly 6' 5', built, and weighs probably 250. LOVES taking cum up his cunt. He was here on Fri, and when I got to his hotel, he was being pounded by a hot, lanky guy. Lanky guy was pounding him, so I stripped and made bubba suck my cock until I got hard. I pulled out and lanky guy stepped aside. I slid into bubba and reveled in the silkiness of his cunt. We talked about what a great cunt he had and we both had banged him several times before and what a great fuck he was. We switched places several times, but after about 10 min I was ready to unload. I started pumping  harder and asked bubba if he wanted my load. When he said, "Fuck yeah, breed me" that was all I need to unload 5 days worth of semen into his hole. I pulled out and lanky guy slid in. I asked if he could feel my load in there, and he said, "Fuck, it feels great" I dressed and left. Looking forward to breeding bubba again.

Friday, April 28, 2017

My Cumdump Neighbor

Was cruising on BBRT a few nights ago, and sent a message to a guy I'd bred twice before. You can read about him here  I asked him how many loads he'd gotten that day, and since his answer was none, he asked if I wanted to give him one. He gave me his address, and I headed out. When I got there, he answered the door in a jock and nothing else. We went upstairs with him leading the way. All I could see was that ass I needed to breed. He'd said something earlier about having frozen cum in the freezer and said we could use it if I wanted. That's always been a fantasy of mine. Anyhow, we began kissing, and he began taking my clothes off. I was rock hard by this time and he nuzzled my cock and balls thru my underwear. He pulled them out of the clothing and began to suck me. This guy is a fantastic cock sucker. I got very verbal with him and he loved it. He varied his strokes, speed, and rhythm and after about 10 min, I had to pull him off and fuck. He stood up, turned around, and guided me into his hole. I slid right in, even though there was no cum in him. He opened all the way and I went in balls deep. I bent over him, grabbed him and began to fuck. With the great blowjob and smooth, slick hole, I knew I wouldn't last long and I told him. He told me that was a compliment and to go ahead and dump my load. I shot deeply into him, and as I pulled out, realized it was one of the most satisfying orgasms I've had in a very long time. He got on his knees, looked up at me with deep blue eyes, and began to flick my cock with his tongue to clean it up. As I got dressed to leave, I was a bit sad that we hadn't used any of the frozen cum, but figured we can do it next time. Sent me an email the next day saying after I left another neighbor came over and bred him.  About the word neighbor in the title. When he sent me his address, I realized it was the building right next door to me. I walked about 50 feet to a fantastic fuck. I love living next to a cumdump.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bubba's Back

Bubba's back in town, so I went to his hotel to breed him. Was the best part the fantastic blow job he gave me to get me hard. Well, kinda, but not really. Was the best part his new beard which makes him look like even more of a red neck. No, but it WAS hot. Was the best part sliding into his silky smooth cunt and feeling it grip my cock. Getting warmer. Was it grabbing him from behind and playing with his nips? No, but that was hot, too. No, the best part wasn't unloading seven days worth of semen and telling him to "Take my load, boy." Nor was the best part telling him I'd be back tomorrow am since he's taking loads tomorrow morning. No, the BEST part was using a Sharpie to put the seventh hash mark on his hole to show the next stud he's got seven loads in him already.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Afternoon Orgy

A frequent out of town visitor had an afternoon party at his place yesterday. I've been to many of his parties before and they're always fun. The starting time was three and when I opened the door at 3:01, he was there with two other guests. One of them had been the bottom of a pump and dump Saturday night session earlier this year, so I was glad to see him since he's got a sweet cunt. The action began with the pump and dump bottom (L) and the host (W) going down on me and the other guest. I'd not had a blow job from L before, but damn, was he good. He kept up an expert rhythm and took me all the way down. I had to return the favor and as I did, the other guy getting blown got down and began to suck W. The front door opened and in came a ginger and a dark headed guy. When the stripped, the ginger had a nice piece, but the dark headed one had a hog. It was fat, veiny, and long. For about 10 minutes, there were countless permutations of kissing, sucking, ass eating, and jacking. At this point, W said, "Let's go into the bedroom" We did and then the fun began. W laid on the bed and the ginger began to suck him while W sucked someone else's cock. L got on all fours and the dark headed guy with a hog began to fuck him. I knew he hit the mark when L started to groan. I watched, entranced as I saw the look on L's face. I couldn't wait to get in there, and when hog guy pulled out, I went in. Ginger boy was watching and stroking, so I bent my head and began to kiss him. L was nice and loosened up and his cunt felt terrific. Ginger was watching so intently that I pulled out and let him have a go. The look on his face when he got all the way in was magic. So was the way my cock felt when L started sucking it and licking his ass juice off. Ginger fucked then pulled out. As L went down on him, I slid back in. I knew I wouldn't last long since L's cunt was nice and loose and slippery from the lube. I bent over him and began to hug him. I asked him if he wanted my load and began shooting when he said yes. I don't know how many times I shot, but I know it was deep, and I know it was a lot. When I pulled out, some of my load dripped out of his hole. He got on his knees and tried to suck me, but I was too sensitive. I did push the remaining semen out of my cock and feed it to him. I kissed him and got dressed as he was taking ginger's cock again. He emailed me this am and told me he'd taken three more loads at the party then two more at home later that evening.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

I Was Load 14

Out of town cumdump had a hotel breeding session last night. He advertised he'd have a fluffer to get tops ready. When I got there, a hot, toned, muscular top was unloading in the bottom. Score! That meant I'd be sliding into a hot, fresh load. I stripped and had the fluffer get to work. He was quite talented, and had me hard in no time. The top who'd just unloaded came out of the bathroom and began to rub me, fondle my nuts, and work my nips while the fluffer was fluffing. When I was ready, I walked over to the bed and the bottom got on all fours. As I slid my now rock hard cock up his cunt, I was enthralled by how smooth and silky it was. I slowly began to slide in and out, going as deeply as I could with each in stroke. As I was pulling out, I looked down and saw my cock was coated in semen. I slid back in enjoying the creaminess of his chute and the cum in there already. I kept stroking, pushing deeper with each in stroke until the hole and loads conspired to make me spew and coat his hole with even more cum. I pulled out, and went into the bathroom to clean my cummy cock and bush. When I came out, the fluffer asked if I had put my mark on the "Loads Taken" tally sheet on the wall. "I was load 14, " I proudly answered. "Good boy, " he said.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Afternoon Breeding

Just came from an afternoon breeding party. Guy advertised on BBRTS for a lunch time group, so I headed up. Got there, 6 or 7 men were there, none really anything special, except one of my buds and his new boy. I got sucked by a couple of them, but one wanted me to fuck him so I did. His ass felt great, and since the crowd wasn't really worth sticking around for, I bred him fairly quickly. As I pulled out, some of my load was on his hole. My bud saw it and plunged his cock in. Not sure if he bred him or not, but I bet he did. The look on his face as he slid in on my cum was priceless.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bubba's First Load from Me.

Back in mid Feb, the guy I called Bubba a few posts ago was online. It wasn't the first time I'd seen him, but it was the first time I responded to his Quick Connect post. Looking as redneck and stereotypical bubba that he did, I was hesitant to respond, but I was horny and needed to unload, so I hit him up. He responded quickly and we set a time for me to breed him. When I got there he was ass up and face down on the bed. I made him suck me to hardness while I fingered his hole. When I was fully hard, I pulled out of his mouth and worked my way over to his cunt. When I began to insert the head of my cock, he told me to wait a second since I was his first breeding of the day. When he loosened up, I slid right in and could feel his second ring open. Damn, his hole was slick, warm, and very deep. It felt fantastic. I kept varying my stroke, pulling almost all the way out, or all the way out, all the time asking him how he liked cock in his ass. He was VERY verbal telling me how good my cock felt sliding in and out and how much he loved cum and wanted my load. When he finally told me to breed him, I pushed in as far as I could and began pumping my seed as deeply as I could. He took his cue and began to milk my cock for as much cum as he could. When I pulled out, a little cum came out too. I put it on my finger and stuck it in his mouth. I got dressed and left.

Last Night's Cumunion

Went to Cumunion last night. Crowd was kinda "meh" Not as many men as last time, not as much hotness as last time. I did see an old fuckbud and his new boy. Boy was on his knees blowing my fb, and I began to fuck the boy. Nice ass and it was hot to hear my fb egg me and the boy on. I walked around and saw a guy laying on his back on a table. He was getting blown by a guy with a great face. I walked around the other side of the table to check out the cocksucker's ass. There were five or six men checking him out, but he didn't have a cock in his ass. I decided to remedy that and plowed right in. What a great hole he had. Warm, deep, and prelubed. I fucked for quite a while then unloaded. He hadn't turned around once to see who's cock was in his ass, but when I pulled out he turned around, smiled at me, and went back to sucking cock.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Last Night's Load and a Load from January

Fed one of my favorite cocksuckers last night. No big deal, just a great blow job that didn't last anywhere near long enough. I say that because he's so good at what he does that I never last long with him. Too bad I'm not feeding him more frequently.
Back in January, a guy advertised a party on bbrt. Naturally, I had to go. When I got there, I saw a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in about a year. He was kinda embarrassed, but I told him I didn't care, I was there to breed. I went into the bedroom, and a hot, bald, muscled guy began expertly sucking my cock. As he was blowing me, one of me all time favorite cumdump cocksuckers was riding an 8 inch uncut cock. I went over and he told me he wanted me inside of him also. SCORE!!! I'd never done DP until that night and it was hot. It took a bit of effort to slide into him, but it was awesome when I was in there. As I did the fucking, I could feel the other top's 8 uncut inches rubbing on my cock. I've never felt anything that intense before. It was great, but the position we were in was uncomfortable and difficult to keep, so I pulled out. At this point, the host presented his hole to me and I eagerly accepted. I'd been holding of on cumming, but figured since it was the host and it was his party, he should get my load. I held on to his hips and sprayed as deeply into him as I could. After pulling out and washing up I looked for my friend but couldn't find him. As I was opened the door to leave, he appeared on the other side waiting to come in. I have no idea where he'd gone, nor have I seen him since then.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Presidents' Day Breeding

Same bud who had New Year's Day party had one on Presidents' Day. Lots of guys there, and fucked several holes. A guy I've bred before was there, and impaled himself on my cock. His hole was just as good as it was when I bred him a Cumunion party a few months earlier. He thanked me for my load.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Cumunion

Went to Cumunion a few weeks ago and had a great time. As I was walking around watching the different groups of men play, one of my fuck buds grabbed me and began to kiss me. He guided me over to a buff blond on a fuck bench. He began  to fuck the blond and I had the blond suck me. After a bit, I pulled out and we switched places. This guy's cunt felt fantastic. I kept pumping away, bringing myself to the edge, and holding off. I decided to check out some of the other action and found another guy I'd bred before bent over taking cocks. I slid in, and he was a bit to tight to be enjoyable. I kissed him and moved on. I found a tall lean Hispanic ( I think) getting plowed by another Hispanic guy. He dumped his load and pulled out. As he went to kiss the bottom boy, I made my move and slid into him. Great hole, and the cum in there was a bonus. He felt great, but I didn't want to unload in him. Walking back to the fuck bench, there was another kinda beary guy taking cock. I slid in, and he felt kinda meh. So I walked around some more and saw a man getting pounded by a muscle guy. He pumped his load in and pulled out. I slid in and knew I'd found the man who would get my load. I only pumped a few times before I began to shoot. He started to pull away, but I pushed him down and told him to take my cum. He milked my cock, I pulled out, he smiled and walked away.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Last Sunday's Load

Last Sunday, a frequent out of town visitor posted a quick connect ad on bbrt. This guy is what I think of as a true bubba. Profile says former military, his profile pix show him in camo hunting gear, he's tall, thick, buff, AND he wears a Roll Tide ball cap while he's getting inseminated. I responded to his ad by telling him I had a load for him, and he told me to come over in 45 minutes. He said that would give him time for the two other guys he'd lined up to unload in him so his hole would be nice and cummy. And boy, was it. When I got there, he began to suck my cock and got me to full erection in no time. He's a great cocksucker and would have been happy to take my load orally, but I wanted his ass. I'd been fingering him while he sucked me and could feel the cum in his hole. I went around behind him and slid right in. It felt fantastic. His hole was warm, smooth, slick, and tight. I began pounding him, asking him if he wanted my cum. He told me he loved cum and wanted to be filled with daddy's load.  Damn, if that didn't send me right over the edge. As I plowed in and told him I was unloading he began to milk my cock. I can't remember the last time so much semen got milked out of me. I hiked up my pants and left. Here's his profile: White, 6ft 4in 240 lbs. Masculine,Muscular, handsome, hairy, former military power bottom. 7 uncut. Not looking for love or a relationship. I do not top, but I am one hell of a bottom! My ultimate goal is to make sure my top is satisfied, relaxed with empty balls when hes leaves my bed... I travel a lot, if you see me in your town, hit me up.

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017's first load

 I just came back from a party where I planted my first load of the year deep in a cubby, buff Latino.  When I got to the party, he was getting plowed by a tall white guy with a nice cock. The host immediately went down on me and brought me to full erection in no time. After a bit, the cubby, buff Latino (CBL) wanted to get fucked the the host. As he was getting plowed by the host, I gave him some head. Kinda small cock, but since he's a bottom, who really cares, right. Anyway, the host pulled out and I took my cue to sample some Latino hole. It was nothing special, but he was cute, so I kept at it. I pulled out and he went to getting by the guy who was fucking him when I walked in. I kissed CBL as he was getting plowed and he seemed to like it. He pulled himself off the cock in him and pulled me over to the couch. He got on his back and lifted his legs. I slid in and he felt totally different than when I first fucked him. It was fantastic. I took nice, long strokes being sure to go in as deeply as I could and pulling out as much as I could. As I was deep dicking him, I whispered in his ear, "You ready for my load"? He didn't respond so I made decision for him, went in as deeply as I could and let loose. As I was pushing out the last of my swimmers, he said, "Are you cumming?" "I just finished" was my response. I pulled out and the host began licking up the semen that had spattered on his legs as I slid out.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016's Load Count

Load count was only 66. What's the deal? As I get more sober, I don't have as much of a drive as I used to. I'm not sure if it's not drinking or the fact that I'm getting older that's the main driver behind my declining interest in sex. Thoughts from you readers out there?

Loads Given:
Load 1 - Given orally Jan 1
Load 2 - Given anally Jan 3
Load 3 - Delivered orally Jan 7
Load 4 - Given orally Jan 13
Load 5 - Delivered anally Jan 15
Load 6 - Given orally Jan 17
Load 7 - Given orally Jan 24
Load 8 - Given orally Jan 27
Load 9 - Delivered anally Jan 28
Load 10 - Delivered orally Feb 5
Load 11 - Delivered orally Feb 12
Load 12 - Delivered orally Feb 14
Load 13 - Delivered orally Feb 21
Load 14 - Delivered anally Feb 22
Load 15 - Delivered orally Feb 24
Load 16 - Delivered anally Feb 27
Load 17 - Delivered orally Mar 4
Load 18 - Delivered orally Mar 10
Load 19 - Delivered orally Mar 13
Load 20 - Delivered orally Mar 15
Load 21 - Delivered orally Mar 18
Load 22 - Delivered manorlly Mar 22
Load 23 - Delivered orally Mar 29
Load 24 Delivered anally April 2
Load 25 - Delivered orally April 17
Load 26 - Delivered orally April 22
Load 27 - Delivered anally April 27
Load 28 - Delivered orally April 30
Load 29 - Delivered orally May 8
Load 30 - Delivered orally May 12
Load 31 - Delivered orally May 19
Load 32 - Delivered orally May 25
Load 33 - Delivered orally May 28
Load 34 - Delivered orally May 29
Load 35 - Delivered orally May 31
Load 36 - Delivered orally June 3
Load 37 - Delivered orally June 10
Load 38 - Delivered orally June 12
Load 39 - Delivered anally June 15
Load 40 - Delivered anally June 28
Load 41 - Delivered anally June 30
Load 42 - Delivered anally July 3
Load 43 - Delivered orally July 8
Load 44 - Delivered anally July 10
Load 45 - Delivered orally July 17
Load 46 - Delivered anally July 27
Load 47 - Delivered anally July 28
Load 48 - Delivered orally Aug 7
Load 49 - Delivered orally Aug 14
Load 50 - Delivered anally Aug 18
Load 51 - Delivered anally Aug 24
Load 52 - Delivered anally Sept 2
Load 53 - Delivered orally Sept 16
Load 54 - Delivered anally Sept 21
Load 55 - Delivered anally Sept 29
Load 56 - Delivered anally Oct 7
Load 57 - Delivered orally Oct 24
Load 58 - Delivered anally Oct 26
Load 59 - Delivered anally Oct 28
Load 60 Delivered anally Nov 10
Load 61 - Delivered orally Nov 16
Load 62 - Delivered anally Dec 9
Load 62 - Delivered orally Dec 12
Load 63 - Delivered orally Dec 13
Load 64 - Delivered orally Dec 28
Load 65 - Delivered orally Dec 30
Load 66 - Delivered anally Dec 31
Wasted Loads:
Load 1 - Shot into Fleshjack watching "Return to Meat Rack" Jan 3
Load 2 - Shot into Fleshjack watching "Return to Meat Rack" Jan 10
Load 3 - Shot into Fleshjack watching "Return to Meat Rack" Jan 18
Load 4 - Shot into Fleshjack watching "Return to Meat Rack" Jan 26
Load 5 - Shot into Fleshjack watching Jim Walker (Steele) in some random porn on Pornhub April 1.
Load 6 - Shot into Fleshjack May 22.
Load 7 - Shot into Fleshjack June 8.
Load 8 - Shot into Fleshjack July 21.
Load 9 - Shot into Fleshjack August 2 watching Nick Moretti, Damon Dogg, and Jesse O'Toole
Load 10 - Shot into Fleshjack August 12 watching Nick Moretti, Damon Dogg, and Jesse O'Toole
Load 11 - Shot into Fleshjack watching Derek fuck Damon Dogg in Bone Deep.
Load 12 - Shot into Fleshjack watching third scene of Bone Deep.
Load 13 - Shot on me watching fourth scene in Bone Deep.
Load 14 - Sont on me watching fifth scene in Bone Deep.
Load 15 - Stroked out to "Eddie's Going Away Party" in Bone Deep.
Load 16 - Stroked into Fleshjack watching "DOC 4"

2016's Last Load

A cumpdump was having a "load me with all the cum you can" party yesterday, and I figured it would be a great way to dump my last load of the year. I was the only one when I got there, and he got right on his knees and began to blow me. He started to blow me aggressively which I really don't like at all. I like to be sucked nice and slowly. I told him to slow down several times, and each time he did, it only lasted for about 5 seconds. He was ALL about getting the load in his ass. When I was fully hard and ready he got up and turned around. He lubed my cock and guided me in. As I slid in balls deep, I was mesmerized by the silky smoothness of his cunt. Some holes are rough, some are smooth, but very few feel like velvet or silk. This was one of the few. God, did it feel good sliding in and out. I put my stomach and chest on his back, wrapped my arms around him and began to pump. What a hole. He kept asking for my load, and that combined with the ecstasy of a slick, silky pussy made my push in as deeply as I could and deposit my seed. I pumped and pumped as much sperm as I could into him. He felt great as I slid out. I got dressed and left.