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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bubba's First Load from Me.

Back in mid Feb, the guy I called Bubba a few posts ago was online. It wasn't the first time I'd seen him, but it was the first time I responded to his Quick Connect post. Looking as redneck and stereotypical bubba that he did, I was hesitant to respond, but I was horny and needed to unload, so I hit him up. He responded quickly and we set a time for me to breed him. When I got there he was ass up and face down on the bed. I made him suck me to hardness while I fingered his hole. When I was fully hard, I pulled out of his mouth and worked my way over to his cunt. When I began to insert the head of my cock, he told me to wait a second since I was his first breeding of the day. When he loosened up, I slid right in and could feel his second ring open. Damn, his hole was slick, warm, and very deep. It felt fantastic. I kept varying my stroke, pulling almost all the way out, or all the way out, all the time asking him how he liked cock in his ass. He was VERY verbal telling me how good my cock felt sliding in and out and how much he loved cum and wanted my load. When he finally told me to breed him, I pushed in as far as I could and began pumping my seed as deeply as I could. He took his cue and began to milk my cock for as much cum as he could. When I pulled out, a little cum came out too. I put it on my finger and stuck it in his mouth. I got dressed and left.

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  1. Sounds great. Just the way I would like to enjoy you. Wish I were closer.