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Thursday, March 30, 2017

I Was Load 14

Out of town cumdump had a hotel breeding session last night. He advertised he'd have a fluffer to get tops ready. When I got there, a hot, toned, muscular top was unloading in the bottom. Score! That meant I'd be sliding into a hot, fresh load. I stripped and had the fluffer get to work. He was quite talented, and had me hard in no time. The top who'd just unloaded came out of the bathroom and began to rub me, fondle my nuts, and work my nips while the fluffer was fluffing. When I was ready, I walked over to the bed and the bottom got on all fours. As I slid my now rock hard cock up his cunt, I was enthralled by how smooth and silky it was. I slowly began to slide in and out, going as deeply as I could with each in stroke. As I was pulling out, I looked down and saw my cock was coated in semen. I slid back in enjoying the creaminess of his chute and the cum in there already. I kept stroking, pushing deeper with each in stroke until the hole and loads conspired to make me spew and coat his hole with even more cum. I pulled out, and went into the bathroom to clean my cummy cock and bush. When I came out, the fluffer asked if I had put my mark on the "Loads Taken" tally sheet on the wall. "I was load 14, " I proudly answered. "Good boy, " he said.



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