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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Last Night's Load and a Load from January

Fed one of my favorite cocksuckers last night. No big deal, just a great blow job that didn't last anywhere near long enough. I say that because he's so good at what he does that I never last long with him. Too bad I'm not feeding him more frequently.
Back in January, a guy advertised a party on bbrt. Naturally, I had to go. When I got there, I saw a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in about a year. He was kinda embarrassed, but I told him I didn't care, I was there to breed. I went into the bedroom, and a hot, bald, muscled guy began expertly sucking my cock. As he was blowing me, one of me all time favorite cumdump cocksuckers was riding an 8 inch uncut cock. I went over and he told me he wanted me inside of him also. SCORE!!! I'd never done DP until that night and it was hot. It took a bit of effort to slide into him, but it was awesome when I was in there. As I did the fucking, I could feel the other top's 8 uncut inches rubbing on my cock. I've never felt anything that intense before. It was great, but the position we were in was uncomfortable and difficult to keep, so I pulled out. At this point, the host presented his hole to me and I eagerly accepted. I'd been holding of on cumming, but figured since it was the host and it was his party, he should get my load. I held on to his hips and sprayed as deeply into him as I could. After pulling out and washing up I looked for my friend but couldn't find him. As I was opened the door to leave, he appeared on the other side waiting to come in. I have no idea where he'd gone, nor have I seen him since then.


  1. DP is so hard to pull off comfortably...but I'm glad you got to do it!

  2. Yeah, it was dope. My dream is to do it again, but have the other top unload while I'm in there. That way, his seed will hopefully coat my cock and I can use it as lube to breed the bottom.

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