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Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Cumunion

Went to Cumunion a few weeks ago and had a great time. As I was walking around watching the different groups of men play, one of my fuck buds grabbed me and began to kiss me. He guided me over to a buff blond on a fuck bench. He began  to fuck the blond and I had the blond suck me. After a bit, I pulled out and we switched places. This guy's cunt felt fantastic. I kept pumping away, bringing myself to the edge, and holding off. I decided to check out some of the other action and found another guy I'd bred before bent over taking cocks. I slid in, and he was a bit to tight to be enjoyable. I kissed him and moved on. I found a tall lean Hispanic ( I think) getting plowed by another Hispanic guy. He dumped his load and pulled out. As he went to kiss the bottom boy, I made my move and slid into him. Great hole, and the cum in there was a bonus. He felt great, but I didn't want to unload in him. Walking back to the fuck bench, there was another kinda beary guy taking cock. I slid in, and he felt kinda meh. So I walked around some more and saw a man getting pounded by a muscle guy. He pumped his load in and pulled out. I slid in and knew I'd found the man who would get my load. I only pumped a few times before I began to shoot. He started to pull away, but I pushed him down and told him to take my cum. He milked my cock, I pulled out, he smiled and walked away.

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