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Friday, April 28, 2017

My Cumdump Neighbor

Was cruising on BBRT a few nights ago, and sent a message to a guy I'd bred twice before. You can read about him here  I asked him how many loads he'd gotten that day, and since his answer was none, he asked if I wanted to give him one. He gave me his address, and I headed out. When I got there, he answered the door in a jock and nothing else. We went upstairs with him leading the way. All I could see was that ass I needed to breed. He'd said something earlier about having frozen cum in the freezer and said we could use it if I wanted. That's always been a fantasy of mine. Anyhow, we began kissing, and he began taking my clothes off. I was rock hard by this time and he nuzzled my cock and balls thru my underwear. He pulled them out of the clothing and began to suck me. This guy is a fantastic cock sucker. I got very verbal with him and he loved it. He varied his strokes, speed, and rhythm and after about 10 min, I had to pull him off and fuck. He stood up, turned around, and guided me into his hole. I slid right in, even though there was no cum in him. He opened all the way and I went in balls deep. I bent over him, grabbed him and began to fuck. With the great blowjob and smooth, slick hole, I knew I wouldn't last long and I told him. He told me that was a compliment and to go ahead and dump my load. I shot deeply into him, and as I pulled out, realized it was one of the most satisfying orgasms I've had in a very long time. He got on his knees, looked up at me with deep blue eyes, and began to flick my cock with his tongue to clean it up. As I got dressed to leave, I was a bit sad that we hadn't used any of the frozen cum, but figured we can do it next time. Sent me an email the next day saying after I left another neighbor came over and bred him.  About the word neighbor in the title. When he sent me his address, I realized it was the building right next door to me. I walked about 50 feet to a fantastic fuck. I love living next to a cumdump.


  1. How convenient! You should make him use the frozen loads. I push them in with my dick, so it goes from super cold, to cool as it melts over your hot flesh, to his hot ass temperature as you fuck. It's great!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I've always wanted to use frozen loads; hopefully I'll get the chance.