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Sunday, March 21, 2010

60 Minute BJ

Kinda hungover today, and that means one thing: severe horniness. I got online and my guy from yesterday was on. He asked if he could have my load, and I responded with a rather vehement "Yes!" When I got there, he told me a trick had just left, and filled him with two loads, one in the ass, the other in his mouth along with some piss. It was hot knowing this guy was gonna blow me with someone else's cum in both ends. Anyway, he wanted to eat my ass, so I got up on all fours on the bed, and he started in munching. He licked, sucked, kissed, slobbered on every inch of my hole and crack for 15 minutes. When I told him I needed to move cuz I was getting uncomfortable, he told me to get on the edge of the bed and get on my back. Again, he started in munching, eating, kissing, LOVING every inch of my hole, crack and adjacent areas. This went on for another 15 minutes, giving me a total of 30 minutes of butt munching. Then he started in sucking my cock with the same kind of attention the detail that he had shown my ass.30 minutes later, I was pumping a huge load down his willing throat. He told me, "As a bottom, it's my duty to make sure the top is pleased. It's all about him, and I will do whatever he wants to make him happy." I'm glad he lives so close to me.

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  1. yessir. he is a true server. it' all about the Feeder and his pleasure. good for you for finding him, Sir.