Friday, February 18, 2022

Two (2!) Cumunion Expresses

      The local Cumunion organizers have thrown a twist into the gatherings by having lunchtime events and rebranding them as Cumunion Express. It's a great idea, and I've been to both of them so far. A few observations: 1 Unlike evening events, I didn't recognize any of the attendees (with the exception of one) at either of the lunchtime events. 2. Most men aren't there for a long time; I guess they have to get back to work, spouses, or other commitments.      

     At the first event, I ran into an old buddy of mine. I've not seen him since before Covid hit, so it had been at LEAST 2.5 years since I'd seen him. He looked fantastic, still has a slim, killer bod, a beautiful cock, and is still one of the best cocksuckers I've ever had the pleasure of feeding. We played for quite a while with other men joining and departing, and just generally enjoying ourselves. New to this event was a wall of gloryholes with eager cocksuckers manning them. He and I went to the wall and kept switching off, trying to find the best mouth. I found a the winning mouth and pumped a seven day load down his waiting throat. I'd been playing for about an hour and hadn't unloaded in a week, so the amount of sperm he got from me was monumental.  I left and went home to pack for my trip to visit family for Christmas.

     Today was the second Cumunion Express was today. Again, I didn't recognize anyone there. I wasn't able to stay long, but I did make out with a hot, much younger guy. I'd seen him taking loads standing against a wall, but he approached me, got on his knees and took my hot throbbing cock down his throat. He was an excellent cocksucker and I was happy to switch off and suck him. As I was, he saw a HUGE cock poke thru the glory hole. He bend down to suck and I stood up. I went behind him and began fingering his cunt. It was warm and very slippery. I slid my cock into him and began to slowly pump. Keep in mind I had a seven day load stored up and hadn't bred anyone since November. I savored every stroke, feeling the warm, accommodating,  hole mold itself to the contours of my penis.  I kept trying to edge myself, but I realized resistance was futile and pumped my semen as deeply as I could into his hole. He'd been sucking monster penis the whole time, but when I finished unloading and slowly pulled out, he stopped sucking, turned to me and smiled. I said, "Thank you, boy" and went home. 


Sunday, November 14, 2021

Cumunion Again

      Went to Cumunion last night, and boy did I have a good time. I've been very self-conscious about the changes my body's been going thru do to aging and and weight gain due to Covid restrictions. I decided that two blue pills would be helpful, so I took them, waited until I could feel them, and then took off for the party. I got there around 8:30 and there was already a lot of action going on already. I did a couple of laps around the venue to get the lay of the land and then decided to jump into the action. I walked by a man in a sling and he pulled me closer to him by pulling on my underwear. He began to rub the front of my underwear and I began rubbing his hole which was nice and slick. He quickly brought me to full erection and I began walking around again. I walked into a larger room and saw two lean, ripped men fucking. I walked up to them and the fucker began playing with my cock and nipples. He pulled out of the man he was fucking and let me take a turn. His hole felt great and I plowed him until I thought I was ready to unload. I pulled out and continued walking around. Soon, a very tall, kinda beary guy grabbed me by the penis and pulled me to a corner. He bent over a chair, and said, "Fuck me" I slid into one of the smoothest, slipperiest, warmest, most accommodating cunts I've ever felt. I felt like I was able to slide in deeper with each stroke. I asked him if he'd already been loaded up (my favorite) but he said it was just lube. I had to stop fucking him because it was far too early to ejaculate. I found another guy in a sling across the room and slid into him. I only stayed for a few strokes because his hole didn't feel all that great. I then saw a cute otter looking man bent over a chair a few feet away. I slid into him, but he just didn't feel that great, so I pulled out and walked around more. I walked into the room with the fuck platform and found a smorgasbord of hole to pick from I slid into one guy, and he was meh. I pulled out and another man walking by grabbed my cock and walked to the other side of the fuck platform. I slid into him and his hole was actually pretty nice, but not spectacular. I pulled out, walked around some more, and found a couple sitting down and sucking cock. They were sucking one man, but when I walked up they began to blow me, too. These cocksuckers were really good. You know how it feels when you know a cocksucker just loves what he's doing? That was these two guys. I enjoyed their considerable talents for a while, but wasn't ready to unload just yet. As I walked away, a young Latino in a baseball cap, jock, and soccer socks grabbed me by the cock and pulled me over to the fuck platform. As I slid into his warm, young hole, I knew he was the one. I plowed, and went deeper with each stroke, pulling him closer to me each time. I could feel my orgasm building, and was powerless to stop it. As I pushed in deeper than I had before, I could feel ropes of semen pulsing through my cock and coating his cunt walls. I pumped six or seven times before I stopped and bent down to hug him. I pulled out and could see some of my load come out too. I hadn't shot a load in a week or so, so I'm sure I gave him a pretty big load. 

     My take away from this event is this: It was an event where men just wanted sex, and weren't concerned with what you look like. The fact that I had three different men pull me by my cock so we could go someplace to fuck would seem to substantiate this opinion. It was nice to be someplace where so many different types of men would be happy to take a load from an older, out of shape man. My self-confidence has been restored. 

Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Return of CumUnion

      CumUnion returned to Dallas last night after a five year  absence and made up for lost time. I got there early and men were already fucking. I saw a hot Latino on a fuck bench getting stuffed at both ends and I wanted a piece of the action. I walked over to a row of three chairs and a muscular stud took me in his mouth and gave me a sweet, sweet blow job. He got he rock hard in no time, and I had to pull out because he was so good at it. I went back  to the Latino on the fuck bench and slid into his smooth, slick hole. It felt as if it had been preloaded so I decided to taste for myself. While his hole did test great, I detected no semen (sad face emoticon) in him. I went back to fucking him and reveled in the smoothness and depth of his hole. I pulled out and went back to the row of chairs where a beautiful, lanky Latino was getting blown. We began to make out and his cocksucker began giving me some deep throat action. What I really wanted was to suck the Latino, so I got on my knees and began to suck his hooded cock. He had a nice long foreskin I could slide my tongue under and so I did. He was enjoying my skills but pulled out and walked off. I walked to another section of the room and found a guy in a sling with his hole exposed. I slid in and enjoyed his hole for a few strokes. I pulled out and moved on to the next part of the room. I man I'd spoken with on twitter was ass up on a sofa. True to his word, I could feel he'd been preloaded as I slid into his cunt. It felt so good, I had to pull out quickly so as not to breed so soon in the evening. I went back to the first cocksucker I had and enjoyed some more of his outstanding service. I then saw the tall Latino in a sling and had to try him out. He had a great hole too, slick and inviting. As much as I enjoyed his hole, I wanted something else. I went back to the outstanding cocksucker, hard as a rock and let him work his magic. He'd lick the sides of the head while fondling my balls then gently open his mouth and slide all the way down. He kept repeating this motion, pulling off and telling me how hot my cock was then get back to work. He was wearing a shirt but I could feel his bulging hard pecs and bulging firm biceps while he was sucking. Not sure why he was wearing a shirt because it seemed as if he had a rocking body. Anyway, he was relentlessly in pursuit of my semen and with a guttural grunt I unloaded in his mouth, easily six or seven squirts, as he gently tongued the underside of my penis. I pulled out and bent down for a kiss. He was a GREAT kisser, but had swallowed all my load so I didn't get a taste. I hope to feel his lips wrapped around my cock again, soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

First Load of 2021

On the first Monday of the New Year, I went to a regular cocksucker to get drained. It'd been quite a while since I'd unloaded, so I knew the load would be impressive. When I got to his house, I saw his ex boyfriend's car in front of the house. This didn't sit too well with me, but I needed to cum, so I put my misgivings aside, and went in. We went back into the bedroom and there was the ex, camming while jacking off. This was fine with me, but I didn't like to see the meth pipe on the desk, or enjoy seeing him light up. I was also very skittish about Covid since I had no idea where the ex had been. However, I was so horny and ready to blow that I let my regular bud service me to completion. He's a FANTASTIC cocksucker (probably the best I've ever had, and I've had quite a few) but I don't see myself returning until his ex is completely out of the picture

Monday, August 17, 2020

Quarantine Broken

 I feel kinda bad for admitting this, but a few days ago, a gh cocksucker told me to cum over and let him make me unload. It'd been since Mar 9 that I last had sex with someone else, and my penis kind of compelled me to do it. Now, I've been to this guy's place many times before, and he's quite good at his craft, so I knew I'd leave satisfied. The feeling of his lips, tongue, and throat around my cock got me rock hard instantly, and he voraciously swallowed my tool. He kept licking and teasing the head and shaft, and well, it wasn't long before I was shooting what seemed like buckets of seed down his throat. When I pulled out and zipped up, he said, "See what you've been missing? Come back soon." I just might do that. 

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Virtual Sex Parties

Virtual sex parties and porn have been my only outlet for the past six weeks now. While I've welcomed the time off work, and the opportunity to get LOTS of things done around the house, I miss real sex. Virtual sex parties are fine, but just not the same thing. Oh well, such is life.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Two Weeks, Two New Cocksuckers, One Repeat Cocksucker

     I'd been sick with a mild flu like illness, and after nine days of no orgasms, I was ready to dump a load. I answered a Doublelist ad that offered nsa blowjobs thru an in home glory hole. When I got there, the sheet was up, porn was on, and he told me to drop my pants. The gh was a sheet with a huge hole in it. The hole in fact, was so large that I could see his head, his ripped body, and handsome face. He proceeded to swallow me whole and gently stroke my nuts. Since I hadn't cum in nine days, I lasted all of about two minutes, and shot what felt like buckets of semen down his throat. He handed me a warm towel to clean off. I did, and left. While he was very good at what he did, I was disappointed he wanted to keep the sheet up. He's a really handsome guy with a fantastic body, and I would have loved to look at him while he was servicing me. I get that the anonymity is his kink, but just the same, I would have loved a face to face encounter.

     Last week, a guy on Adam hit me up, telling me he wanted to suck my cock and swallow my load. Of course, I said yes since he was only a few blocks away and his Adam pic looked good. When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised that he was better looking than his pictures. He brought me to the upstairs bedroom, told me to get undressed, and began displaying his skills. He was quite good at what he did, paying special attention to my balls. I LOVE having my nuts gently stroked and played with while being sucked, and he was a great multitasker. When I let loose, I pushed his head all the way down and pumped squirt after squirt of sperm down his throat. I thanked him for his service and got dressed. I'll definitely be going back.

   Saturday, I hit up an old regular I haven't seen in a while. He was a really reliable provider, but got a bf and is now, I believe into crystal meth fairly consistently. I guess I caught him on a good day, because he was eager to blow me, was clear and coherent when I got there, and we both had a good time. I hope I can go back soon.

Two (2!) Cumunion Expresses

      The local Cumunion organizers have thrown a twist into the gatherings by having lunchtime events and rebranding them as Cumunion Expre...