Tuesday, January 19, 2021

First Load of 2021

On the first Monday of the New Year, I went to a regular cocksucker to get drained. It'd been quite a while since I'd unloaded, so I knew the load would be impressive. When I got to his house, I saw his ex boyfriend's car in front of the house. This didn't sit too well with me, but I needed to cum, so I put my misgivings aside, and went in. We went back into the bedroom and there was the ex, camming while jacking off. This was fine with me, but I didn't like to see the meth pipe on the desk, or enjoy seeing him light up. I was also very skittish about Covid since I had no idea where the ex had been. However, I was so horny and ready to blow that I let my regular bud service me to completion. He's a FANTASTIC cocksucker (probably the best I've ever had, and I've had quite a few) but I don't see myself returning until his ex is completely out of the picture

Monday, August 17, 2020

Quarantine Broken

 I feel kinda bad for admitting this, but a few days ago, a gh cocksucker told me to cum over and let him make me unload. It'd been since Mar 9 that I last had sex with someone else, and my penis kind of compelled me to do it. Now, I've been to this guy's place many times before, and he's quite good at his craft, so I knew I'd leave satisfied. The feeling of his lips, tongue, and throat around my cock got me rock hard instantly, and he voraciously swallowed my tool. He kept licking and teasing the head and shaft, and well, it wasn't long before I was shooting what seemed like buckets of seed down his throat. When I pulled out and zipped up, he said, "See what you've been missing? Come back soon." I just might do that. 

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Virtual Sex Parties

Virtual sex parties and porn have been my only outlet for the past six weeks now. While I've welcomed the time off work, and the opportunity to get LOTS of things done around the house, I miss real sex. Virtual sex parties are fine, but just not the same thing. Oh well, such is life.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Two Weeks, Two New Cocksuckers, One Repeat Cocksucker

     I'd been sick with a mild flu like illness, and after nine days of no orgasms, I was ready to dump a load. I answered a Doublelist ad that offered nsa blowjobs thru an in home glory hole. When I got there, the sheet was up, porn was on, and he told me to drop my pants. The gh was a sheet with a huge hole in it. The hole in fact, was so large that I could see his head, his ripped body, and handsome face. He proceeded to swallow me whole and gently stroke my nuts. Since I hadn't cum in nine days, I lasted all of about two minutes, and shot what felt like buckets of semen down his throat. He handed me a warm towel to clean off. I did, and left. While he was very good at what he did, I was disappointed he wanted to keep the sheet up. He's a really handsome guy with a fantastic body, and I would have loved to look at him while he was servicing me. I get that the anonymity is his kink, but just the same, I would have loved a face to face encounter.

     Last week, a guy on Adam hit me up, telling me he wanted to suck my cock and swallow my load. Of course, I said yes since he was only a few blocks away and his Adam pic looked good. When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised that he was better looking than his pictures. He brought me to the upstairs bedroom, told me to get undressed, and began displaying his skills. He was quite good at what he did, paying special attention to my balls. I LOVE having my nuts gently stroked and played with while being sucked, and he was a great multitasker. When I let loose, I pushed his head all the way down and pumped squirt after squirt of sperm down his throat. I thanked him for his service and got dressed. I'll definitely be going back.

   Saturday, I hit up an old regular I haven't seen in a while. He was a really reliable provider, but got a bf and is now, I believe into crystal meth fairly consistently. I guess I caught him on a good day, because he was eager to blow me, was clear and coherent when I got there, and we both had a good time. I hope I can go back soon.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Fun AF Gangbang

I went to a gangbang in the same dungeon I mentioned in my last post. The bottom's daddy posted on bbrt that he wanted his buds to come by and breed his boy. I got there pretty close to the starting time, and there were already three other men there. I recognized one of them as a bud I really like seeing because he's hot, leaned out, has a beautiful cock, is a great cocksucker and a truly talented bottom. I got undressed and the two of us started making out. He got me hard as a rock, and we both turned when we heard daddy encouraging guest one to "fuck my boy" We both moved closer to check out the action. Daddy and guest number one's bf were stroking each other's cocks and nipples. Guest one finished quickly, and his bf stepped right up. I moved closer to watch this guy bang the bottom. It was hot to hear daddy tell his boy how good he was, and how much he liked seeing his boy take cock and loads. Guest two finished, and I took my turn. Daddy pointed to the lube, but I figured I wouldn't need it since he had two loads already. I was right. This boy was wet, warm, and slippery inside. I made an audible "aahh"when I slid in, and daddy asked me if I liked his boy's hole. I answered affirmatively and concentrated on how hot the cunt I was playing in felt. Daddy told him to squeeze that hole, and that made his pussy feel even better. I told him I was going to unload, and daddy said, "Yeah, give my boy that load" I pushed in as deeply as I could, and let out a torrent of semen. I basked in the orgasmic afterglow, and slowly pulled out. My bud was up next. I've watched him fuck, and it's always a treat to see how he alternates between being gentle and being a mean fuck. I could see he was getting close by the look on his face, and I told him to pump his load into boy. He let out a guttural groan, and unloaded. I got dressed and left almost immediately since I had to be at dinner by 6. When I left there were two other men taking turns. I emailed daddy later and he told me his boy took 8 -10 loads. I can only imagine how good his hole felt with that much sperm in it.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Two Dungeon Parties

     Friday of Memorial Day, I attended a dungeon party at a private house. The house had a nice setup, with the garage on the first floor containing a sling, large sectional couch, and a giant tv. Going up the stairs to the second floor, a fuckbench waited at the top of the stairs. There were two bedrooms upstairs with the larger of the two containing a sling, king sized bed, couch, and another gigantic tv. After taking my clothes off and putting them into a white garbage bag, I headed upstairs. There was a twink getting pounded on the fuckbench. I walked into the large bedroom and there were two men on the couch, one getting spitroasted and another taking a huge cock in his cunt. I kinda had to muscle may way into the cocksucker's mouth, but I gotta say he was good and got me rock hard. As soon as I saw a top pull out of his pussy, I seized the chance to pound him. His hole was amazing, but I knew there were other waiting holes for me try. I pulled out, and a young Latino boy grabbed my cock and bent over on the couch in front of me. What a hole!! Smooth, silky, and probably loaded. I kept pulling out as as not to breed to quickly, but when I'd pull out, he'd reach around and put me back in. I had to pull out and calm myself down for a bit. After a few minutes of resting, I saw a gorgeous, toned, silver haired guy leaning over the bed and looking behind for a cock. I obliged and eased my cock into his waiting chute. Damn, this hole was fine. I enjoyed every long stroke in and out, but had to stop so I wouldn't unload. After some more walking around and checking out the fine holes, I was a new guy hop into the sling. I shoved my cock into his hole and savored the smoothness of his pussy. Again, I had to pull out so as not to breed too quickly. By this time, I realized I'd been there for a while and was going to have to leave soon. I walked back into the big bedroom and spied a trim, lean older guy bending over the bed. I made a beeline for his cunt and entered him quickly. I'd been so horned up that it wasn't long before I was spurting my DNA into his guts. I pulled out, and saw some of my semen drip onto the bed. I got dressed and left.

     A few days ago, I went to another dungeon party at the same house as above. This time, I brought my boy with me because I wanted to see him take a few loads. We got there, got dressed, and went upstairs to the smaller bed room. He sat down on the bed, took my cock into his mouth, and got me to full erection in about 30 seconds. He stood up, turned around, and bent over the bed. I entered his silky hole and began to fuck him. This drew a crowd, and being the gentleman that I am, I pulled out and let another man try his hole. By this time, there were two other bottoms on the bed, all facing each other, and all three of them getting fucked.It was hot to watch me boy and the other bottoms getting fucked and kissing each other. I got on the bed and began talking dirty to the boy, telling him how hot it was to see him taking cock, and asking how it felt to him. When the top fucking him pulled out, I slid in and smelled cum. I asked boy if he'd been bred already, and he said, "Yes, sir" As you know, nothing gets me going more than a cum filled cunt. I shoved my cock deeper into him than I ever had, and unloaded deep into his hole. He began moaning and groaning as he felt my seed coating his colon. I pulled out, kissed him, and watched another top slide in on my load. The look on his face was ecstatic and I said, "He's freshly bred, twice in about five minutes" I left the room and began to check out some of the action in the other rooms. I went into the big bedroom and saw a couple from a ranch out east fucking on the king sized bed. The older of the two was on his hands and knees getting fucked by his husband, and shouting, "Come on baby, fuck with that big uncut black cock" I've seen their videos online, but seeing the real thing is kinda like the difference between seeing pics of the Mona Lisa and seeing the real thing. I went down to the garage and saw the owners of the house playing in the sling. A buddy of mine was fucking one of the owners and I saw my chance. I began talking dirty to my bud, telling him to fuck the bottom harder, and to unload in him. I've had friends tell me how he LOVES talking dirty to other men, trying to take control, and trying to direct the action. That's why I found it amusing that he did NOT like me doing the same thing to him. He told me rather abruptly to stop talking to him like that. I laughed and walked away. As I walked through the garage, I was a bud of mine (NEVER seen him at a party like this) jacking with a guy on the couch. We smiled and waved at each other. There was no awkwardness or being uncomfortable; we both knew why the other was there. My jaw did drop however when I saw a gorgeous, buff bud of mine walked in. I'd always thought he was hot af, and have never seen him at anything like this. My jaw dropped even further when he stripped and revealed a huge, perfectly shaped cock. We smiled and hugged each other. I saw him getting fucked on the king sized bed and then later in the small room. When his top pulled out, I grabbed his cock but he said he was done and went downstairs. Next time I see him at a party, I'm def gonna breed him. I them saw my boy fucking a cute bottom. I'd never seen my boy top before and it was beyond hot. Naturally, I helped him out by encouraging and kissing him. He was having so much fun I left him alone and walked to the other side of the room. There was a guy about my age with a nice cock who began stroking my cock and getting me fully hard again. My boy was done with the bottom so I walked over and began to fuck him. He was ok, but a little too tight for me. I went downstairs and my boy was there getting his things. I got dressed and as we were dressing he told me he'd bred the bottom with the tight hole, and he'd taken another load after I'd bred him. All in all, it was a fun night. I'd be happy to see more of my friends/acquaintances at parties like this. Many of them are really hot and I'd love the chance to play with some of them.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Musings on a Dungeon Party

I went to a dungeon party over Memorial Day and again two nights ago, and learned some things. The first thing I learned was that there are lots of younger men (25 - 30) that LOVE daddy dick. I fucked six different guys @ the Memorial Day party and four of them were in that age range. I'm not really attracted to men that age, but it was kind of an ego boost to know young men found me hot. The second thing I learned was that much of my lack of self confidence is completely unwarranted. I'm much more confident in my appearance than I have been in a long time. I also found that many things these guys put on their profiles are completely untrue. As an example, on guy's profile says he's only gonna have sex with you if you're a buff muscle guy, but I was him sucking lots of twink cock at the party a few nights ago. I also overheard him say to a bud, (as he was pointing to a tall, slender, not buff man with a huge cock), "He fucks me all the time" I also saw that many of these men aren't as buff and in shape in real life as they are in the pics they post on their profiles. Finally, I found out an acquaintance of mine who I've always had a crush on is hung like a horse AND a total bottom. I didn't fuck him at this event, but I will next time I see him. Anyway, I'll post about the sex in another post. I just wanted to put my thoughts in writing. Thanks for reading.

First Load of 2021

On the first Monday of the New Year, I went to a regular cocksucker to get drained. It'd been quite a while since I'd unloaded, so I...