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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hot Hole Full Story

Monday I ran into a bud online, and asked him if he wanted my load. He said he did, and that a friend of his was gonna come over and fuck him. I played with the two of them a few weeks ago, so was totally up for it. When I got there, the bottom got on his knees and started blowing us two tops. This went on for a bit, and the other top wanted to fuck and unload. Before he did though, he said, "Why don't you have a go at it?" I knew the bottom had been fucked about an hour prior, so was willing to slide in on some other stud's semen. Felt REALLY good sliding in. I'd never fucked this guy before, only been blown by him. His loaded up hole felt so smooth as it conformed to the shape of my cock. He and the other top began egging me on, telling me to go ahead and unload. When I did, the bottom was milking the cum out of my tool. When I pulled out, you could see some of my seed oozing out of the hole. The other top commented on how hot it looked, and slide his black tool in, remarking on how my load made the hole even smoother and silkier. He fucked for a good ten minutes and dumped two loads in the bottom. The bottom then told us he had to leave to go get his fifth and final load of the night. He texted me today that he did, in fact, get not only the fifth load, but also a hot piss shower from the same guy. He was in pig heaven.

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