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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unexpected three way

I was horny last nite, so hit up my friend in the post labeled "New Cocksucker" I got over there, and he told me he didn't want to start because another regular was coming over to load his ass. I was definitely down with that and waited until he came over. He was around 40, kind of a gut on him, and African American. Nice guy, and usually loads up my bud at least twice per session. This time, he didn't disappoint. We got thinks rolling by the bottom alternately sucking each of us and getting our cocks hard and primed. I took my place at the bottom's mouth, and the other guy took his place at the bottom's hole. He kept teasing the bottom with his fingers and cock head until he turned around and said, "Don't make me wait; put it in now!" It was great to see the bottom's face as the top entered his ass. He got this big grin, and sighed. As the top was fucking the hole, I was fucking his mouth. The boy knows how to suck cock, and LOVES to get every drop of semen that he can. Watching the top's expressions combined with the suction on my rod made me blow a nice, frothy load. My cocksucker cleaned me off, and continued to get fucked by the top. The top started to moan, and the bottom said, "It won't be long now." I started egging the top on, telling him, "Load that pig up. You know he wants that load" Then, a look of total ecstsy came over the top's face, and I knew he was unloading. He then stopped for about a minute, then began fucking again. Bottom reminded me this guy is good for at least two loads. Anyhow, about two minutes later, the top got that look on his face again, and I knew he was seeding bottom boy again. As he pulled out, bottom boy said, "I'm not finished yet," and began cleaning of the top's cock. As he was getting cleaned, he told me that on Monday, he had ejaculated six different times. Must've been his day off!