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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A New Cocksucker

Sunday the 23, I had been trying to give my load away with no success until around 3 pm. I was hit up by a guy on bbrts who's profile and pix were pretty hot, especially given the fact that his profile said he was 51. We know that usually, a guy will knock five years or so off his age, so I was kind of apprehensive, but his pix looked great, and I REALLY wanted to unload. So I head on over to his house, and am greeted at the door by a man who was clearly older than 51, but still very handsome. We went into his bedroom, he got on his knees and started undoing my pants. My half hard cock popped out, and he said, "Damn nice cock, sir." He then proceeded to gently lick the head of my tool, while massaging my balls and hole. He licked around the head, and tongued my piss slit. He then went all the way down on my cock and began to deep throat my tool. He was an expert cocksucker, and was in hog heaven when I grabbed the back of his head, and told him, "Swallow that cock boy, make my tool feel good." I told him to beg for my load, which I love to do to a man. After he asked for it, I told him, "Get ready, here comes that load. Swallow all of it." I felt the cum traveling up my shaft and explode into his mouth. He took every drop, looked up at me and said, "Thank you sir. May I clean off your cock?" I told him yes, he did, I zipped up and left.

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