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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Farewell Wagon/Blowus Interruptus

Wed I got a great bj from a guy who's leaving here to go to Denver. I got to his place, and there was NO furniture. He explained that the movers had taken everything earlier that morning. We went into the bedroom, and he got down on his knees and began undoing my pants. I asked him how many loads he'd had that day, and the answer was two. Nice. Anyway, he's on his knees deepthroating me when I turn me head to the left and see full length mirrors on the closet doors. Yeah, that's what I"m talking about. It was totally hot to be able to see our reflections in the mirror. He was an expert cocksucker, but due to there being no furniture, he was using his hands to balance himself instead of using them to massage my balls. The only time he massaged my balls was when I was ejaculating in his mouth.

Yesterday, I was hit up by my neighbor. We've never done anything up until this point, but he knows I think he's hot, and he told me to come over for a blow job. When I got there, we immediately lip locked, and lip locked some more. He pushed me down into the chair and started undoing my pants. He pulled them off, and began to slowly and carefully lick my balls and my cock. This guy is experienced and very good at what he does. I was thoroughly enjoying his mouth until he abruptly pulled of my cock and said, "Sorry, this isn't working for me" I said ok, and as I was getting dressed, he mentioned that I was being "awfully nice about this." My thought was, "What am I supposed to do, begin hollering and screaming?" I left, came home, and jacked off. It was disappointing to say the least. Oh well.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two loads, one of them to a new cocksucker

Monday evening, I'd been online and saw one of my favorite cumpigs, but as I was meeting friends for a drink, I didn't have time to visit. On my way home though, I texted him and he told me to stop by. As usual, the orgasm was toe curling, preceded by deep throating, ball licking, and LOTS of rimming. He just loves to eat ass, and I'm not gonna try and stop him. Anyway, the cum was copious, and he swallowed every drop. I left his place a happy daddy.
Yesterday, I was hanging out and saw a guy who's hit me up before, but for assorted reasons, we were never able to connect. He wanted me to breed his ass, but I really just wanted to get sucked off. He also lives very close to me, and as it turns out, is an excellent cocksucker. He deep throats, but his specialty is loving attention paid to balls. He gently licks, sucks, and nuzzles them with the tenderness of a father holding his newborn baby. Truly outstanding, as is his ability to swallow every drop of sweet, sticky, hot cum my balls can produce. He's a keeper.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saturday Breeding

On Saturday I got hit up by an old buddy of mine. He's been kinda out of circulation due to a boyfriend, but apparently things are over because he hit on me by asking me if I wanted to unload. He was going to the baths to get a few loads and wanted me to be the first of the day. I drove over to his place and he greeted me at the door by dropping to his knees and licking my balls. He headed up the stairs and I followed grabbing his ass as I trailed him. We got to the room and I got him in a lip lock. Kissing is my favorite thing to do and he's great at it. He started blowing me again, and told me he wanted my load so other guys would slide in easily. I lubed up and began to pound him as he was lying on his back. I can't tell you how warm and slick his hole felt as I was sliding in and out of his silky hole. He's got one of those asses that just feels right and your cock fits in perfectly. I kept sliding in and out, varying the rhythm and speed as he was moaning and telling me how good my cock felt. He told me, "I want your sperm in my hole. I want to walk around with a part of you in me so when I get another load later yours will mix in with it." I never can resist when a man tells me he wants me load, so with a big moan, I dumped an enormous load in his ass. I could feel his hole milking every last drop from my tube. I love that feeling. Sadly, when I pulled out, it was obvious I hadn't bred him deeply enough because there was a large amount of semen on the floor. I lovingly picked it up and put it back where it belonged.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot Piece of (Italian? Jewish?) Ass

I've been visiting my family, and one of the things I like about this part of the country as compared to TX is that there are a lot of dark haired Italians and Jews. I love that dark, swarthy look, and don't find it that often in TX. Anyway, I've been here for a week, and yesterday, the walls started to close in on me, and I realized I hadn't cum for seven days, and was REALLY horned up. I got on Manhunt and was hit up by a guy who had chatted with me the day before. I told him I wasn't able to get away, but perhaps later in the day would be a possibility. He texted me around 2:30 wanting to play. I still wasn't able to get away and told him I'd text later. I saw my opportunity around 3:30, texted him, and headed over. He was upstairs on his front porch, and looked better than in his pix. I entered the house, and he was waiting for me at the top of the stairs. I began immediately to kiss him and rub on his chest. He pulled my pants down, and began giving me toe curling head. He pushed me down into the chair and began deep throating me. I could only stand a little of this and pulled him off my cock. He asked if I were getting ready to blow, and I told him it had been seven days since I'd cum. He turned around and told my to eat his ass. It was freshly showered and a joy to rim. It was the tastiest ass I'd eaten in a long time. I ate him for a while, stood up, and tried to enter him. He grabbed my cock, lubed it up, and moved over to the couch. He knelt on the couch, and I entered his warm, tight hole. He moved around so I could get in deeper, and I began to deep thrust him. He cheered me on, saying, "Yeah, pound that ass. Deeper." I told him I was gonna unload, and he said, "Yeah man, seed my ass!"My response was," You want that load? Take my seed fucker." I love being told to empty my nuts in a hole, and began a long, satisfying orgasm. As my cum was shooting out of my cock, I could feel his muscles massaging my penis, making sure to get every drop of semen into his guts. When I pulled out, there were a few drops of my sperm oozing out of his hole. I cleaned up, and he showed me around his place letting me know that he wasn't working this coming week, and to come back over sometime. I think I'll take him up on his offer. When I got home, I texted him, ""Keep that load inside you. I enjoyed seeding you." He responded, "Was hot. It will be in there all night. Thanks for stopping over." I'm gonna text him later today and see if he got any loads after me. I thought it interesting that when I tried to fuck him, I tried it raw, and even though raw vs. safe never came up, he let me empty my nuts in his hole. His house has small pig figurines in different places, so I guess that should have answered the unasked question about raw vs. safe.

Friday, June 4, 2010

6' 6" Cocksucker

I got hit up today by a guy who wanted to suck my cock. He used to be a trainer at the gym I went to, but since it closed a few years ago and I went to a new gym, I haven't seen him. He emailed me, "So are you ready to spew in my
mouth?" I hadn't unloaded since Monday, so of course I was. He was less than five minutes away, (I LOVE living in this part of town_) so I was over there in a flash. He opened the door, and all I said was, "You ready to suck some cock?" He answered yes, and got down on all fours. He's so tall that if he's on his knees, he's almost level with my chest. I mean, REALLY tall. He did a fine job of cocksucking, and treated my balls royally. He kept licking them, but each time he would nuzzle them with his chin or nose. Nobody's ever done that before, and it's an incredible feeling. I kept asking him if he wanted my load, if he liked my cock, and how I was gonna give him a huge load of my spunk. Well, he did, he did, and I did. He swallowed every drop, and when I got home, we had the following email exchange:
Me Hey man, thanks for taking my load; you're a great cocksucker.

Him You're welcome. Thanks for being dominant and treating me like a whore. I love itQ

Me I like treating my cocsuckers like the dirty whores they are...

Him Excellent! And thanks for feeding me your load too.

Here's an excerpt from his profile: Please pull on my nipples while you pump my tight butthole and spew your spunk in my ass. Let me lick your cock clean after you shoot into my big muscle ass.

The guy's a total pig. I'll definitely be back for more.