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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saturday Breeding

On Saturday I got hit up by an old buddy of mine. He's been kinda out of circulation due to a boyfriend, but apparently things are over because he hit on me by asking me if I wanted to unload. He was going to the baths to get a few loads and wanted me to be the first of the day. I drove over to his place and he greeted me at the door by dropping to his knees and licking my balls. He headed up the stairs and I followed grabbing his ass as I trailed him. We got to the room and I got him in a lip lock. Kissing is my favorite thing to do and he's great at it. He started blowing me again, and told me he wanted my load so other guys would slide in easily. I lubed up and began to pound him as he was lying on his back. I can't tell you how warm and slick his hole felt as I was sliding in and out of his silky hole. He's got one of those asses that just feels right and your cock fits in perfectly. I kept sliding in and out, varying the rhythm and speed as he was moaning and telling me how good my cock felt. He told me, "I want your sperm in my hole. I want to walk around with a part of you in me so when I get another load later yours will mix in with it." I never can resist when a man tells me he wants me load, so with a big moan, I dumped an enormous load in his ass. I could feel his hole milking every last drop from my tube. I love that feeling. Sadly, when I pulled out, it was obvious I hadn't bred him deeply enough because there was a large amount of semen on the floor. I lovingly picked it up and put it back where it belonged.


  1. Great hot fuck story! You gotta love it when the bottom milks the last drops of sperm from your dick as your unloading. Good thing you were able to deliver the spilled semen back to it's home.

  2. OH I gotta jerk out a load after reading this !

  3. How hot! I would love for you to dump your raw sperm in my ass!