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Monday, July 26, 2010

Four Loads

I haven't posted about the last four loads I dumped, and that's because two of them weren't all that spectacular. Today's was great; I woke up at 5:30, horny as hell, logged on to the net, and got hit on immediately. I went over to his house and let him do his job. This dude is a fantastic cocksucker. He gave my cock the love and attention it deserves, and when I unloaded, he kept a little in his mouth to snowball. Perfect!! The guy before that, on the 19th of July was very good also. He pulled off right when I was beginning to shoot, so he got a bit on his chest. It was hot cuz he's got red hair, green eyes, and is totally cute. On the 21st, I went to a pool party, and got sucked off while sitting on the edge of the pool. He wasn't hot, but he sucked cock like a pro, and it was fun to see guys watching me and jacking off while I got blown. The load I dumped on the 17th was so unremarkable that I don't remember who blew me, or where I was. I think maybe I'm getting in the mood for a boyfriend. I haven't had one in over ten years, so the thought of having one is kind of daunting...

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