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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Second Load of the Day

Yesterday afternoon, I ran into an old bud of mine online. He told me he wanted me to come over and fuck him. I got there, and he got right to work sucking my cock and edging me. The hottest part was that it was on cam. We had about 25 people watching. When it came time to fuck, I slipped on a condom, and got right to work on that hole. I know you're wondering about the condom, so here's the deal. Every time I've fucked him, I haven't lasted more than three minutes. His hole is so smooth, tight, and warm that he gets me off in record time. Believe it or not, his hole was still smooth, tight, and warm even with the condom on, but at least I was able to last about 10 minutes. I think that if he hadn't spent the previous hour edging me, I'd have been able to hold off for a lot longer. When I pulled out, he slipped the condom off, and began to suck down all of my load. This guy's an incredible fuck.

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