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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sex Party

Went to a sex party yesterday, and I'm not sure what to think. I got there, and the bottom was getting fucked by an extremely obese man. There was also a guy getting his cock sucked by somebody else. I stripped, and walked over to the guy getting his cock sucked. He was a bit older than I am, and also nice looking, as was the cocksucker. As I begin to tweak the suckee's nipples, the obese guy unloads in the bottom and pulls out. As he pulls out, a nice wad of cum drips out of the bottom's hole. The bottom grins, turns to us and says, "Next!" Nice, a true cumdump. The guy sucking cock stands up and puts his cock in the bottom's mouth. He begins pumping away, and in a little bit, pulls me over to the bottom's mouth. The bottom begins sucking away on my cock. I'd been edging before I got over there, and didn't last too long. All too quickly, I begin to dump a nice load down the bottom's mouth. I pull out, wash up, and leave.

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