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Monday, August 23, 2010

Three way that didn't really work out

I was talking to a bud yesterday who mentioned that he had a friend coming over to fuck him. I asked if I could join in, and was told yes. When I got there, my buddy was getting his cock sucked and I dropped my pants and walked over to the action. The guy sucking was very good at what he did, but my buddy is even better. The guy stood up, and my bud went down on us both. Neither one of us had seen the other man's cock until my bud pulled the guy's shorts down. This dude was HUNG. I'm gonna say 9-10 long and THICK. It was a pleasure to suck on, made better by my buddy telling me how hot it was to watch me suck cock and take all that meat down my throat. The time had come for my bud to get fucked. I was stoked to see him take all that cock in his ass, and I told the guy to load him deep. He told me he would. My bud bent over, and the guy tried to stick his cock in. It wasn't working, so they moved over to the couch so my bud could sit on it. As he was sitting on it, he leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. The top couldn't really get hard enough to slide in, but Mark was sucking my cock with his usual skill, and I shot a nice load down his throat. He got off the 10 in cock, laid down next to the guy, and began to beat off. In no time, Mark was shooting a huge load all over himself. The other guy, he didn't get to unload. He asked if Mark and I were bfs, but we told him no. I don't think we could be, but he's a great lay.

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