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Saturday, September 18, 2010

One hour, four holes, two loads

My bud Joel had a gangbang with a regular bottom at his place last night. I picked up my bud Mark (who confessed to me that he already had one load in him) and went over. We were a few minutes early, but the bottom was already strapped to the fuck bench, and a HOT tatted up top was pounding his hole. I walked in the room, stripped, and lubed my cock up. I began to rub the top's (hereafter referred to as Matt) ass, and he graciously stepped aside to let me have a go at Brent's hole. This bottom has THE best hole I've ever unloaded in. It's warm, ultra smooth, and totally greedy for loads of cum or piss. Anyway, I took a few strokes, and had to pull out. The combination of Brent's hole, and the fact that there were full length mirrors next to the fuck bench, made for an intoxicating feeling. When I pulled out, Marc decided to top Brent, and as he did, Matt stepped up behind Marc, and began to fuck him. I love to watch a daisy chain, and I got behind Matt and began to rub his balls. . It was hot to watch Marc take it like a man. They then uncouple and let me have a go at Brent again. As I fuck Brent, the other two are going at it behind me. I pull out of Brent and decide to have a go at Marc's hole, so Matt and I switched places.This goes on for a bit, and I pull out of Marc telling him that I don't want to unload yet. I go back to Brent's hole, and pull out again, cuz I don't want to shoot. Matt tells me to, cuz he wants to felch Brent. I mount Brent and pound away. I shoot, pull out, and see a glob of cum at the end of my cock. I rub it on my finger and feed it to Matt. He drops to his knees and begins to eat my load out of Brent's hole. HOT. About that time, another bud of mine, Brad, walks in. I go into the living room and take a break. After about five minutes, I go back to the fuck room as three more guys show up. I slid into Brad, but don't stay long because his hole was kinda rough , so I didn't give him more than three or four strokes before pulling out and going back to Marc's smooth hole. I fucked Marc a bit more, then went over to Brent and had him suck my cock. I then decided I wanted back in his hole. I needed another break, and went into the living room. When I go back into the fuck room, a new hot guy is in the sling getting pounded by Matt's cock. He pulls out and I try out the new hole. Heaven. I slide in and out, savoring the feel of his hole, the smell and sound of the men around me, and how much I love raw sex, even though I know that I run the risk of seroconverting. As I'm pounding away, I feel that familiar tingle in my cock, and know it's time to unload again. I tell him, "I'm gonna dump in your hole, pig," and as I'm coating his colon with my baby batter, he says, "Yeah, stud. Load that pig hole up."


  1. Very hot story! Love group play myself. More loads in my ass the better.