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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Impromptu party

I got an email yesterday from a bud who hosts "Happy Hours" at his place of business. Happy Hour consists of the two owners opening their glory hole and sucking off all "guests" Yesterday's email was different because they were opening the home glory hole. I called when I got to their street and was greeted at the back gate by one of the owners. Rocky informed me that because of the small number of respondents, the tone of the evening had changed, and that everyone was inside. I walked into the bedroom and saw seven other men in various states of fellatio and sodomy. Rocky stepped up behind one of the guests and eased his bare cock into the dude's ass. Rocky's partner began giving me an A-1 blow job. Rocky dumped his load, pulled out and let me in. I slid into the man's warm, smooth chute as he groaned and told me how good my cock felt inside. I told him my load was gonna feel even better, and he began to encourage me. I stroked a few more times and unloaded as he squeezed my cock with his hole. I pulled out, and Rocky's partner licked the last drops of semen off the head of my softening cock.

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  1. Happy hours? Hmm. That's just the type I need. May start hosting these :)